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    Football Officiating

    If I wanted the kind of abuse that referees take, such as yelled at, spit on, criticized on everything, and even have my ancestry questioned, I would just have my mother-in-law move in.
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    Darren Reed In

    In the running for the most unintentionally funny thing ever posted on this site.
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    Day 1. Get hype.
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    10 years!!!

    I've saw some go I've saw some be "Falcon Awful" But it doesn't seem like 10 years ago I stumbled upon the site.. They may come n go but for all the regulars we are still here..Let's get this thing started already..In the words of Chico.."Come on guys,let's play ball"
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    SWVA Sports Podcast - Episode 18

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    Abingdon Football Head Coach

    Gate City fans, read this very slowly. Let it marinate into the very essence of your being.
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    Bearcat Dad

    Preseason/Week 1 Top 10 poll.

    On the eve of one of the best days of the year, there is excitement in the air. I know we're still a few weeks away from Game Day, but I believe now is as good a time as any to get our Top 10 lists rolling(unless the mods had other plans, or anyone really objects). If no one objects, I wouldn't mind keeping tabs on the sites' list throughout the season, as tallied by the votes of all members. If everyone is ok with this, we can give this preseason list a deadline of 11:59 pm on Sunday 8/19, with the final results being posted on Monday morning, 8/20, the final Monday before Opening Week. Voting can be done on a 1-10 scale. 1st place votes equal 10 pts, 2nd place equals 9 points, and so on. Be really brave and make your list now with no changes, or change as many times as your heart desires, by the deadline. No need to add another post, just edit your initial post. After Opening Week, we can keep the deadlines on each following Sunday night at 11:59 pm, with the new weekly list being posted on Monday mornings, following the previous week's games. Each week's list will be a seperate thread, thru the end of the regular season, so not to cause any confusion. I will cast the first stone; 1) Bluefield 2) Graham 3) Ridgeview 4) VHS 5) Union 6) Richlands 7) Chilhowie 8) Grayson County 9) Abingdon 10) Galax On the bubble (no points); Fort Chiswell, Tazewell, Lee Keep it civil, fellas. These lists are OPINIONS. You know what they say about opinions and a**holes. The preseason list will more than likely differ greatly from Week 11's list.
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    Blame it on Fortnite!
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    01. Richlands / Union 02. Bluefield / Graham 03. Graham / Richlands 04. Ridgeview / Union 05. Va High / Richlands 06. Chilhowie / George Wythe 07. Bluefield / Richlands 08. Giles / Graham 09. Galax / Grayson County 10. Abingdon / Ridgeview Games vs. out of area opponents Bluefield / Lord Botetourt Union ./ Morristown West Richlands / Blacksburg Va High / Tenn High Galax / Glenvar
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    Abingdon Football Head Coach

    Let’s see how long it takes all 3 fanbases to go off on how horrible everything is going.
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    Honest question

    McClung is in a prime position to get a quality education at little to no personal expense. Anything in addition is pure gravy! Given 1.2% of all eligible college players get drafted while only 0.7% actually make an NBA roster, let’s wish the young man much success in pursuit of his education while enjoying four healthy seasons of major college basketball.
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    Preseason/Week 1 Top 10 poll.

    I feel like any vote in this poll that doesn’t include Bluefield should be discarded
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    Reed got 44 of them to come out.
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    Well, you're wrong there...Thunderstruck came out in 1990, so its only 28 years old...😜
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    1. Gate City Bluefield -My bad. I thought it was 2019 2. Ridgeview 3. Union 4. Richlands 5. Virginia High 6. Graham 7. Pulaski County 8. Radford 9. Giles 10. Chilhowie Honorable Mention: Galax, Grayson Co., Abingdon
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    Those nights are the worst. Not sure what you’re talking about. 😂😂
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    I would bet Tazewell wanted it to draw some Richlands/Graham/Bluefield fans out to their game. They know fans are starved for football and will come there on a Thursday night since the only other game in the area is at Union that night.
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    Gate Money

    Home school gets 100% of the gate, unless other arrangements are made between the schools. When regular season ends and playoffs begin, the regions get 65%, and the VHSL gets 35%, after expenses of course. VHSL takes 100% of state games.
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    Great podcast, hope your predictions are on the money. Thinking I need to take in a Ridgeview game too after listening to podcast. Adkins may end up being to football what McClung was to basketball by the time he's a senior If I were on Graham coaching staff, I believe I'd spend an open Friday scouting down that way. Good job, enjoyed listening.
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    They probably burned it...
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    Fort chiswell

    Is Tiller the heir apparent to Mullins or simply returning home? Or both? He seemed to be building something solid at Fort. In two seasons he had two wins each over Radford and Grayson and victories over George Wythe, Galax and Chilhowie. Fairly impressive for a program trying to recover from the depleted mess Tom Hale left.
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    Trenton Adkins of Ridgeview and Cam Allen of Graham, both with Power 5 offers/commits, have to be the two to keep an eye on on offense. 1. With that said, who would be Ryan and Brady's picks for preseason offensive and defensive player of the year? 2. Picks for each district winner in our coverage area as well as top 2 seeds for regions 1D and 2D.
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    Who is the early favorite to win the SWD? Who will be the surprise team of the SWD this year?
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    Honest question

    We never know what tomorrow holds. I've hated Georgetown for 46 years, but now I'm following everything they do. He definitely thrives when he's doubted.
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    Football Officiating

    I guess I qualify now since the corrected vision in my left eye is 20/50 at best (verified this past week by an ophthalmologist)...