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  1. BigWinners

    Union at GC

    We always ran a counter trap/sweep, opposite side guard and tackle pulled, guard took first contact, tackle would be the lead blocker. We ran it in JV one time, as the pulling tackle I got to run in the open field in front of our RB and just toss little DBs out of the way. So rewarding. Union runs somewhat similar, fake the inside trap or dive and then toss it to the wing on the opposite side. I like the RPO out of the T. Send your best receiver in motion pre snap, QB either hands off up middle or pulls it out and then targets the motion back either in the flat or on a go route, kinda like you described
  2. BigWinners

    Too Early to Panic?

    I disagree, simply because I don't see five teams in the race. It's four max. I mean no offense but I just don't see VHS as a legit contender to win Region D. they'll likely have to travel unless they beat some big dogs left on schedule, and at RV, at Richlands, Graham or Union, I'd favor the other teams. In Bristol, VHS could upset anyone, but on the road that's a rough way to go. Unless you mean Grayson County but I don't see them as a threat to win the region. I've seen VHS, Richlands, Union and Ridgeview. RV is the most complete team. They have a power run game, there's speed at QB, They have two X-factors on offense in Sexton and Sproles, the defense has zero glaring holes and right now, they'll likely be at home in the playoffs barring some upsets. I haven't seen Graham play in person, so I can't comment on them as well but they'll likely have the most dynamic athlete on the field in every game except against RV but apparently the play at the LOS isn't great from what little I've saw and some of the old issues of just being undisciplined on defense has given them issues. You've also got four elite coaches, there's no big hidden reason why Graham, Richlands, Ridgeview and Union are at the top. Rick Mullins is constantly overlooked but he's been winning big games for DECADES now. Mance at RHS, everyone knows he's great. Turner has won a ton of games in a short period of time taking over a contentious situation. Palmer has kept Graham relevant. I think the top of the M7 is slightly ahead of the Southwest, Union won at Richlands, but the meat of the SWD kills the M7. After the top three, the drop off is huge. Wise, Lee, GC and Battle are BAD.
  3. BigWinners

    Union at GC

    Because you're an old fogey. I prefer the RPO simply because it gives you options. It takes more to run it, you gotta have a smart QB, a running back who's capable, a good OL and weapons outside, but any time you have the ability to attack the defense at all levels, you have the advantage.
  4. BigWinners

    Union at GC

    The T does limit your options as a QB, because you have three guys in the backfield if you don't motion anyone out and two TEs most of the time, so it does make more sense to change personnel when you wanna throw the ball for no other reason than creating space. If you have a good OL, you should be able to execute out of any formation, but blocking in a T-style attack is very different from the spread so maybe the kids aren't as comfortable but the issue is not just changing formations but throwing out different looks presnap to create the illusion of doing something different. It's macho to think well they know where we are going but we are gonna go there anyway, but don't make it hard on yourself. If you can freeze those linebackers with motion or a formation shift, it'll help the offense. Defense was the worry preseason, but to limit RV to 27, your offense has to be able to at least counter that bc RV is gonna score 40 against most people. I don't think RV is far enough ahead right now this season that Union couldn't beat them if they met again, but RV really showed that Union can be attacked on offense. The most successful plays for the offense were downfield passes. RV was constantly attacking on defense, there were a lot of times when you could see nine guys were coming but it's rough to run a play the defense knows when you're asking a RB to break two tackles or beat two men in the open field in the gap. I thought Union did as well as possible against Adkins, it's rare that I've seen a kid develop so much in a year. Last season, he was a skinny speedster that Union stopped pretty easily. This year, he's a LOAD but still possesses incredible speed. If it was just Adkins, there's a good chance Union might have won. But dang that little East side transfer, Sexton, was KILLER. The QB played well don't get me wrong, a couple huge runs on third and long and he constantly got the ball out but it seemed like every time Union had momentum, Sexton makes a play that keeps the defense on the field. This is a RV team that is right now, the Region D favorite. I'm not sure they are there just yet to win it all, but there are no glaring holes in that team. I guess if you can shut down Adkins and still be able to cover everyone out wide and get constant pressure you can beat them, but that's easier said than done.
  5. BigWinners

    Union at GC

    I tend to agree with this, but the coaches see the kids every day and know what they can, and more importantly cannot, do. I think maybe the staff can be too conservative at times, but you can't argue with results. But it's not just offense, defense as well. More looks, disguising more, hiding more looks, simply showing more exotic looks and reverting back to your basics after the snap but a lot of football is won and lost by creating confusion and hiding your plays with different formations and looks. I do wanna add that in the modern game, you gotta be able to put speed on the field to combat spread looks. On a passing down, it makes sense on a theoretical level to take out the more run stopping LBs and bringing on more speed and athleticism with a CB or S if it's possible and if you have the personnel to do so.
  6. BigWinners

    Union at GC

    I also believe there's more we can do out of the spread. Our concepts are all pretty basic right now, not a lot of complexity. We love corner routes and hitches, but not a lot of posts or slants. We've seen some double moves, but when teams are sending the house, someone will be open. Keep someone in the backfield to block, you'll have four eligible receivers being covered one on one, gotta believe someone can get open. the PA out of the T has so many options, but I don't blame the loss on anyone. Sure there are things we could have done better, but RV is very good and they were tough. still believe they got a favorable spot on the QB sneak on that 4th down 😛
  7. BigWinners

    Union at GC

    Bill Belicheck and Nick Saban get criticized, often more so than others. Turners really became a great coach, but he isn't above reproach. No one is calling for his head, we're lucky to have him. But every team has issues and problems, Union just lost their first M7 game in forever, and we are discussing what Union could do to continue to improve
  8. BigWinners

    Union at GC

    My only worry is that we saw our potential. Maybe this is just as good as Union can be this year, 8-2, maybe 9-1, and maybe get hot and win a couple playoff games. RV was basically sending nine guys all night, if we can't develop more of a diverse passing attack (and that is no knock on any player or coach), teams now have a blueprint to beat us.
  9. BigWinners

    Union at GC

    That's why I like PA passes out of the T. It can catch a D off guard. and in the spread, RUN THE SPREAD! Lol. Run different routes, have four people running routes. Rarely do I see many slants, in routes, posts, etc.. It's all corner routes and streaks
  10. BigWinners

    Union at GC

    Or Avery down field
  11. BigWinners

    Union at GC

    The full house works, it's been shown to work. They need to do more PA action out of the T.
  12. BigWinners

    Wise-Central @ Virginia High

    Much closer than it should've been
  13. BigWinners


    A Dr. Strangelove reference on this fourm? I'm impressed
  14. BigWinners

    VOTE for the Week 5 Top 10

    Bluefield Ridgeview Pulaski Union Graham Richlands Chilhowie Abingdon VHS Burton
  15. BigWinners


    I didn't say shit about you, you turd. I'm FAR from the only person in BSG thatbdoesnt like you, believe that, and I never said anything ahout you.