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  1. Dookthecook

    Unca Vern

    Chasin the extremage deem. Pullin his green water ladder men coat out. Claimage a title in later 30 sumthing. I Dook laff my tail bone off. I tode Vern Pine Ears owned State later 30's.
  2. Dookthecook

    Dook the cook sez

    Nod ginst . Jus thinkn there undizpline gets.
  3. Dookthecook

    Dook the cook sez

    Redford will jaw break Uncal Burtle Mercersmitz Gram G Min 24. 14.
  4. Dookthecook

    Graham/Radford: AA Semifinals

    Radford wins state.
  5. Dookthecook

    Graham/Radford: AA Semifinals

    Da Katz winner.. y? Dizzplin
  6. Dookthecook

    Rode Trip of much portance

    Just yesterday. Nexter day after Terky Day. Me and queenie Rube Gal given n to Uncal Vern wishe. We both maid rode trip to hysterical place called Galaxy. To see futbol game tween galaxy marroon waters and Uncal Verns narz green water crewz. Green water suits so uglier den maroon waters. Uncal Vern invite rube gal and me--Dook-- to narz side of field. He want me---Dook-- to meet cuzzes lila bell jane cook. And misery Mavis Truth Cook. Both girls eye tell you eating donuts and cotton candy liken no to mar. After few talks. I knew I had taken Ruby gal other side. Them narz fellers check n out my ssweet Ruby ! So offf to maroon water side. Those fellers had wife's compare to my beauty Ruby. Nuff that . I wanna you n's to know that uncAl Vern teen Green water worsen soccer team I c . My pine Ears beet green water ez. Story tode green water had neer half a Georgie Washington. And only two free downs. I tode Uncal Vern by celly fone. I---Dook---wanna refun. Watching ry cobe and twins water be more fun for my rube. I ---Dook---wanna leave during 2nd chapter but rube wants c the marchers green water. Nudder waste tine. They played on Wisconsin in strait honor hero big brother those one wingers from dat place below the Angels rest place. Off to Ewing soon after. Santa parade at mid nite. I--Dook--are 🎅! By way narz band blow and blow. Still futbol team fall and fall. Uncal Vern just wanna cee rube gal. Old fart!
  7. Dookthecook

    Ol Uncal Vern

    He messin with us's Cook famlee. Spoken trash that green water could stay closer to Golden Water from Grundi then Pine Ears did. I said Yee Haw and Yahoo. Them boyz up dar have a good time talkn trass and awl.
  8. Dookthecook

    31 year streak broken

    I eye vizgin pine Ears to b necks Giles. Down her we callem Giles Green water azz whooops Uncal Vern so envioz
  9. Dookthecook

    Prowd az tru pine ear

    Sez wee prowd OC hour team say wee prowd of hour team frum hi bove Ewing mount. Two lo blow cater dids valley. We d pine Ears. Much precipitation ober a nudder fan tastic seasoning. Dat roll golden tide simply much. Say wee prowd OC hour teem. I here uncal Vern green water win baddle four da mush room troph .. beet low bird arbern chicken wings. Congrads to green water. Steel nod soul they beet dis2018. by way rube gal and I r bacon n luv. Lil Dook soon to show his self. Yahoo and yee hee. Pine Ear pride living
  10. Dookthecook

    Rain already playing a factor in Region C

    Jus'n like Uncal vern....xcuses alda time! Green Water got butt whoop
  11. Dookthecook

    Coaching Hot Seat/Coach Looking To Move On

    JONES 1 and JONES 2
  12. Dookthecook

    Given em Grief Pine Ears

    Playoffen bound agin... yee haw and yahoo
  13. Dookthecook

    Coaching Hot Seat/Coach Looking To Move On

    Mos peeps up thar in cburg sed he nod muchen
  14. Dookthecook

    Coaching Hot Seat/Coach Looking To Move On

    Most'n ovarrater coach liven. Jones boiz or buss for dat fat loose!
  15. Dookthecook

    Pine Ears going

    Baby doll ha ha pine ears going baby doll ha ha pine ears going baby doll ha ha here we go pine Ears here we go here we go pine Ears here we go nuttin like futbol in Ewing get yo red eyes and dunkin dough nuts We goin have great dazzle doozle at pine Ear park come on obr to ewing dodge. Every pine Ear td brings 1000 bucks of a 2019 Ram truck. so give me pine Ear pride that no one can deny yahoo and yee hi