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  1. GC @ Abingdon

    As long as we're stereotyping all the fans of an entire school, GC may have hammered some of the undeserved sense of self-accomplishment out of the pretentiousness capitol of SWVA.
  2. Region 2D power points

    As a Marion fan, I can sympathize. It's tough to argue competition vs travel time when the closest SWD team is farther away than the furthest Hogo team.
  3. Region 2D power points

    I could be wrong, but I think he was trying to say that Grayson was in a weird place because they're the only team in their district that is in Region D, meaning they have an easier path to playoffs. Because they don't play the SWD slate, they don't have to worry about the "4 team rule." That's still a major problem with mixed class districts. Several VHSL activities that have three rounds of competition have had to invent "subregions" so that a school like Grayson in the MED or Abingdon in the M7 doesn't get a free pass into the regional tournament because there's no competition in their district. But then again, it was all just kind of a declaratory statement, so I'm not 100% what the meaning of any of it was.
  4. Favorite area places to play/see a game, past and present.

    Hey! I can see my house from up here!
  5. Pre-1970 Champions

    Good stuff, thanks guys. It's certainly not a record, and if I'm not mistaken, Saltville had a very lengthy "unscored on streak" during this period, but 380-13 in a season is pretty dang impressive in any era.
  6. Pre-1970 Champions

    As a whippersnapper myself, I'm curious because it's never been explained to me how state championships were settled pre-1970 (the point at which the VHSL begins recognizing "VHSL State Football Champions"). I assume there was a playoff system, but I'm curious as to why the VHSL doesn't recognize those championships. Was the playoff not sponsored by the VHSL? Was is weirdly structured and therefore invalid? Was there no playoff at all all, and it was settled in an "AP National Champion" fashion where a newspaper just picked the best team in the state? I really have no knowledge of this at all, and any info that anyone may have would be appreciated.
  7. Gate City Football

    Santa's gift to every coach in the M7.
  8. James Mitchell is a.....

    Sorry @swva_havok_fan I think you just got topped for post of the year.
  9. 2017 All-State teams

    Mitchell was 1st team. They weirdly put the PR on the defense and KR on offense. Taymon Cooke was 2nd team KR, and I would give him that nod simply because his punt return against Marion likely won Graham the SWD championship.
  10. Postseason: SWVA Top 10

    1. Union 2. Bluefield 3. Graham 4. Giles 5. Marion 6. Pulaski County 7. Grayson County 8. VA High 9. Chilhowie 10. Ridgeview I'd also give an honorable mention to Fort, who very quietly had a solid season, after manning up and moving up an enrollment classification.
  11. No need for hate messages here

    Taters are going to tate.
  12. Chilhowie vs. Riverheads - 1A State Championship

    My thought is that yes, on paper Riverheads should run Chilhowie off the field, but I didn't give Chilhowie a snowball's chance against Galax either, so anything can happen. Go Warriors, and bring some hardware back to the good old SW of VA.
  13. Chilhowie vs. Riverheads - 1A State Championship

    It's a weird balance of power. For most folks, Marion and Chilhowie is a friendly, almost sibling like rivalry, although for some folks it's very personal. Northwood HATES Chilhowie, whereas most Chilhowie folks don't even consider the Panthers to be in the same stratosphere as Marion in regards to a rivalry. And then you've got Marion/Northwood which is really only a rivalry by technicality. Marion had a pretty healthy rivalry with R.B. Worthy/Saltville many, many moons ago, but they rarely played Rich Valley past 1970 and had a very happy relationship with the Steers. In fact, it's not unusual to see groups of Rich Valley alumns at Marion for football games rather than Northwood, because 30 years later, they still haven't accepted consolidation and would rather cheer for Marion than a "Saltville team."
  14. 2A Teams To Watch In 2018

    Kinda-bold prediction for 2018: VA High wins the SWD and finishes in the top 2 of 2D.
  15. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    I could be wrong about this, but based on what I've seen, Graham skated nearly untouched to a SWD championship based on their athletic talent. If I'm going to be honest, Marion and Richlands were the most fundamentally sound and strong teams in the SWD, which is why they gave the G-Men headaches, they just didn't have the horses to match up. Every time I saw Graham, they just looked like they were coasting, even when they couldn't afford to be coasting. Union did a great job of preventing the big play, but there were some serious mismatches going into this one, mainly due to Graham's lack of physicality and dependence on having superior athletes at every skill position.
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