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    All things being equal, I think Central/GC and Tazewell/Grundy determine the #1 seed. Even if Richlands loses to Va High. Sleeper games are Princeton/Brooke and Mo West/Bearden. The following is based on Central over GC, Va High over Richlands, Grundy over Tazewell, Princeton over Greenbrier, Brooke over Princeton, and Grayson losing their last 2. A tie for #1 between Union/Graham would go to Union for "best overall record". A tie between Union/Marion would come down to "highest average rating of all opponents". 1.) Union 10-0 268 26.8 2.) Graham 9-1 268 26.8 3.) Ridgeview 9-1 262 26.2 4.) Marion 9-1 249 24.9 5.) Va High 7-3 232 23.2 6.) Lee 6-4 211 21.1 7.) Battle, John 5-5 190 19 8.) Central-Wise 3-7 176 17.6 8.) Richlands 3-7 176 17.6 10.) Grayson Co 4-6 174 17.4 11.) Tazewell 3-7 168 16.8 12.) Lebanon 2-8 149 14.9 13.) Gate City 0-10 134 13.4 If Marion beats Graham... 1.) Union 10-0 268 26.8 1.) Marion 10-0 268 26.8 3.) Ridgeview 9-1 262 26.2 4.) Graham 8-2 248 24.8 If Marion beats Graham and Abingdon beats Union... 1.) Marion 10-0 268 26.8 2.) Ridgeview 9-1 263 26.3 3.) Union 9-1 251 25.1 4.) Graham 8-2 248 24.8 If Graham beats Marion and Abingdon beats Union... 1.) Graham 9-1 268 26.8 2.) Ridgeview 9-1 263 26.3 3.) Union 9-1 251 25.1 4.) Marion 9-1 249 24.9 If Marion beats Graham, Va High beats Marion, and Abingdon beats Union... 1.) Ridgeview 9-1 263 26.3 2.) Va High 8-2 254 25.4 3.) Union 9-1 251 25.1 4.) Marion 9-1 250 25 If Tazewell beats Grundy and Lebanon 1.) Graham 9-1 270 27 2.) Union 10-0 268 26.8 3.) Ridgeview 9-1 260 26 4.) Marion 9-1 251 25.1 5.) Va High 7-3 234 23.4 6.) Lee 6-4 211 21.1 7.) Battle, John 5-5 190 19 8.) Tazewell 4-6 185 18.5 If Tazewell beats Grundy, but Richlands beats Va High 1.) Union 10-0 270 27 2.) Graham 9-1 270 27 3.) Ridgeview 9-1 260 26 4.) Marion 9-1 251 25.1 5.) Va High 6-4 220 22 6.) Lee 6-4 211 21.1 7.) Richlands 4-6 195 19.5 8.) Battle, John 5-5 189 18.9 If Tazewell beats Grundy, Richlands beats Va High, and Grayson beats Wythe. 1.) Union 10-0 270 27 2.) Graham 9-1 270 27 3.) Ridgeview 9-1 260 26 4.) Marion 9-1 251 25.1 5.) Va High 6-4 220 22 6.) Lee 6-4 211 21.1 7.) Richlands 4-6 195 19.5 8.) Grayson Co 5-5 191 19.1 If Va High beats Marion and Richlands, and Battle beats Lee 1.) Union 10-0 268 26.8 2.) Graham 9-1 268 26.8 3.) Ridgeview 9-1 262 26.2 4.) Va High 8-2 253 25.3 5.) Marion 8-2 231 23.1 6.) Battle, John 6-4 207 20.7 7.) Lee 5-5 195 19.5 8.) Central-Wise 3-7 177 17.7 9.) Richlands 3-7 176 17.6 Anything can happen over these next 2 weeks. Going to be EXCITING! Hopefully, I have no typos up there.
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    Union vs. Marion

    And that's the type of post that gets you the hammer...just sayin'...
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    Hurley @ Chilhowie

    It would be downright comical if this Hurley team made it to the 3rd Round while last year’s inhuman unstoppable juggernauts faded in Round 2.
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    A arrest was made last night, not for all of painting but part of it we still have others involved
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    ; )

    Well that's not a good attitude. I'm sure the first time you got laid it wasn't the best experience, but you went back for another shot. Haha.
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    Respect. This link shows Class. @Ryan4VT thanks.
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    Sames distance as it is by car...
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    One thing that everyone can agree on is that we LOVE high school football on this board. But I think sometimes we’re all to quick to criticize and scrutinize other teams merely because we want so badly for our beloved team to be the best and for this to be “the year”. But I think we all need to give all our local teams a cyber pat on the back. In 2D Of course we have union and graham riding high as expected. But we also have Ridgeview at 8-1, Marion as well, va high playing football to a level they haven’t in years. Battle, lee, and Grayson have all took a step forward in my opinion this year and you also have my beloved blues scrapping and clawing like almost no other 3-6 team could. And you’ve also got tazewell kids absolutely breaking their backs to compete week in and out with their teams they play and refusing to quit. But you also have Grundy, whose had a great turnaround season, chilhowie looking like a 1 D monster and also narrows really putting on a good show. There are other feel good stories on the season as well and some not so great. The point of my long winded post is this. These kids play their hearts out and I think football this year in our area has been top notch as far as competition and effort go. One thing I fully believe is whatever teams make it out of our regions, they’re gonna be battle tested and ready. Football in southwest va is special. It just means more to us hillbilly’s and most of the state just doesn’t understand us and our passion for our schools. I see it as their loss. Because I have spent many a Friday night at Ernie hicks having the best of times and it really is a beautiful thing when youre in those moments in the stands and those big time swva games are going to the wire in a flat out barn burner. You all know what I’m talking about. So I just wanna say I hope with everything in me, that the blue tornado somehow shocks the world and finishes the season at 9-6. But if that doesn’t happen I hope one or more of our local teams play those teams from “the rest of the state”, deliver a flat out ass whipping, and bring home the gold this year.
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    Marion at Virginia High

    Congrats Virginia High good luck in the playoffs. It's time to put this one behind us I'm already over it and gonna get ready for the birth of my son this weekend
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    Score Updates -Week 10 (10/27/17)

    Graham announcers...lucky to know the score...
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    Central @ GC

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    first cheat sheet is up

    got 2-D done. Plan on setting up the rest as 1-week out to have ready early Sat. morning. http://www.angelfire.com/va/vhsl/Region2D.html
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    Quick stat of the day...

    Since Gate City hammered Graham 70-0 in the first round of the 2014 playoffs, Gate City is 9-23 and Graham is 24-9.
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    Bigwinners...this was a great post and a very fair assessment in my view. I know both teams very well and agree with you. I do think some Union posters just simply don't give Graham the respect they deserve. You can't teach SPEED! Graham has more overall athletes that can fly and very physical. I think the physicality and discipline on defense has been Graham's biggest improvement from recent years...and O yeah...did I say speed. They have it. I think Unions ability to get to Allen quickly will be the key. Allen can sling the football. He was more accurate with his receiver's than I expected. Plus he can run. Much smarter and very tough than people think. I give Union the edge only because of home field advantage. Union no question has the advantage up front. Graham in my view has the better athlete's even though Union has many. I respect Union and there great fans who I have enjoyed meeting and watching. I just don't think some realize how good Graham is. I expect a very close game...but as crazy as it sounds I wouldn't be shocked if either team won by a couple of touchdowns. I'm excited to see this one. Good luck to both teams but I will be pulling for our County neighbors.
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    And UVA said Graham didn't hold back. ;) It's OK, we got players with grandkids. Lol
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    Union vs. Marion

    Good season Canes 9-3 I'll take it any year. I'm proud of you guys and Congrats Union good luck the rest of the way
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    Giles vs Appomattox

    And I didn't mean that as an insult. Just pointing out that it's different. It's been that way as long as I can remember. Not specifically referring to Appo, but any area east of SWVA in general. Clarke Co people were amazed because our band traveled 5.5 hours to support our team when their own didn't show up. The support and packed stands that you have seen at Appo the last 2 years is what we have seen for 50 + here, even in down years. A 4-6 Richlands team packed out the 1000 seat visitor stands last week where the temp was in the 20s by game's end. Would Appo's fans do that if they were 4-6 and not expected to win? There was a game in 1968 between the Appalachia Bulldogs and Gate City Blue Devils that had 10-12,000 spectators (depending on which article you read). I have several family members that attended or played in that game. People had climbed to the roof of the school to watch the game because there was no place left to sit or even stand. People are CRAZY about HS football here. Gate City, Richlands, and Lee High have all brought their inflatables to Union's field. I remember a few times when Lee brought their horse and train horn. I understand why Appo doesn't want the train horn. Different culture. But we, here in SWVA, find it amusing. Different culture. Nothing wrong with that. Just different.
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    Union vs. Richlands rematch

    6 starters out on defense in the second game of the season and this is the first we're hearing about it? Mance is going to have to do a better job of releasing his injury reports in a timely fashion
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    Union vs. Richlands rematch

    He is a fine young man. His health is way more important period.
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    Week 11 Score Updates - 11/3/17

    On the podcast you said you couldn't root for Tazewell or Graham in the playoffs, so why be mad that he's not rooting for Richlands to make the playoffs?
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    Bearcat Dad

    Virginia High at Richlands

    Hell of a game Blues! You guys have a very stout Defense. My kid said that y'all were very physical. Much respect to the Richlands players and coaches coming up to my son after the game and telling him how good he is, while he and I were talking on the field. I love seeing the sportsmanship! Good luck in the playoffs!
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    Coaching Hot Seat

    “For where two or three gather in My name, there am I with them.” - Matthew 18:20.
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    Week 11 podcast questions?

    Who wins in a 100 yard dash? Cole Beck, who is wearing steel toed boots and carrying two 45 pound dumbbells, or Brady Hess? *edit for dumbbell
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    Yahoo and yee hah

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    Leatherhead Larry

    Central @ GC

    Extremely happy for the players and especially the Seniors tonight. I’m glad I was able to see smiling faces after the game. True Blue Devils never give up. Thank you to the Seniors for all your hard work and dedication throughout the years, it was certainly a pleasure watching this bunch all the way through LL, MS, and HS. Things didn’t end the way we wanted. But I’m glad they went out with a win. As for the underclassmen, time to get bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter and build off of tonight’s win and get ready for August 2018. Go Big Blue!
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    Central @ GC

    You don't know who my team is, im not a Ridgeview guy(I don't live in Dickenson County anymore and don't have any connections to the team). My sample size of the GC fan base is very small, maybe 10 people total. No where did I state anything to the contrary but that sample is pretty diverse. I assume you have spoken to every GC supporter? Probably not, so its safe to say your sample size is around 5-10%. But that is just my opinion. Google search "Akers, gate city" and this comes up https://www.thepetitionsite.com/629/493/130/demand-coach-akers-be-replaced/ id say that's enough to say he is being ran off. Plus theres all the posts on this board stating that he needs to go. That is my opinion. I don't like seeing GC like this, nobody really does(well there are some that undoubtedly do). Its ok to see them have a horrible season to cap off a string of bad seasons but for SWVA football to be strong GC needs to be strong. That's what I want to see. If Id wanted to say "every single poster" that's what I would have said, I said "others" as in some but not all, there is no difference. Am I neutral? No I support local football and support a local team, Im invested to some degree but what Im really doing is discussing the ins and outs of local football on a DISCUSSION board. Im not bitter, angry, or jealous of GCs success. My school took 2 whoopings from GC in football and 1 that I remember in basketball (im not really a basketball guy). The only thing that im bitter or angry about concerning GC is the fact that them playing up through the 90s contributed to drawing Haysi up into D2 and cost my program some success(throw Grundy and Graham into that pot, imo they screwed us but ive discussed that before, no secret there). Your arrogance is unbelievable. As if the only way that someone could disagree with you is that they hate Gate City and are jealous. No way it could be that theyre just discussing the situation
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    Central @ GC

    Not everyone who dislikes GC is jealous. Much of the disdain comes from the arrogance of a good portion of the fan base. Then again, another good portion of the fan base is pretty cool. The arrogant fans seem to overshadow the good ones. Are people jealous of GC for their success in the past? Of course. As a PV grad, I can attest to the fact that winning programs will bring out jealousy among other fan bases. They also bring out arrogance among their own fan bases. For that reason a lot of people will enjoy the fans of that team throw fits when said program’s success QUICKLY dwindles like GC’s program is doing. I am pretty sure that a few weeks ago a GC fan on here said that the GC fans deserve wins. I don’t remember exactly WHO said it. First off, fans of every team deserve NOTHING. The athletes of that program deserve success only as long as they work for it. The fans are just there to watch it. I am sure many of the GC athletes are working hard. Kudos to the ones who are sticking with their team in their moment of turmoil. Statements claiming that the fan base deserves to watch a winning program and claiming jealousy everytime someone even remotely criticizes Gate City are reminding people why they dislike GC or have disliked them before. I have never seen UVAObserver get disgruntled on here over Graham’s 70-0 loss at the hands of Gate City. A lot of teams and their fan bases would normally be sour about something like that anyway until they avenged it and then they probably get over it after they get revenge. UVAO is a classy guy so I would be surprised if he kept going on about it. I am sure a lot of people from Graham—players and fans—would love to avenge that loss in a regulation game. It seems like in 2015 a lot of GC faithful wanted Bill Houseright to step down. I am neither taking up for him nor am I saying those who wanted it were right but they got what they asked for. Is GC any better off since he stepped down?
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    Union @ Abingdon

    The poor grammar in the Union football graphics never ceases to amaze.
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    Central @ GC

    Graham needs Central to win. Therefore: Dysfunction Junction - 27 Central - 12
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    Week 9 Updates - 10/20/17

    Actually Bluefield is the Tazewell county champs....
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    Grayson co. Vs Ridgeview

    Funny story about "little league mama's". I was helping the Galax Recreation Center a few years ago referee some 8-man football. One of the coaches, who happens to be in administration in the Galax Public School system, grabbed a 3rd grade kid by the facemask and started jerking the kid around while screaming at him for going downfield, rather than blocking. Mama, in full Army BDU's, came running onto the field and teed off on the "coach". She beat the tar out of him. The other guys asked us, "aren't you going to help him". Nope, i'm not getting between mama bear and her cubs!
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    Union vs. Marion

    I must apologize for expressing my political opinion on this fb forum. It is just that I think the Democrats are a bigger threat to our Country than any foreign enemy.If Russia had any influence on the 2016 election , I then say "thank God for Russia"
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    Blue 72

    Mance taking some Park grass

    I hope you are a God fearing person, and I hope this post was your way of trying to be funny, but for Mance to say it is in God's hands show's his reliance on the one who created the universe, and for you to make light of that shows pure ignorance on your part. I respect everyone on this board, but if you are making fun of God being in control, I have no respect for that, and I will pray that you had no intention for your post to turn out that way, but that is how I perceived the wording. This has always been a good place for all of us to have a little fun and post our opinions, but making fun of God almighty is going a bit to far, so please tell me that was not your intentions.
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    Union vs. Richlands rematch

    How is the food there?
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    For someone who bays at the moon regarding the envy other people have about Gate City, your post reads not unlike a jealous preteen girl whining about the more popular girl stealing her boyfriend.
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    Union vs. Richlands rematch

    It doesn't matter what they're running or not running. If it's not true, then what do you get by lying? You've either given away a potential secret, or you've blatantly lied for NO reason.
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    Union vs. Richlands rematch

    Here’s an idea. DON’T POST THINGS YOU SEE AT A PRACTICE ON A MESAGE BOARD WHERE COACHES FROM BOTH TEAMS COME TO. Trust me, you’ve pissed off the Richlands coaching staff. And a large portion of the fanbse. Just don’t say it, there’s no point in it.
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    Gate City Football

  41. 4 points

    Union vs. Richlands rematch

    And yet Union rushed for 300 yards on Richlands and held Blues under 100 yards. I don't think there's any dispute which team has best defense.
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    Week 11 Score Updates - 11/3/17

    Welcome to SWVASports 2017. Where fans from two teams with a combined 7-13 record are in a pissing match.
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    Grayson vs Galax

    Man, what an idiot this guy is...
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    comeonnoweverybodyletsgiveitupfor... ”KARMA!”
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    I don't know. That "My Name is Earl" show was pretty good.
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    If they lose to Lebanon then they may as well not play VHS. Should be an easier win than the other 2 we've had this season.
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    Central @ GC

    The point is that, according to the fair weather faithful a couple years ago, the pedigree coaches could not coach and were destroying the great football tradition that the gods had bestowed upon the devils. You were given what you wanted and now you want to go back to what you say didn't work before. I do understand the feelings of entitlement that a winning tradition brings. What most outside observers on this board and elsewhere seem to find amusing is the fickleness of the blue masses. The inability to face the reality that maybe another sport (basketball) may be drawing more interest from the students, administration and community support is more than some are able to grasp. It's not the kids or the tradition of the program that draws the Blah, Blah, Blah reaction from the casual observers. it's the drastic change in message that long-time board readers have noticed. It has gone from the arrogance and down talking attitude to other team supporters to unrealistic expectations and looking for a scapegoat to sacrifice without addressing the real issues. That's all.
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    A few of these guys take this way too personally. My mistake was an honest mistake. I don't spend my day fighting over high school kids and their teams. It's not really that important to me. I do this for entertainment. I realize it's life and death for some, but that's their business, not mine.
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    Week 9 Updates - 10/20/17

    O"well... we tried and probably made some people nervous. Well played GMen! Congratulations
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    Week 9 Updates - 10/20/17

    BRAVO! Graham pride!
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