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  1. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    I'm not a person who watches ballgames in a crowd, or with people haha. I tend to let the ebbs and flows of a game get me, to put it kindly, riled up. HS games, these are 14-18 year old kids and their parents, who knows what you'll get one week to the next? But a game like Alabama at Auburn? That's serious business ha. Im being overly ridiculous but I really do watch games alone. That's my superstition.
  2. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    At least one of us will do no worse than a split, if I double up at least Bama wins and you'll get some solace lolol
  3. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    My message so important I posted it four times ha
  4. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    I'm assuming it's a 3:30 CBS kick, you may can find it driving home on radio. I'll be back home, warm and watching by the half I assume, next time beat Bluefield and we would have to come up there and I'd be the one bitchin haha
  5. Head Coach?

    WTF me? What'd I do? I have no idea who you are and know absolutely nothing about Hurley and very little about 1A football.
  6. Round Two Score Updates

    Is Wheeling pretty neutral for both schools in terms of travel times? I'm not sure exactly where Mingo Central is located.
  7. Round Two Score Updates

    If they meet, it'd be neutral field anyway right? Bc it'd be for a title.
  8. Round Two Score Updates

    eh or UVAO, who is top seed in WV 2A? Is it Mingo? And Gus, I don't think it's that clear. Didn't Graham almost win?
  9. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    Ah, okay. And yeah it was around the 20, right in front of where I sit. But that to me was just Union showing it's physical dominance, they moved the ball thru the gun most of the game until inside the ten then went T when close. I will give Graham one piece of advice-punt or kick off to the kid that returns for Union. He's a scrub. Dude can't make a play if his life depends on it. So you guys that may know the Graham staff or players, I really think you should advocate punting deep.
  10. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    That's not true at all. Union only went to the T inside the 10 yard line. The OL was pushing Marion around out of shotgun with the counters and sweeps.
  11. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    JFC One-Allen will be the best QB Union has seen. Full stop. The kid from Battle had some success scrambling, I'm worried what Allen might do with Union having to command so many resources to stopping other athletes. (Except maybe throwing the deep ball, that kid from LCC was dropping dimes but that's a 0-10 team. I'll give the QB on the 11-1, #2 team the edge on that alone) Two-All this "Union and three yards cloud of dust harrumph, all we gotta do!", Have you people watched Union play? Very few drives are not broken open by a 30-40 yard rush. That's a POSITIVE. Don't hide from it. We likely won't outrun Graham for 80 yard TDs, but I'll take a drive that has four 20 yd runs with a TD at the end. If Union comes out in the T and tries to just go up the gut for four yards a play, we will lose. Simple. Graham will get a couple stops, score once or twice, have Union behind the 8-ball and Union loses all game control. Gotta attack, be dynamic, score points. Call those counter plays that seemed to average 40ypc last night, but don't abandon the jet sweep. Three-I can't see a 21-14 game. These offenses are just too good. If Graham can't hold up at the LOS on defense, Union will get points. Probably 28 at least. If Union can't contain Allen and Cooke or Lester get loose, Graham will get points. Probably 28 at least. I have a couple huge red flags that I'm not even gonna post bc they worry me so much with Graham's speed. It's not about any single Union player, it's about a unit that gave up big plays CONSISTENTLY all year long. Itsounds like I'm trashing someone if I don't post it. It's the kickoff unit. Gotta do something there or Graham could get points there. If you're gonna discount Union being held to 13 by RHS because of "rivalry game" or whatever, don't then mention RHS holding Graham in check. Those two teams aren't rivals?? RHS got to play Union twice, that helps a ton. But it's not RHS-GHS that gives me most hope, it's Giles-GHS. Union can take cues from how Giles was able to fight back despite being behind big and almost win. Union is better in almost all areas than Giles IMO, so that gives me hope while other games (Graham-FC scares me to death) worry me. I'll take Union 34-32
  12. Union vs. Marion

    I feel same way. If the big KO return TD doesn't happen, maybe it's a different game but you could almost feel the wind go out for the Canes once Owens broke it loose and scored.
  13. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    Both teams absolutely rolling right now, and both teams capable of being up 21-0 or 28-7 QUICK. If either team falls behind like that, it's probably over. But I'm expecting a tight, 4th quarter game with a big mistake costing someone and allowing other team to get a little separation and hang on late.
  14. Round Two Score Updates

    Unfortunately so. Alabama plays @Auburn I'm assuming the 3:30 CBS game, so I'll miss first half but both teams seem to be absolutely steamrolling right now after tonight. Should be an epic game.
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