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  1. 2017 SWVA Coach of the Year

    One could mention Tazewells head coach. They didn’t have a record year by any means, but with the ridiculous youth they had and the injuries they sustained on top of that, I don’t know that any of the aforementioned coaches could’ve done a better job.This is obviously a far fetched reach, but not unreasonable in my opinion.
  2. Bluefield vs Bridgeport

    Bluefield will need to play their most complete game of the year to win imo. Bridgeport is kind of like Salem this time of the year, they find another gear.
  3. Round Two Score Updates

    I’m watching on NFHS Network and I’ll say this. As a Richlands fan I have seen Collier play several times live and I’ve seen numerous amounts of other film on him. And that kids one of the best high school runners I’ve seen. He looks so natural on the field, like he almost glides on the turf and if he gets any kind of opening or a one on one he will make a cut and be gone. Such a talented kid.
  4. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    Graham had D1 talent on their team?
  5. Giles vs Appomattox

    I thought they and Clarke county were overhyped, both getting beat 14-0 at home.
  6. Giles vs Appomattox

    Central Woodstock is getting beat 14-0 at the half at home to Robert e lee. I’d return that pick and select a new one
  7. Union vs. Marion

    Bears and graham are making a statement tonight
  8. Round Two Score Updates

    Giles can’t get out of their own way tonight.
  9. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    Reading about the Giles train horn made me remember something. Does anyone know why Richlands didn’t bring the inflatable helmet Friday night?
  10. Union vs. Marion

    Bunker was originally from Richlands. Had gym with him in middle school.
  11. Union vs. Marion

    That escalated quickly.. You get busy for a couple days and come back to this chaos.
  12. Grayson Co. @ Graham

    35-21 G-Men
  13. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    And Richlands doesn’t have a guy named James Mitchell on their team. Rumor has it, he’s an alright ball player.
  14. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    That would be impossible. In order to run to Salem they would play appo in the semifinals if both get there.
  15. First round Playoff updates

    He’s made them from that range multiple times this season. They did say he had a tweaked hamstring, not an excuse just what they’ve said. But with that pressure for a sophomore, a lot of great kickers would miss.
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