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  1. UT dumpster fire

    Go vawls
  2. Upped set alerts

    Warriors 35. Galaxy 34 The U 28. Champs 27 Not N upped set SALEM 35. Sherry Ando 21 Galaxy barely beat wave nation so.... champs travelin to far a holler motels sucks SALEM. Like cuzin ol Natche... wooooooooo. To be the man. You got to beat the man.
  3. Short timin

    Wanna be long now? DooktheCook pic b comin home to lan of Vawls. Like ol Dook some craziness comin to Knocksvill. Mr Mike Leech. Yahoo and wee ditties. The vawls once agin eatin hi vittles. A razzle doozle of a pick. Called ol Natche. He proves this message.
  4. Ha ha and hee hee

    Wave Nation play hard. They play pride. Anyone can see they can play cards. But when it's time the one wingers are where rings reside. Trooth
  5. Galax @ Narrows

    Let's git 1 thing strait. I'm man of splendid ways. No actin here!
  6. Galax @ Narrows

    But but thanks for spesh less. I am new man . I am now a DuketheChef
  7. Galax @ Narrows

    Take that back. Not fun ! Pretty mean spirited. All wave nation has done be one wingers shadow
  8. Wave Nation

    We very indeed pride of your run for prestigiousness. Yahoo and yee hah. Next year will be the chapter of Tom Walker and wave nation meeting in the great bowl . Place in what many call west roanoak. I hear wave Nation still lock and loaded. No doubt future bright . Cuz uncle Vern and Ben say so. Btw the gals already left them . Soon wave Nation went down girls met up with two suit case salesmen out of holler called bastion! what gals!
  9. Galax @ Narrows

    Sew the jumpin peeps should weary of sis sports like 1s Tom jeff can compete in. I laff at rowers. Or socker! I laff. Go vawls. Soon to hire man of high integrated. Tom jeff hire a pinto menderhill. Ha ha and hee hee.
  10. Ha ha and hee hee

    I see those jumpin up and down people jump again. Oh Tom Jeff has n to be fed and upped in this mannerisms. Man call bud is toyin tom jeff. Man called FU might soon be Frank. Tom Jeff dad.
  11. Galax @ Narrows

    Univ of Tom Jeff futbol ingredients never much. Like wave nation. Claimage to be.
  12. Galax @ Narrows

    24. 7. Galaxy
  13. 2017 SWVA Coach of the Year

    Guy man from Tom Walker. No doubt bestage job in SWVA. Pine Ears like!
  14. Galax @ Narrows

    My sauces telling me Wave Nation could not stoppage Covington. But the team from not SWVA stoppage themselves....... Galaxy Stars 28 Wave Nation 7
  15. Trippin'

    So dew to Sampson despair over Sharon gal bye bye. Or mildly stated SHE GONE. Cided to go road trippin in the 5.0 mustang presentation by Ford motor Co. Went all way from SWVA to virginny beech. Whaw what road trippin it was. Went through towns . Went through neighborhoods. Even stopped at Sheetz grocery store. Somewhere in town near the town with big star on hill. To my surprise and ultimately heart wrench moment. There she was. All fixin up and ready to potty. My ruby gal. Ol my Ruby gal. Her beauty shined in the sheetz store nite. Makeup galore . Good grievance you smeller from there to here. What her wearin make vikki secrets only proud. Still my ruby gal. My ruby gal. I went right over. Said I did . Where you been ol pal Ruby gal? She stutter and mutter. Nothin plain she said. Dunno what's was up? I cud tell her lovin gone for ol Natche cuz Dookthecook. Then to my despaired state of despair. I look over in the Doritos line. There was uncle Vern from wavenation. Y'all know that green team from the hollers. My ruby gal had taken up with my uncle Vern. He had be 83 no less. Maybe more friends. Certainly did I asked her why. She said in tone I not like. Uncle Vern promise her the works. A workin steel from the holler. His will. Plus a free ticket to Salem to watch Wavenation. That is iffn they get by Roll Tide or someone from back home. Out door they went. Laffin and all giddiness. I bout mad as a mtn lion in Briar patch. Then to Sampson despair he look in their back seat. Good day in half. There they were uncle Ben hand in hand with Sampson X Sharon gal. They all headin dance place. Celebratin wavenation. Sampson wanting fight and all. I just told him hold your head hi. We Dookthecooks . we headed now to Charlotte. Cuz Ol Natche said come on down. Time to forget the gals and find the ladies. Woooooooooo he did say. We both said Wooooooooooo back. I love ol cul Natche.
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