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  1. RiverRat24

    Score updates 8-31

    Abingdon scores early in the 3rd. Now up 24-13 on the Devils. Seems like the flood gates are about to break open.
  2. RiverRat24

    Score updates 8-31

    Abingdon scored twice in 2 mins to end the half.....they are now up 17-13.
  3. RiverRat24

    Score updates 8-31

    No kidding. Be happy to see them notch one. They need something positive to hang their hats on. GC just stripped the ball and recovered it. GC ball on Abingdons 40 with 7 mins left in the half.
  4. RiverRat24

    Score updates 8-31

    Vermillion with a fake punt to Mack...TD. Gc up 13-3
  5. RiverRat24

    Honest question

    Im definitely not going to make the claim that Mac is an NBA player.....im just hoping he does well in college. But to make the Power 5 comment when it comes to college basketball and claim hes not a Power 5 type player.....explain to me what other 5 conferences are better than the Big East? Ill be waiting a long time to hear a response I guarantee it. If he can do well in the BE, he could play in any conference in the country and hold his own. At this point i just hope he has a successful career for the Hoyas and makes SWVA proud....but IMO he is by all accounts a "Power 5" type player. That has nothing to do with being an NBA player....totally different animal. Theres only one conference thats clearly better than the Big East from top to bottom in basketball and thats the ACC. Id take the best 5 teams from the Big East over any of the other conferences aside from the ACC and feel very good about it.
  6. RiverRat24

    2019 Contender

    East Rock along with Radford, Graham, Martinsville, Lee, DR, and possibly GC. In no particular order....i feel like those teams will all be in the Top 10. I feel pretty comfortable in saying Radford will be Top 3 and they are my pick to win it. But i didn't see ER last year to know just how good they will be this year. Martinsville will be very tough and so will Graham. Also, Union will be getting Slagle back. Depending on how well his knee has healed, the Bears could be really tough as well and cause issues for alot of teams. They were pretty solid without him. If hes back to at least 70-80% they will be a very good team. Anyone from Eastern VA that will be a force next year?
  7. RiverRat24

    Region D Brackets

    Congrats to the Gmen. They came in with a great game plan. GC came out hot then fell flat after the 1st qtr and relied on the long ball while Graham stuffed the paint. GC couldn't throw a ball in the ocean and didnt even attempt to go to the rim much. Good luck to you fellas next week and hope to see you down the road.
  8. RiverRat24

    2A Region Championship

    Bradley better show up and knock down some shots and take the ball to the rack. I think the score will be something like 63-58....dont see a 15+ pt game at all.
  9. RiverRat24

    Can Mac get past 2770?

    I think this game goes down to the wire.....especially if Bradley doesnt show up and knock down some shots. Graham is way too good defensively and too talented for a 2 man show to lay a whooping on them.
  10. RiverRat24

    Region D Brackets

    For those that attended.....did Union clamp down on Dean to hold him scoreless or did he just have a really bad night shooting and just not drive with the ball?
  11. RiverRat24

    Gate City versus Central

    Youd think GC hadnt been tested this year by the way people are going on about this 13 pt win against WC. Sometimes a team has a good game plan and executes well and plays their best game of the season. Tip your hats to them and move on.....you got the win whether or not it was ugly. I dont think GC played a great game in the least.....but ill give more credit to WC and what they were able to do. Id be willing to wager theres not another team in 2A that would go 4-1 against North Meck, Cleveland, Fern Creek, Science Hill, and Lakota East. That stretch included 1 comeback win after being down 17 pts to a very good Cleveland team. The GC team last year would have caved after being down 17 pts. So lets not overreact too much, this team is tested.....not just talented.
  12. RiverRat24

    Gate City versus Central

    .....AND YOUR ON CRACK!!! Had to finish out your rhyme time. But seriously though....you really might be on crack. GC could have an average game and i still say they would win handily against Grayson Co. No offense to those guys....just think the Devils are in a class above them. Hats off to Wise tonight though....they played really well i thought and GC didnt exactly light it up.
  13. RiverRat24

    Best McClung dunk yet?

    The best ranking Mac had was during the summer and he was up to #30 PG in the nation by 247 Sports. Thats an incredible feat....... BUT being #30 PG in the nation put him at like #203 player in the nation at that time. Not even close to Top 20 player in the nation. Im a huge Mac supporter but it is what it is.
  14. RiverRat24

    GC 111 Lee 68

    For those of you that went to the game.....did Ervins ankle seem to be doing okay? I know he lit it up from deep but was he very mobile taking the ball to the bucket? Im gonna assume he must be doing good
  15. RiverRat24

    GC 111 Lee 68

    They play the very start of the 4th qtr and then are pulled.