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  1. Has T'well had a primer time since that great general Kobro? Way back Dawg had a bite! Shakn head and all.
  2. Thanks from the gals and Sampson. We be on our way.
  3. While being from the holler aroung the BIg E Ewing. TO me you should so gradutationtude. Giles thumps W more then they eva lose. On scale on 1-10. 10 being a couch tater fan. You be a 10. Not much seems to be with ya. Ask Tazewell what use to be and now is. Hmmm. seems like you'n bit off base. By da way somatimes other teams have boyz to you know? You know? Ruby gal knows!
  4. Hot diggy dawg. Sampson gal Sharon gal won four tickets to watch my rocky top boyz. Anyone with good directions to Knox. Haven't been there in long time. Believe last time sampson on official visit. How far from Ewing to Knox? me Sampson Sharon gal and my gal ruby gal headin South! Corn don't grow at all on rocky top. Rocky top Tinnasee!
  5. I see boyz took a chin smakkin ? Anyone with review to share?
  6. Don't ever let Sampson drive. Finally home. One last time . That team not from the hollars smoked the blue wind.
  7. Jv means zippo
  8. Like tazewell G city irrelevant
  9. While trying to get on right trail back to Ewing. Sampson and I have new Top SWVA 5. Sampson likes union graham giles richlands marion me likes union giles graham narrows... Vern says so richlands
  10. You have a point!
  11. If Sampson don't get out this hollar we loss. Doubt we get back to right hollar we need be.
  12. Uva still sucks!
  13. Half way back to Ewing from EH. What a thumping to blue wind took. That Number 4 reminded me of Sampson back in his Tom Walker days. Sampson copied his dream style. When high stepping in LEE ENDZONE LIKE BILL SIMMS. Let me get off here . Doggone Sampson has us on exit heading back towards Demascus! It's Ewing dummy!
  14. Hush lil baby. Your momma going to cradle u to dream!
  15. Sampson and I are laughing at u dweeb! Giles has four rocks of stone. Because running ball. You have pebbles for nuts.