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  1. RiverRat24

    Region D Tournaments

    I seen where the GC boys will play their first game on the 20th. Not sure of a time yet.
  2. RiverRat24

    East teams to watch out for

    I was just going off of what I had been told by a friend that attended who's not a GC fan. Thanks for clearing that up though. And from what I seen in the videos.....East Rock looks legit. Looks like they share the ball really well and drive the lane and find the open shooter about as good as anyone I've seen. If anyone has the horses to run with Radford I would go with East Rock.
  3. RiverRat24

    East teams to watch out for

    How many times do you ever play to lose when you play a game against someone whether it's a game that counts or not? And would you try to play your best if a scout is there watching? I'm not putting much stock into it.....but lets not act like they didnt come to play. Otherwise they wouldn't have scheduled the tourny to begin with. They had their players and GC had theirs and GC handled them. Why load your players up and travel then go half heartedly? You dont. You go to face stiff competition to have an idea of where you stand and what you have for the upcoming season. The point I'm making is that they arent leaps and bounds ahead of the teams that they will face deep in the post season. MHS, East Rock, Greensville possibly, and even Graham if they start to gel....could all give them all they can stand. We agree on the fact we both think Radford wins it all. ...but I dont think they cakewalk their way in like your implying. East Rock has a player that's doing far more impressive things than most any other kid in the state.... as a Freshman. And lastly.....East Rock football has nada to do with their basketball squad. Do yourself a favor and watch them on Hudl if you havent seen them already. They are long, athletic, and seem to be fairly deep as well. Not a 1 or 2 man show.
  4. RiverRat24

    East teams to watch out for

    Radford to me seems like the team to beat and I expect them to win it all....same team as last year and they were very good then. A year older and they are lights out. But let's not get too carried away. They won against Northside and it's a heck of a win.... but that's the same Northside team that GC got to play before season began and both teams had their star players from what I remember. GC played them very well and I think beat them by 8 or 10 pts in that scrimmage which didnt matter obviously. And I'm not saying that to pump GC because they arent going to be making it far this year for obvious reasons....I'm saying that to say that in my opinion I dont think Radford is in a completely different stratosphere from the other Top 3 or 4 teams in 2A. Are they better than everyone else.....yes I think so. I have lots of respect for Radford and their tradition so by no means am I knocking on them. I for one would like to catch an East Rock game and see what they are all about. Heard alot of rave about the Nichols kid...and I'm sure its warranted. Last I heard he was averaging around 30 ppg as a freshman? Thats insane. Do they have any games online to view?
  5. RiverRat24

    East teams to watch out for

    I would say East Rock and maybe Greensville. But that's about as far as I would venture into taking a stab with the teams from the East.
  6. RiverRat24

    Mac McClung

    Sweet jeebus! Im really not sure if Ol' Bo is being serious with these claims or not......its troubling haha I'd like to think he's just having fun but I got that screwy feeling in my gut..... hes all in.
  7. RiverRat24

    GC at Union

    Hate I missed this one. I knew it would be a battle. Union shot 50% from the 3 pt line at GC...I knew the likelihood of shooting that well again even at Union was slim. Those guys can really shoot the ball though. They were absolutely on fire and outplayed GC in almost every facet of the game but rebounding and the scoreboard the last time. I really thought Union would win this one. Bright future ahead for the Bears though. They will have a strong team for the several years to come.
  8. RiverRat24

    GC at Union

    Final score GC 62 - Union 56 Jonathan Sallee 4 Jacob Hicks 4 Bradley Dean 11 Drew Vermillion 15 Jon Compton 18 David George 5 Andrew Hensley 5
  9. RiverRat24

    Central at Gate City

    61-36. Best case scenario.....Ervin could be back in 4-5 weeks. That's if it's best case scenario and thats very unlikely from what I've heard. If it's the worst scenario I think its 6-8 weeks....and probably more on the latter side of that.
  10. RiverRat24

    Central at Gate City

    It's not just a rumor unfortunately.....its legitimate.
  11. RiverRat24

    Central at Gate City

    The smoke around Ervin is warranted.....will be determined either by this Wednesday or next Wednesday whether the rumors become reality. I spoke with an individual that would know the details 100% and cant remember which day he said they would know. If what they speculate becomes fact.....its noooooook buenooooooo
  12. RiverRat24

    Central at Gate City

    Sure hate ive got to work tomorrow night. This was the game I had circled when the schedule came out....the one game I for sure didnt want to miss. I'll be very surprised if something wild doesnt happen again. I think GC puts together a solid game again and pulls away in the 3rd qtr. GC isnt playing as well as they were in the first 4 or 5 games of the season though. So it may be alot closer than the first matchup. Never know what GC team will show up. GC by around 20-25.
  13. RiverRat24

    Mac McClung

  14. RiverRat24

    Ridgeview 59, Wise Central 41

    I think Union has the ability to be really good for the next couple years. They just havent quite pieced it together this year. Quite a bit of young talent.
  15. RiverRat24

    Random score from across SWVA

    GC over Floyd Co. 65-58