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  1. BigWinners

    Postseason Awards

    Wait Ervin was M7 POY but didn't make first team? Surely a misprint.
  2. BigWinners

    State championships (3/6-3/9)

    I take a lot of shots at Wise, but even I have the utmost respect for Dotson and what he's done over a sustained period. For a LPD school Mount Rushmore, it's hard to not include him with the other all time greats. Doing it continually and winning titles with such different casts and players against some of the most intense competition in his division, all while being the ultimate class act, he's in a league of his own. He deserves more respect.
  3. BigWinners

    State championships (3/6-3/9)

    What happened?
  4. BigWinners

    State championships (3/6-3/9)

  5. BigWinners

    VA Boys State Tournament brackets

    Radford by 9 Eastside by 2
  6. BigWinners

    Gate City vs Radford

    Radford by 15
  7. BigWinners

    VA Boys State Tournament brackets

    We will see. They didn't exactly blow Riverheads out, and both West teams have a knack for knocking off great teams. No one thought Burton could beat GW either
  8. BigWinners


    I think they have a shot to win it all
  9. BigWinners


    GC won but Mahavi stayed close
  10. BigWinners

    VA Boys State Tournament brackets

    you sure about that? lol I think we see Radford def. ER in 2A, while the winner of JIB/Eastside upsets Surry for the title Girls, PM wins 1A, Central wins 2A
  11. BigWinners

    State quarterfinals

    Aside from Graham, who played Radford as tough as anyone, all SWVA teams advanced right?. Great day!
  12. BigWinners

    Top 10 Basketball players in SWVA? And why!

    Dontnforget Cormandy
  13. BigWinners

    Region D Scores/Updates 2/22-2/23

    Exactly. One person. Most Union fans expected the L, Union is extremely young with little depth.
  14. BigWinners

    Top 10 Basketball players in SWVA? And why!

    Not overall. You've got Ervin, QMR at Radford, Dean at GC, the other kid at Radford, and Baker at Graham. They're both great players but not quite top 5 IMO
  15. BigWinners

    VA Girls State Tournament brackets

    Winner of our side in 2A should be the favorite. no one is beating PM in 1A