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    There seems to be one fanbase per year that exposes itself for being knuckleheads. Hurley was the program last year. Gate City is on the verge of asking Hurley to hold its beer.
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    Everytime y'all mention the Bearded Moose, I start missing my ex mother-in-law for some reason.
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    Hello Everyone. Been reading the board for a while, but joined last night. My name is Bob and I graduated from Lee in 2000 and now living in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. I've enjoyed reading and keeping up with all the local teams. Living so far away I probably wont post as much, but thought I would introduce myself. Bob
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    And that's the damn problem with this world, trying to please everybody. You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time...put that in your lesson plan and teach it...
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    This post is in regards to the "Claiming state titles" before 1970 remark while referring to Narrows. In the 1920's and 1930's there were three classes in Virginia. A, B, C. The only class that had an organized system for a state champion was the A class which was the biggest schools. The VHSL record book lists those. In 1954 the "A" class greatly expanded as a lot of the B Class teams joined A. The future SW District teams of Graham, Tazewell, Richlands, Grundy and Va High joined class A. Covington was another team that joined class A. Class A rules stated that you must play a certain number of games vs other class A schools so SW schools started playing the Roanoke area Class A schools such as Fleming, Patrick Henry Roanoke and Jefferson. Grundy was even playing E. C. Glass in the 1960's. The schools from Roanoke were happy because they no longer had to travel to Richmond, Tidewater and NOVA to get class A games. But in the 1920's and 1930's the smaller classes would play regional and state class playoff games if both champions could work it out. There was no requirement to play these games. They were optional and many times schools declined. In 1939 Narrows was champions of their district and Bedford champion of their District. They played a playoff game and Narrows won. The Class C team from the Eastern Shore declined to travel to Narrows to play so Narrows claims a championship. In 1938 all the Class C teams declined to play so again Narrows claims a championship. There were very few years that these games went the full playoff rounds. Other examples: 1928 Big Stone Gap defeated Christiansburg and South Boston in Class B playoff games. Could probably claim a state championship 1929 Big Stone Gap tied Saltville in a class B playoff game and advanced on a coin flip and then tied Washington - Lee from Arlington. Washington - Lee traveled all the way to Big Stone Gap in 1929. There are lots of these games I have found but since I am still working on many Eastern class B and C teams I don't have a clear picture of what all went on.
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    Please dont associate me with Mike Pereira. I was trying to avoid this post to be honest as long as no one asked for me. As for the play, from the clip shown I do believe it was an illegal blindside block. I would like a different angle just to be 100% sure but it does appear to meet the definition of the rule. Personally, I will admit that this has been one of the hardest rules I have had to adjust to. I missed one in a benefit game this year that I knew I should have called in retrospect. My crew had one in the game Friday night that was in a shared area that one of my crew members flagged and I didnt. I thought there may have been open hands initiate the block. He disagreed and we went with it. I would rather flag something I know 100% than something I am only 50% sure I saw. He felt 100% about it and that was good enough for me. I will also say, a flag or not wouldnt have changed the outcome of the young man being hurt so there is no need for anything like that to be brought up by anyone. That was a veteran crew who worked that game, which I had the pleasure of joining in a state semifinal game 2 seasons ago. We aren't perfect, but I will say we have some great people who are putting the time in to get better and represent this area well on the field, and hopefully not be a noticeable part of the game.
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    The fact you have Narrows 5th shows all we need to know, honestly. And that's no slight to any Narrows fans on here.
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    I have a kid in that team. So it would serve you well to watch the comments. They weren't even the stadium and couldn't hear the anthem being played. Post a name or message any of us and we can discuss. Takes a tough guy to hide behind a screen and callout a bunch of 16 year olds.
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    I guess 14 games qualifies as "insurmountable evidence" these days. I'll just warn you folks: you're 1-2 coaches ran off away from being Tazewell.
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    I used Google Translate plugin on my browser to translate this post for me and it came up: 404: Not Found Guess I should take Ryan's advice and switch to an iPhone... maybe their translation app would tell me what this post says.
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    Skyler Simcox (AHS 2015) has accepted a scholly to WVU. He has to sit this year but then has 2 to play 2. Kid started at E&H, transferred to Western Ky, then got put on the Lou Groza watch list. Then WVU offered him a ride and he jumped at it. Good on him! Good for SWVA football!!!
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    I was stunned when they hired him. He struggled at Rural Retreat and I know Gate City has more talent than Rural Retreat yearly but if he didn't win at Rural Retreat with the powderpuffs on that schedule he's definitely not gonna win at Gate City with the teams they play.
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    The Bearded Moose 1557 Front St, Richlands, VA 24641 if anyone says otherwise I'll fight them
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    Most schools in SWVA would have the "best D in SWVA" if they'd played Auburn, Bland Co., and Montcalm...
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    Don't you mean, Thad and the Revolution?
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    I'm not sure you understand how D1 recruiting works in 2017. No matter if Mitchell dominates or doesn't, there is no chance that either team has another player that will earn a major offer tomorrow night
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    Throughout this thread, I've kept wondering a few things...just gonna put 'em out there. 1-Out of the first 4 games, who exactly should GC have beaten? Looking down the schedule, I don't see a team in those four who GC is better than. 2-Out of the games left, how many of those should GC be the clear favorite in? Out of the 6 games left, I only see one team who GC is clearly better than...and that is due in large part to injury. 3-The biggest question is this...with the level of talent currently at GC, I think GC's record is where it would be even if the coach was Nick Saban. It's clear to me that GC is just in a sour run when it comes to athletes. In order to be successful, you have to have athletes and you have to have talent to coach up. Without that, it doesn't matter who your coach is. Just my 2 cents.
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    Gotta give Tazewell credit. Those kids play hard every single week, and the scores are showing it. There's just a huge disparity of experience and talent, but they don't quit. Give them 2-3 years, and they'll be tough to beat.
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    I was at the Richlands/Appo game last year and I made the statement "that's the fastest team I've ever seen in high school." I call games for Blacksburg now. I have no affiliation with them. Believe me, I was pulling for Richlands to beat them on the inside, while still maintaining professionalism and an unbiased approach on the outside. I say that to say this: Blacksburg's team speed would KILL what Appomattox had last year. It's crazy how fast they are. Their "slow" players are faster than most high school players. They lost because they played in very sloppy conditions against a very good Class 3 squad that came in and controlled the ball for 36 of the 48 minutes in the game. When you can have multiple 8 minute drives, you keep the ball away and then the rain limited the passing game for Blacksburg. Union would be able to keep Blacksburg running game "in check". However, Beck is the fastest player in the state and one of the fastest in the country. If he finds a hole, he's gone. And no one, even Mitchell, can catch him. If Union were to stop the run, Blacksburg is 5-6 deep at the WR position, with several burners and the best player on the team, Terry. If he was 4 inches taller, he's a big-time recruit right now, and he may still be before it's all said and done. He's a junior. It's no slight to Union. I respect the hell out of that program and what y'all have accomplished in the last 7 years. But Blacksburg would beat Union and every other team in Class 2.
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    Did you get hit on the head with a brick as a child? I have no idea what you're saying.
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    For me personally, they're the most entitled fan based I've ever encountered in this part of VA. Just my personal experience.
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    If you are trying to call me out for something I'm not, better change direction and call out someone else...
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    This thread has the foundation for a good hammer appearence. I'll just wait for it.
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    But if anyone would complain about it, it's Central lol.
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    Out of retirement with a shot heard round SWVASports...
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    Saw this Sam Dixon photo on Coalfieldprogress.com and thought it was very indicative of the mutual respect between Richlands and Union. Always like seeing sportsmanship like this.
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    I said over on Preps that Richlands didn't look what they "should have" in many fans view, and GC is improved, certainly beyond what I thought they were.
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    Fundamentals first, work on execution and be consistent. Just because we had explosive offense last year you can't expect the same this year. Yes the dogs were lethargic on offense in the 1st half but they started clicking and doing better in the second. The coaches will be fine. Talk about mixing it up, how about that fake punt? It didn't work but almost. These guys should be proud of their effort. The season is going to get much harder. Yes the officials were absolutely terrible. Don't know how they missed several things that happened right in front of them but they missed it both ways. Did it affect the outcome, no. Guys stick with it and more will see the dedication and hard work and we can build back. Be proud that you held their offense to 21 and they got 14 of those on short fields. I'm proud of what the dogs did last night. Just keep your heads high and continue to give it your all. Off my soapbox now.
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    Really gonna start find new coaches already? Get the **** Out her with that bull****! Freshman and Sophomore's playing both ways with a hand full of Sr's on the team.
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    Tough call at the end of the game. I couldn't see it from where I was so I can't say whether it was the right call or not. Why would you punt it to Taymon? Freddie dodged a bullet there. Altogether it was an evenly matched game. One of the better defensive games I've seen at Mitchell. The G-Men will be ok but they have to figure out how to get Taymon the ball more. When he lined up on the outside Bluefield would put their safety above the corner and take him completely out of the picture. When you have a guy that can take it to the house anytime he touches the ball you have to get him the ball in space. Imo you have to put him in the slot or in the backfield more. He has to touch the ball more than 7 or 8 times if graham wants to go far.
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    We're back and ready to do some pickin'. But first, as you know, we've been gone. The reason, Uncle Percy and his Bucket List. Surprised me too. Uncle Percy decided that it was time to do something different. Well, WE did. More of that later. We saw a lot of crazy things and people, but nothing as crazy as what's been going on with VHSL Playoffs, Tazewell High, Bu-chan-an County (Uncle Percy took a political correctness class in California), and other wild doings and rumors. Uncle Percy says that we go on a trip and the VHSL screws things up worst than before. As Uncle says, never trust anything that has VHSL being used. RYE COVE @ HURLEY We hear that last year was a big cannon boom for The Rebels and another down year for the War Eagles. We hear that the Rebs lost a lot of their fire power from last year. However, for this battle the Rebs will more than enough firepower for these War Eagles. Look for the feathers to being flying around like at a Saturday Night Kentucky Chicken Fight. The Eagles will not break their losing streak at The Cliff. Loser: RYE COVE Is it true or rumor that a former Grundy head defensive coach and another Slate Crik coach are coaching at Hurley? GATE CITY @ RICHLANDS Another is it true or rumor. We get back and hear that this could be Coach Mance's last year at the helm of the BIG BLUE WIN MACHINE. If so, THE BBWM will get er cranked up and be at full wind force this Friday. As usual, The BLUE DEVILS will bring their A-GAME to R-TOWN thinking about sneaking a win back to THE DEVIL'S DEN, since the BBWM lost some Big Hosses from last year's team. However, these IMPS are in for a BIG SURPRISE, the BBWM is reloaded and will be at full force. Before this is over, these Devils will be wishing that they had wings so they could get out of DODGE as quick as possible after this tussle. LOSER: GATE CITY TWIN VALLEY @ JENKINS, KY After crossing 6 MOUNTAINS and 5 Rivers The P Knob Cats get to play on an uphill slanted field in a semi-hole. This is no Rumor or Tall Tale folks, BUT THE TRUTH. You play 2 Quarters going DOWNHILL and 2 going UPHILL. Crazy but True. However, The Kentucky Cavaliers will find themselves going uphill all night and The P Knob Cats will be going downhill all night like a runway train. P Nob Coach, take the short cut, go to Elkhorn City, cut across to 23, turn left. Only 3 Mountains and 2 Rivers to cross. LOSERS: JENKINS and THE P KNOB BUS DRIVE. ODD, another 2 ousted Slate Crik Coaches at Twin Valley. What's going on there? CHILHOWIE @ MARION FINALLY, after all the VHSL craziness, rumors, etc. that happened while we were away, SOMETHING NORMAL. As usual, the Warriors and Candy Canes will be kicking off the Smyth County Braggin' Rights Contest. Both teams we being doing a bunch of trash talking, trying to knock off the other's shoulder chip off, jaw smackin' contest. Look for the CANES to get in the last jaw smack of the night as they give the Warriors an early Christmas present of striped candy canes. LOSER: CHILHOWIE JOHN BATTLE @ ABINGDON No comment. LOSER: NO COMMENT
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    The way I see it no matter how the season goes, the seniors are winners on this team. They stuck it out and stayed committed to the team. I'll take that anyday over a transfer glory seeker or a quitter. The players that step out on the field Friday night are already winners no matter what the end score is!
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    I was already under the impression everyone knew who I was anyways. I've been known as LHL at all GC ball games for several years now. It's not like I'm hiding behind LHL. My identity being "exposed" will not make me "think twice" about what I say. (If that is what that person was going for.) I speak my mind and the truth. I apologize to anyone who gets butt hurt over it. Sorry...this losing thing is new to me.
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    I will stay mute on this argument until I can personally verify what happens thurs night. It has been 20 years since played and have only ever watched Bluefield once in person and Graham beat them somewhere around 15 yrs ago. All I want to see is our boys play hard and tough again and IF this thread holds true for our guys not to get disheartened and play to their best and keep building.
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    If you're taking that from the BDT, always assume inaccuracy before accuracy.
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    I am excited about this game. Coach Mance has been at the helm for 20 years, been in huge games, been the underdog and faced teams with more talent. Game plans will be equal on both sides, the X factor will be the speed, which the Bruins have. Hopefully, our Blues can negate some of the speed with adjustments and make it a good and close game. Prayers for an injury free game and for the Bruin fans traveling.
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    The Woof, the Woof, the Woof is on fire! Sorry, couldn't contain myself!
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    Immature or not, there are rules here. Don't like them...you know the rest.
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    106.3, if you dare to endure the mediocrity of the broadcast.
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    That right there is pretty classy Union Football. No doubt about it, that's a class act thing to do brother.
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