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  1. JDHoss

    Lee Has a Vacancy

    Feel bad for the kids at Lee. If anyone saw the first few years of Lee's existence, you'd have never guessed that it (the football program) would be where it is today.
  2. JDHoss

    Caine Ballard

    D-B needs a program overhaul from the ground up, and right now, the talent level in the middle schools is pretty low. Robinson and Sevier won 1 game between them last season, and that was Sevier beating Robinson. D-B lost several linemen, a competent, experienced QB, and arguably the region's best RB from last year.
  3. JDHoss

    Weather this weekend

    It may not be a slam dunk, particularly if there's a storm track involved, but the 3 day outlook is way more valid. A 7 day outlook is for entertainment purposes.
  4. JDHoss

    Weather this weekend

    Yep...any weather forecast more than 3 days out is worthless.
  5. JDHoss

    TSSAA Playoffs

    On a side note, if you ever want some entertaining reading, go to the Coach T Class A & AA message board and read the threads that involve South Pittsburgh. Those guys are hilarious.
  6. JDHoss

    Graham/Goochland: VA 2A Championship

    Yeah....Appy didn't play well, but on Appy's best day they couldn't have gotten within 3 TD of that Central team. I spoke to Chippie Chapel (SP?) about an hour or so before kickoff and I said "man, you guys had a long trip down here". He grinned and said "yeah, but we came to play." That was for damn sure.
  7. JDHoss

    Graham/Goochland: VA 2A Championship

    Back in the early 80's, people in the area (me included) thought after Appalachia thumped Fieldale-Collinsville that the Dawgs beating Central for the state title would be a formality. That was the last time I ever took a game for granted without having seen both teams play.
  8. JDHoss

    Tough Test Upcoming For Greene Devils

    Random thoughts on tonight..... * Final margin was pretty much what I thought it would be, although the game wasn't very competitive and we headed back to Kingsport when it was still a running clock. This game was basically over when Greeneville got the pick six in the 2nd quarter and the only question would be the final score. * I was a little disappointed with the seating. We got there at 6:10 and there was none. They really need to figure out a way to add more, even if its just putting up some bleachers in the end zones for the bands. *Whoever came up with that entrance for AC needs a pay raise. I've been to high school football games all across the Southeast, and that's hands down the best/most unique entrance I've ever seen. It's not every day you see a team run out of a modified yard barn to a nice fireworks display with a cow mooing over the speakers. I told my wife I hope there wasn't any hay in the barn with all those fireworks going off. I liked the cow mooing too. It's like the rooster at Williams-Brice stadium at South Carolina, but it was way cooler. They should do it more often.
  9. JDHoss

    Tough Test Upcoming For Greene Devils

    Meigs is about 2.5 hours and Knox Central is about 1.5 hours from Kingsport, so Central is about 15-20 minutes closer than Anderson, and it's close to Litton's if you get there early enough to eat. https://www.littonsdirecttoyou.com/home
  10. JDHoss

    Abingdon @ Lord Botetourt

    Pulling for Abingdon, but this isn't going to end well. Ill go with Botty Tot by 28.
  11. JDHoss

    Tough Test Upcoming For Greene Devils

    Yeah, the stands are pretty big, but that will be a huge crowd. Good thing is that all the other region 2 teams are playing at home and that should keep the crowd back a little. I absolutely hate places where the stands are all on one side. You're just asking for trouble with that setup.
  12. JDHoss

    Tough Test Upcoming For Greene Devils

    They rotate by the year. Region 1 hosts odd number years (2017 for example) and Region 2 hosts even numbered years (2018)
  13. JDHoss

    Tough Test Upcoming For Greene Devils

    That would be cutting it close. It's about an hour and 45 minutes for me from Kingsport, and that's if traffic is moving well. We're probably going to leave early and eat supper somewhere in the Knoxville area. One of the benefits of being retired I suppose.....
  14. JDHoss

    Tough Test Upcoming For Greene Devils

    It's at Anderson Co. HS which is just off I-75 exit 122, a little north of Knoxville.
  15. JDHoss

    Tough Test Upcoming For Greene Devils

    I'm probably going to this one Friday night. Either this or Boyle Co at Belfry. I was at the Anderson - Greeneville game last year. Greeneville started really flat and Anderson got out to a 21-0 lead in the first before Greeneville got rolling and outscored them 35-10 the last 3 quarters.