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  1. GusDaGuesser

    All Region D Team?

    We all complain about the participation mentality, but then we want to add people to a All District team or All Region team without saying who we would remove. Seems hypocritical. It’s possible that Player A is a very good player and he didn’t make the All District or All Region Team because Player B was just a little better. Now, I can’t make an intelligent argument for or against any particular player because I didn’t have the opportunity to see all of them play each and every game. I will trust what the coaches in each district/region/all state decided and congratulate all the kids and coaches who were recognized.
  2. GusDaGuesser

    Graham/Goochland: VA 2A Championship

    Technically that’s correct. Bluefield would have beat Goochland this year. The question is would Graham have beaten Fairmont Senior if Graham played in West Virginia. In my opinion, they would have. Graham was playing the best football of any of those four teams at the end of the season.
  3. GusDaGuesser

    VA Championship Updates

    Ball game! Thank God!
  4. GusDaGuesser

    VA Semifinals / WV Championship Updates

    Told you it was over
  5. GusDaGuesser

    VA Semifinals / WV Championship Updates

    Game Over!
  6. GusDaGuesser

    2018 FB PLAYOFFS VA/WVA 11/23-24/2018 UPDATE THREAD

    This game is going to get uglier than that girl I brought home at 3am last night. And the spread is probably going to be bigger than she was. And I had to grease the sides of the garage to kick her out
  7. GusDaGuesser

    Graham vs Union

    Ain’t nothing changed but the dates on the calendar.... kidding.... Graham by two scores
  8. GusDaGuesser

    Graham vs Virginia High

    And will be over by 1:07
  9. GusDaGuesser

    Coach of the Year in Region D 1A and Region D 2A

    Legion Field, Row 3, 50 yard line.... those coaches know everything, they never called a bad play all season (make that three seasons). Got the most out of their admission fee. I vote for them
  10. GusDaGuesser

    VOTE Week 9 Top 10

    1. Ridgeview 2. Bluefield 3. Union 4. Chilhowie 5. Graham 6. Pulaski 7. Galax 8. Mount View 9. Radford 10. Patrick Henry
  11. GusDaGuesser

    VOTE Week 8 Top 10

    1. Bluefield 2. Ridgeview 3. Pulaski 4. Union 5. Chilhowie 6. Graham 7. Galax 8. Mount View 9. Radford 10. Patrick Henry
  12. GusDaGuesser

    Old Richlands controversy

    Did they change after each play or each series? Or did the offensive team get the cleats while the other team played in socks? Or was it the defensive team that wore the cleats? Did they change by position? That would suck if you were a wide receiver who wore a size 9 and the opposing wide receiver wore a size 13. And this begs the question, why couldn’t Richlands or Salem afford their own cleats? Why did they have to wear the same cleats? And how in the hell did one of these teams make the playoffs playing an entire season without cleats? This needs to be an entire podcast episode, like a 30for30 or something
  13. GusDaGuesser

    Q&A for this weeks pod???

    NCAA Football or Madden?