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  1. Plywood_King

    Chilhowie Field

    So, I know that this is after the fact and kind of irrelevant, but let's address the real reason why the game was played at Northwood and not Emory. Chilhowie's field was deemed to be unsuitable for playing on, but let's be honest with ourselves, Northwood's field wasn't going to be any better. While Marion's field was in rough shape at the end of the season due to hosting back to back games in November rain, it has good grass and would have been in good condition to play on. Patrick Henry has a very large natural grass stadium, and GW would have been an ideal "midway" point between the two schools. But they went with Northwood, after a delegate intervened, which tells you the real motivation behind the move to Saltville. Saltville has NOTHING. Two analog gas stations that were rendered useless by their proximity to the stadium, a Subway, a Chinese restaurant, and a drive-in restaurant that is off the beaten path into town. Chilhowie had a Christmas parade that morning and was expecting to host the biggest non-Smyth-rivalry game that they had hosted since the 70s. To the Chilhowie tourism department this was a second Apple Festival, and if they couldn't host the game, at least several hundred (at worst) people would have to get off I-81 in Chilhowie, drive directly past their Hardees, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Food City, and three gas stations before leaving the corporate limit north to Saltville, where a person would inevitably be out of options for gas, lunch, etc. Not to say that folks hearts weren't in the right place by wanting Chilhowie to have the right to host it, but moving the game to Northwood was strictly based on local economics. It keeps the revenue in Chilhowie rather than Glade and Washington County.
  2. Plywood_King

    Chilhowie Field

    In case you're thinking that folks from Marion and Saltville are universally pulling for an embarrassing end to Chilhowie's season, Marion's tourism and economic director has written the state legislature about the subject. I. Kid. You. Not. So the VHSL has moved Saturday’s game from Chilhowie stadium to Emory & Henry - from natural surface to artificial turf - just three days prior to the big game. I’m reading folks have called the VHSL to express their concerns, to no avail. I’ve reached out to our legislators, knowing this isn’t a decision of theirs or one of which they even have say, but I’d imagine their voices might carry a little more weight than mine. Here’s my email to Senator Bill Carrico, Delegate Jeff Campbell, and Delegate Israel O’Quinn. I have tremendous respect for these men, and I’m certain they’d like to at least be aware of the situation. In the meantime, let’s pray for a safe, clean, honest game for our young men. And personally, from this former resident - GO WARRIORS! Gentlemen: As you’re probably hearing, VHSL has, three days before the playoff, decided to move Saturday’s game from the natural grass field to the artificial turf at Emory & Henry, citing poor field conditions. It is my understanding that the VHSL met with Chilhowie staff and provided a list of corrective actions, which I also understand have been completed, but the governing body decided to relocate the game anyway. The CHS concession stand is stocked, the Christmas parade moved, and the community is ready for a fair shot at winning. I’m all for safety for everyone, especially the student athletes competing, but this just seems so wrong. I know this isn’t necessarily your purview, but it’s an issue that is very important to a great number of our neighbors, your constituents. While you all serve a large geographic area, with fans from both teams, I’m certain neither would want the perception of changing the rules to suit their team, so I can’t imagine either team (or their fans) supporting this move, especially at this late date. The forecast for both Chilhowie and Emory has a chance of showers and temperatures in the 50s. Football has been played in much worse conditions for generations. Let’s let them just play ball. Any assistance or insight you can offer, as always, is appreciated. Sincerely, Ken Heath
  3. Plywood_King

    Regional semifinal updates (Playoffs week 2)

    Sounds like some jive turkey.
  4. Plywood_King

    Abingdon 3A

    This is literally the exact same thread that was made when Marion won the Hogoheegee a couple of years ago, except with the names changed to protect the guilty.
  5. Plywood_King

    Abington 3A

    Fixed that for ya.
  6. Plywood_King


    Also, it's tough to admit as a Marion fan, but Chilhowie fans have been class acts the past couple of years. The fact that they had some down years with as positive of an upturn as they have, it's tough to stay humble, but they've shown a lot of sportsmanship over the last two years. I'm not sure that I would have been able to restrain myself from gloating.
  7. Plywood_King


    The big thing that people really underestimate around here because it's so rare that they see it, is how big of a difference it can be when a team has so much talent that they don't have to run players both ways. Football is a physically demanding sport, and being able to run players exclusively on offense or defense, especially in 1A is a HUGE advantage. We'll see what happens. They will not have an easy path at all, especially if they run into Galax in the semis and Riverheads in the finals, but I've never seen a 1A team that looks the part of state title contenders more than the Warriors this year.
  8. Plywood_King

    Coaching Hot Seat/Coach Looking To Move On

    Championship caliber post, right here.
  9. Plywood_King

    Marion at Tazewell

    That actually came a little earlier when they marked off a penalty on each team that ended with a result that could have used clarification. I don't remember exactly what was called, but it was two penalties, one against Marion during the play and one against Tazewell after the play, so Tazewell got a first down but it was marked as a first and fifteen. A little later in the fourth, a Marion fan yelled something to the effect of "hit the zebras next time" after a penalty and the head linesman took offense to it. Again, not at all that I'm condoning that kind of behavior, but the official probably overreacted considering the amount of times that the official has likely heard that type of thing said during a game. They were quite flag happy over the course of the game. I'm not going to accuse it of being biased either way, there were just a lot of penalties that were likely frustrating to both teams, in particular the unsportsmanlike calls that both teams were getting.
  10. Plywood_King

    Virginia High @ Marion

    Probably the Cats, but I wouldn't count Marion out, especially with it being played in Marion. The teams are very comparable in a lot of ways with both teams entering at 4-4, and all their losses being in games that were competitive in the third quarter. The Bearcats have an extremely clear talent advantage, but Marion's very well coached and appear to be maturing as a team. I predict a low scoring affair that will be won either by VA High breaking a couple of big plays, or Marion grinding out the clock in the fourth. Considering where both these teams appeared to be headed early in the season, it's amazing that we're even looking at the possibility of this being a good game.
  11. Plywood_King

    Marion at Tazewell

    Not to take a dump on Tazewell's defensive effort in the 4th quarter, but more than anything, the shift in momentum had to with the extra-curriculars in the stands. I don't know how much of it was caught from the Tazewell side of the stadium, but the game was stopped in the middle of the fourth quarter so that the head linesman could identify a spectator in the away stands who said something that was uncalled for in a smart-assed but innocuous fashion that the officials took very seriously. Seriously enough that it required Marion's administration and Tazewell town police came to supervise the away bleachers for the rest of the night. The entire spectacle not only deflated the fans and the sideline, it's like it hung a pall over that side of the stadium, and it was quite frankly awkward just to be there for the entire rest of the game. Tazewell certainly stepped up, but you could see that from the very next play, Marion, who had no trouble moving the ball all night, suddenly started going backwards.
  12. Plywood_King

    Marion at Tazewell

    I said during the preseason that this would be the game of the year and I'm sticking by it. In a weekend that promises A LOT of coin toss games, this one might be the most challenging to pick. Winner gets a neat-o wooden dragon, as well as the opportunity to get fed to Ridgeview/Union/Graham in November, and the loser likely stays home.
  13. Plywood_King

    Richlands and Marion

    Marion will cover in the secondary better than expected, but the spread out defense will allow gashing runs up the middle, likely from a player that no one in Bluesburg has been talking about. Marion fails to put an offense together, even when running backups. Richlands works out a sluggish 42-0 victory, and everything becomes right with the world again following last season. Also, if Richlands gets the victory, they will extend their home winning streak over Marion to 40 years on Friday.
  14. Plywood_King

    GC @ Marion

    He hasn't seen Marion in a couple of weeks and quite frankly, it's the smartest decision anyone has made in a while. It's been ugly, and I'm not talking the "at least they're trying" ugly. The "REAL ugly" kinda ugly. The kind of ugly that hurts a school's gate revenue. Too much parental politicking and not enough self-accountability from the players. I'd like to think that they turned the corner during the second quarter against Lebanon when they finally found their offense, but we'll see. If they didn't, this game comes down to the wire, and it becomes the last winnable game that Marion plays this year.
  15. Plywood_King

    VOTE for the Week 5 Top 10

    1. Bluefield 2. Ridgeview 3. Pulaski County 4. Union 5. Richlands 6. Chilhowie 7. Graham 8. Galax 9. VA High 10. Abingdon