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  1. Postseason: SWVA Top 10

    1. Union 2. Bluefield 3. Graham 4. Giles 5. Marion 6. Pulaski County 7. Grayson County 8. VA High 9. Chilhowie 10. Ridgeview I'd also give an honorable mention to Fort, who very quietly had a solid season, after manning up and moving up an enrollment classification.
  2. No need for hate messages here

    Taters are going to tate.
  3. Chilhowie vs. Riverheads - 1A State Championship

    My thought is that yes, on paper Riverheads should run Chilhowie off the field, but I didn't give Chilhowie a snowball's chance against Galax either, so anything can happen. Go Warriors, and bring some hardware back to the good old SW of VA.
  4. Chilhowie vs. Riverheads - 1A State Championship

    It's a weird balance of power. For most folks, Marion and Chilhowie is a friendly, almost sibling like rivalry, although for some folks it's very personal. Northwood HATES Chilhowie, whereas most Chilhowie folks don't even consider the Panthers to be in the same stratosphere as Marion in regards to a rivalry. And then you've got Marion/Northwood which is really only a rivalry by technicality. Marion had a pretty healthy rivalry with R.B. Worthy/Saltville many, many moons ago, but they rarely played Rich Valley past 1970 and had a very happy relationship with the Steers. In fact, it's not unusual to see groups of Rich Valley alumns at Marion for football games rather than Northwood, because 30 years later, they still haven't accepted consolidation and would rather cheer for Marion than a "Saltville team."
  5. 2A Teams To Watch In 2018

    Kinda-bold prediction for 2018: VA High wins the SWD and finishes in the top 2 of 2D.
  6. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    I could be wrong about this, but based on what I've seen, Graham skated nearly untouched to a SWD championship based on their athletic talent. If I'm going to be honest, Marion and Richlands were the most fundamentally sound and strong teams in the SWD, which is why they gave the G-Men headaches, they just didn't have the horses to match up. Every time I saw Graham, they just looked like they were coasting, even when they couldn't afford to be coasting. Union did a great job of preventing the big play, but there were some serious mismatches going into this one, mainly due to Graham's lack of physicality and dependence on having superior athletes at every skill position.
  7. What can we do to boycott Alpha MEdia Radio?

  8. 11/24-25/17 Score updates...

    Mild upset brewing in 1B: #2 William Campbell 14, #1 Riverheads 7 - 7 min remaining in half
  9. JI Burton @ Chilhowie

    It's hard to pull clout over a region that has (arguably) the two best teams in 1A, and I still think Riverheads is two scores better than William Campbell.
  10. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    When Appomattox came to Marion a couple of years back I had the pleasure of running into some Appomattox fans in the Dollar General by the high school. They weren't dressed in Appy material but, and this is going to sound awful in the modern PC society, they were black, and considering that less than 2% of Smyth County is African American, seeing a couple of African American folks that you don't already know personally is usually a tell-tale sign that they aren't from here. We had a chat and they were super nice, some of the most courteous visiting fans I've ever experienced. Fast forward an hour and a half, it's pouring rain, and the visitor stands are booing injured Marion players while they're being attended to by trainers on the field. All it takes are a few bad apples...
  11. 2017 SWVA Coach of the Year

    They are, and there is something to be said about about being able to take care of business, but if you look at their schedule, I don't think Chilhowie beat anyone that folks didn't predict they would beat in the preseason. Chilhowie's a pretty dang good 1A team, but I think most people knew that they would be, and the best item on Robinson's resume this year is that his team beat the teams that they should have. Again, there's something to be said about doing that for the entirety of a season, but I don't know if that's a coach of the year resume outside of the Hogo.
  12. Union vs. Marion

    It's tough to say. He's a player with a motor that's running. He's fast but not a speedster, and a load to bring down, but not a bull. He's just a player that gives 100% on every snap and refuses to let his legs stop carrying him forward. If it tells you anything, every running back that Marion has started under Carroll has gone on to play college ball, including starting RBs at E&H and Concord, respectably, but I think Ford has the best shot at being a big time college player. He's too young to qualify for NCAA and will likely have to prep, but I think he has a very good shot at playing D1 as a safety.
  13. Podcast questions for Episode 13

    Who's more likely to be playing in the regional finals, Marion or Grayson?
  14. Union vs. Marion

    How many more turns is this thread going to take?
  15. Union vs. Marion

    I'll give you the likes for the effort if nothing else ;)
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