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  1. Plywood_King

    VOTE for the Week 5 Top 10

    1. Bluefield 2. Ridgeview 3. Pulaski County 4. Union 5. Richlands 6. Chilhowie 7. Graham 8. Galax 9. VA High 10. Abingdon
  2. Plywood_King

    Big game at Warrior stadium!

    So, assuming that the scoreboard roles over to 0 when Chilhowie inevitably hits 100, will they still beat Northwood on the scoreboard?
  3. Plywood_King

    Big game at Warrior stadium!

    Even though it's unlikely to happen this weekend, I figured I would weigh in on this one with a little bit more depth than just "I think Chilhowie will win." I saw both teams play against their only common opponent, Marion, and even though they both took care of business, both victories came in different fashions. Marion played exceedingly better football against Chilhowie than they did GW. They took care of the football, limited penalties, and played (for two-and-a-half quarters) like they wanted to win the game. They did not do that against George Wythe. And even though the game stayed close well into the second half against Chilhowie, Marion never felt like a real threat to the Warriors and that they were only in it because they were taking advantage of Chilhowie's mistakes, whereas against GW, Marion looked like a somewhat comparable team that wasn't focused and was allowing things to snowball on them. Not to discredit GW or the stomping they gave Marion last week, but when Marion played Chilhowie, you really felt like Marion was playing out of their league. GW does have a legitimate chance, but it will require them to capitalize on every mistake Chilhowie makes. Marion's man-coverage in the nickle left big holes for the QB to scramble all night, and I don't think that opportunity will arise against Chilhowie. The vertical passing game is the only way that I see the Roons getting the ball downfield against the Warrior defense, and I didn't see a lot of downfield passing against Marion to be able to comment of GW's ability to do that. The secondary is Chilhowie's only weakness, but even it is fairly solid. Given the way that last year's game ended and the fact that they will be (presumably) playing in Chil-ville, the Warriors are going to be "pissed off for greatness" when this game does get played. I do think the game will be entertaining as all get out, but I see Chilhowie pulling away in the second half.
  4. Plywood_King

    VOTE for the Week 4 Top 10

    1. Bluefield 2. Union 3. Ridgeview 4. Richlands 5. Graham 6. Pulaski County 7. Chilhowie 8. Galax 9. VA High 10. Radford
  5. Plywood_King

    Big game at Warrior stadium!

    Based on what I've seen, Chilhowie wins relatively comfortably.
  6. Plywood_King

    GW @ MSHS

    Marion's lack of pride and team leadership against the only two teams that they have played with a pulse this season is extremely concerning. In no way am I going to imply that the coaches aren't responsible for it, but considering that this has never been an issue under Carroll's tenure, I would say that there are other factors afoot. The schedule doesn't get any easier from here, and if those eleven seniors can't get the team mentally tougher, we're going to see a lot more games with a final score like last night.
  7. Plywood_King

    GW @ MSHS

    Kinda surprised that this thread hasn't picked up more steam. I think this game has a legitimate chance to be a barnburner.
  8. Plywood_King

    VOTE for Week 3 Top 10 List

    The media will try and tell you that the Panthers wouldn't stand a chance against any of the teams ranked higher than them, and that they could be handled by several teams that are unranked, but using what metrics? Performance? Statistics? Strength of schedule? Phooey. They don't include the important things. Like heart. And uniform color.
  9. Plywood_King

    VOTE for Week 3 Top 10 List

    1. Bluefield 2. Union 3. Ridgeview 4. Richlands 5. Pulaski County 6. Abingdon 7. Chilhowie 8. Virginia High 9. Galax 10. Grayson County
  10. Plywood_King

    GW @ MSHS

    If there's one thing that high school football has taught me, it's that if the game seems like a tossup and it's being played at Marion, go with the Canes. I'm going to say Marion 20-14.
  11. Plywood_King

    Vote for the Week 2 Top 10

    1. Bluefield 2. Richlands 3. VA High 4. Ridgeview 5. Pulaski County 6. Union 7. Radford 8. Graham 9. Chilhowie 10. Abingdon
  12. Plywood_King

    Vote for the Week 2 Top 10

    University of Virginia - Collage at Wise:
  13. Plywood_King

    Chilhowie at Marion

    I don't know if another state title appearance is in cards for Chilhowie, but they look the part of a deep run 1A team. A big key is that their big guys are athletic, and while they've got some weaknesses, it will be a long time before they run into a 1A team that can exploit them. The most dangerous part though is their depth. If they can out-rotate a 2A school and leave them standing with their hands on their knees, there's not much more you can ask for. It was a pretty good game for three and a half quarters, and then the lack of experience and leadership from Marion's corp started to show through. They seemed to get tired and emotionally deflated after going down by a couple of scores and things kind of escalated on them. Marion's not a bad team, but they're not world beaters, and in what appears to be VERY deep SWD, they may get lost in the shuffle, but they'll get better as the season progresses. But hey, no coaches got ejected and Robinson and Carroll didn't punch each other, so I consider the game a success based on where it seemed like it was going in the first half.
  14. Plywood_King

    Preseason/Week 1 Top 10 poll.

    1. Bluefield 2. Richlands 3. Pulaski County 4. Ridgeview 5. VA High 6. Graham 7. Union 8. Grayson County 9. Chilhowie 10. Galax
  15. Plywood_King

    Rivalry Game(s)

    Mark my words, people in the Holston River Valley will be talking about Chilhowie at Marion this year for years to come, whether for better or worse.