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  1. BigWinners

    Union Basketball 3-0 This Week

    Gotta finish strong and could finish second in M7.
  2. BigWinners

    Union @ Wise Central

    Ah okay. Martin was for sure a PV graduate then if Garrison was the last of the Viking classes.
  3. BigWinners

    Union @ Wise Central

    Just curious, who was the last 1,000 point scorer that only played for PV? Was it Jordan Martin? Or was it Brad? Can't remember if Jordan graduated from PV or Union. I know he was right around that age.
  4. BigWinners

    Union @ Wise Central

    That's the big loss I always think of, the game Zach should have won. Other years were less talented or faced just better teams but that season, they fell apart on the biggest stage.
  5. BigWinners

    Union @ Wise Central

    Dude, never acknowledge Central does anything positive basketball wise. Haven't you learned that yet? They could have Giannis running the point feeding to Anthony Davis with Kawhi playing forward and I would still crack on them lolol
  6. BigWinners

    Union @ Wise Central

    At least bring them up for depth, give them 5-10 minutes a game would make sense. I don't know about the restrictions in basketball in terms of quarters or games played, but if it's not a super and the JV isn't playing, I don't see why you dont have a couple 9th graders on the bench if nothing else to cheer the team on if they can't play. Can't win against a team that goes 9-10 deep if only five playerys see the floor unless your five are much more talented.
  7. BigWinners

    Oak Hill (Red) Vs Union

    Maybe Graham is finding their groove?
  8. BigWinners

    Union @ Wise Central

    I'm not aware of any super talented kids that left the program under Moore, but I'm not in the school nor do I know Zach personally. With the talent he had, I would like to have seen more wins on the regional stage, but the GC buzzsaw has really put a damper on that. I would have like to see what Moore could have done with that 98 team, or the 04 team, or the 01 team, but I know he couldn't have done worse than the previous regime. The team mentioned above with Noaks, Mitchell (a freshman then), Gavin, etc... should have won more, but laid an egg against a SWD team they were better than IMO. He has lost some big games, but he has been consistently successful for a decade now. What other coach can say that? In 2A around here, aside from GC, who's been better on a consistent basis? He is in a bad situation this year, zero depth and losing his stud so early. It's hard to blame him for this year when it's mostly young kids and only eight total players.
  9. BigWinners

    Union @ Wise Central

    I do think we can run and gun more and still press or trap, Union exerted a ton of energy at GC and seemed okay so I'm hoping with the kids being young and relying mostly on guards, you really just need to rest any big, Falin or Giza for any real time. A 14-15 year old can play 35 minutes without losing their legs IMO. I mean of course little breaks here and there plus halftime, but I believe we can use the weapons Inn the most efficient way if it's an open game.
  10. BigWinners

    Union @ Wise Central

    Yeah, you can. You can run a more modern offense, with using the three and trying to score in transition, with four guards and one big. You can't press on defense too, that will wear them out, but you can play an up tempo offense with eight players.
  11. BigWinners

    Ridgeview 59, Wise Central 41

    Easier to hit shots when the starters are on the bench lol
  12. BigWinners

    Ridgeview 59, Wise Central 41

    Agreed. The 7th, 8th and 9th graders are SUPER talented. They don't have a traditional big but that group could be special. In two years, when Rasnick is a senior, Jones and the others will be juniors and sophomores and that team could make a lot of noise. back to RV/WC, apparently TJ was disappointed in his team, benched every starter but one, played him out of position, and when RV got up big, he brought back in the starters but they weren't as enthused and just got routed by a much less talented team. May not be true, just what I heard thru the grapevine.
  13. BigWinners

    Ridgeview 59, Wise Central 41

  14. BigWinners

    2018 Arby's Classic Thread

    That's who I was referring.
  15. BigWinners

    2018 Arby's Classic Thread

    Who has the frosh guard that scored like 43 earlier this year?