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  1. Suit Up

    Preseason/Week 1 Top 10 poll.

    Then you know who they beat last year, that they’re the defending champions, and are expected to have a very strong, potentially state title team again this year. Probably deserve a top 10 ranking.
  2. Suit Up

    Cross-bracket or not?

    That’s why I said you can’t bring injuries into it.
  3. Suit Up

    Cross-bracket or not?

    If they aren’t fired up for the biggest game they’ve ever been in, that’s pretty sad. Can’t really bring health into it. Alabama’s whole starting linebacking core pretty much has been injured and was against Auburn.
  4. Suit Up

    Cross-bracket or not?

    Luckily UCF plays Auburn, so we will see who is correct. If they hold there own I’ll admit I was wrong. If Auburn puts up over 50 which I expect and blows them out, then what I said will seem to hold true.
  5. Suit Up

    Cross-bracket or not?

    Every week should have equal importance. There should always be pressure to win whether it’s week 1 or 12, otherwise why even play. Saying they “lost the last week” is irrelevant. The entire season is supposed to have equal importance.
  6. Suit Up

    Cross-bracket or not?

    UCF should’ve and possibly would’ve gotten in if: They beat SMU by more than 7 points. 31-24 final. They don’t give up 42 points to South Florida. It doesn’t require double overtime and 62 points do beat Memphis last week. They gave up 55! Points at home to Memphis. I like the little guy, but that’s not a deserving playoff resume’. Shut out SMU 31-0, beat USF 49-21, and beat Memphis handily 48-20 or so in regulation. That’s a much more considerable claim. You can’t play mid tier teams that close and expect to get in as a non P5 team, you have to be dominant in those games.
  7. Suit Up

    Football only part of fight for Louisa Co HC

    Reading this story makes it impossible not to pull for that man. I hope his team is able to get that state title for their coach.
  8. Riverheads is not Galax, and they are definitely not Galax without Peoples. I hope Chilhowie knocks them off, but I would probably bet a large sum of money that they won’t. riverheads is good. They’re only losses are to 2A central Woodstock and the team that knocked Woodstock out of the playoffs, Robert E Lee, who we all know is in the 2A title game.
  9. Suit Up

    The Bluefield Beavers

    Yea a few guys were just watching, but I thought he had the best shot at making a play from the position he was in. As a fan, I appreciate effort and heart a hell of a lot more than pure talent, and I didn’t see it there, other than that which Edwards showed refusing to go down.
  10. Suit Up

    The Bluefield Beavers

    Rewatching this I noticed something. 55 for Fairmont Senior is their stud defensive player who is going to WVU. Yet, he stood and watched Edwards bouncing off people and never attempted to get in on the play. He probably could’ve made the tackle in my opinion when Truck was bouncing back inside, but made no effort at all.
  11. I assume it was there way he tackled him with his hand on his helmet, but they called dead ball pf
  12. That kick catch interference was a terrible call. Kid had already muffed it when he was hit
  13. Shows once again that his nickname is not a fluke.
  14. Suit Up

    The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    If I know anything about Union it’s there ability to never count themselves out. I remember in 2014 Richlands was leading them 28-7 with about 9 minutes to go in the 4.th at home. It was 21-0 after the first quarter. union won 29-28..
  15. Suit Up

    The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    You gotta double Graves and blitz all day. Scruggs is good, but rarely pressured. He won’t like it. But you gotta make someone not named graves beat you.