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  1. Region D 3A Baseball Tournament

    Can they even hang w Falcons?
  2. Pro Soccer Thread (Premier League, MLS, etc.)

    Really? You two are Chelsea fans as well? That's who I root for in the EPL. I don't have any other favorites, like seeing Dortmund do well bc of Pulisic but Chelsea is the team I always support. Missing out on CL is big bummer, no reason a team this talented should not finish in top four. Conte needed to win FA Cup but not sure that save his job with how pitiful the Blues closed the season, the last game was such a horrible performance when there was a very slim chance to finish in top four.
  3. Mountain 7 Preview

    http://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/abingdon-out-of-mountain-tournaments/article_c4e42054-5c91-11e8-b74b-abdd20c2461b.html The weather and the moving up of the 3A tourney apparently were the major reasons.
  4. Mountain 7 Preview

    What's it matter anyway? AHS crushed everyone in the M7 and their regional berth is already clinched, I don't see why AHS was so upset.
  5. Postseason Teams.

    Are you sure? Thought it said Scotty and not Carlock. My bad Any all Region or Conference teams?
  6. Postseason Teams.

    Anyone have the All-Region D and M7 teams? All state teams are up. Luke Lawson was 1A POY and other big was first team All State as well. 2A, Mac was POY, Ervin, McClung and Martin were first team, Mitchell all-second team. Any All-Region or Conference teams? In girls 2A, Frazier was POY and first team for RV, Dee was first team, and Dotson was COY.
  7. 2018 NCAA Bracket Challenge!!

    Blah. KU won't beat Duke.
  8. 2018 NCAA Bracket Challenge!!

    Same here. Got Nova and Duke alive, hoping TAMU and Nevada are the other two in Final Four so I have a shot lol
  9. Gate City State Champs

    Damn guys it wasn't that bad, he didn't trash anyone or really say anything. If that was the worst part of the story, it's a total non story.
  10. 2018 NCAA Bracket Challenge!!

    It's a family thing. His brother, Mike, coaches the Rockets and has been a big proponent of the three ball, quick shots and no defense for a while.
  11. 2018 NCAA Bracket Challenge!!

    I'm the CoverII bracket, I didn't think to put my screen name.
  12. 2018 NCAA Bracket Challenge!!

    I'm a game behind ya UVAO, I had Bama but missed on tOSU and Arizona.
  13. 2018 NCAA Bracket Challenge!!

    Not really big upset IMO, I picked Loyola, as did a bunch of people. But it was a wild finish. Now if UNCG had pulled it off, that'd have been a SHOCKER lol
  14. Gate City State Champs

    Wow, that's super shitty if the story is true
  15. Gate City State Champs

    Larry, care to share bout the Mac/Vaughn beef?
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