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  1. 2017 SWVA Coach of the Year

    Guy man from Tom Walker. No doubt bestage job in SWVA. Pine Ears like!
  2. Galax @ Narrows

    My sauces telling me Wave Nation could not stoppage Covington. But the team from not SWVA stoppage themselves....... Galaxy Stars 28 Wave Nation 7
  3. Trippin'

    So dew to Sampson despair over Sharon gal bye bye. Or mildly stated SHE GONE. Cided to go road trippin in the 5.0 mustang presentation by Ford motor Co. Went all way from SWVA to virginny beech. Whaw what road trippin it was. Went through towns . Went through neighborhoods. Even stopped at Sheetz grocery store. Somewhere in town near the town with big star on hill. To my surprise and ultimately heart wrench moment. There she was. All fixin up and ready to potty. My ruby gal. Ol my Ruby gal. Her beauty shined in the sheetz store nite. Makeup galore . Good grievance you smeller from there to here. What her wearin make vikki secrets only proud. Still my ruby gal. My ruby gal. I went right over. Said I did . Where you been ol pal Ruby gal? She stutter and mutter. Nothin plain she said. Dunno what's was up? I cud tell her lovin gone for ol Natche cuz Dookthecook. Then to my despaired state of despair. I look over in the Doritos line. There was uncle Vern from wavenation. Y'all know that green team from the hollers. My ruby gal had taken up with my uncle Vern. He had be 83 no less. Maybe more friends. Certainly did I asked her why. She said in tone I not like. Uncle Vern promise her the works. A workin steel from the holler. His will. Plus a free ticket to Salem to watch Wavenation. That is iffn they get by Roll Tide or someone from back home. Out door they went. Laffin and all giddiness. I bout mad as a mtn lion in Briar patch. Then to Sampson despair he look in their back seat. Good day in half. There they were uncle Ben hand in hand with Sampson X Sharon gal. They all headin dance place. Celebratin wavenation. Sampson wanting fight and all. I just told him hold your head hi. We Dookthecooks . we headed now to Charlotte. Cuz Ol Natche said come on down. Time to forget the gals and find the ladies. Woooooooooo he did say. We both said Wooooooooooo back. I love ol cul Natche.
  4. ; )

    Went Harbour House lass nite. Phyllis gal ate my lass paycheck. So she enjoyed
  5. ; )

    Bird Man U alive. Hell dood I jus oderd my catfish and asparagus with cheese. Tell me now it bad. Sup man?
  6. ; )

    Finally the Dook has returned to SWVA. Whe doggy what a few weeks. First Sampson and I have chased and chased. The gals took off on crews together. Never come back . Sad times me and my cuz. But what up with the gals? Shake my head right now I am. Sampson have harder time . He luvin his gal. I lil bit luckier. Fire from pass. Phyliss gal now in my plans. Say whe doggies. Let's move on now. congrads to my adopted team tom Walker on season of extraterrestrial dreams. Give them pine ears s rah rah and s hee hee. Go pine Ears one mo time. Anyone catch cuz ol Natche.? That 30 30 show on es and pn? Wooooo says cuz Ric. If not for Ric ol Dook be the man. But Ric never had his gals run off together on crews. Ruby ol ruby where is my ruby gal? Shhh don't tell Phyllis gal. Well im off to that fish place in Abington. My friend recomminds! See y'all on flip side. Go vawls bye butch and Sundance
  7. The Cook says so long

    Time to hit the road. No worry you've been tode! The Dookthecook has come end of the line. But like ol Natche he be fine. Woooooooooo So who really is Dookthecook. Well let's say he adopted ol Tom Walker. Lmao and lucked my adopted pine ears to playoff city. So very happy for the community and all. But in reality hell I have no clue where the joint called Ewing is. Tell you truth I'm pulling for those dudes. Dookthecook was born way back. You youngens don't know what physical football is. About 5-6 schools thrive on physical play. Then you have few that digressed to softness and titty dancin blocking. Serious!!!! What gate city and Tazewell use to be is steroids compared to the charmin they dishing out now. Dookthecook likes two Spartans... Salem (sorry gman dude) and Giles. Tradition like no other. Titles galore yes but it is tradition that rules the day. Powell Valley used to have but now Union trying to earn it in double A. Not yet Bears. Graham under Carlock was nice. Bye to all my message board pals. Like a super hero flying off in the night. Dookthecook says for the last time...... Thomas Walker we stand pride Ready to fight side by side Friday is coming near Dang if we run from fear Ol Burton Raiders invade the territory Kicking their arse is Pine Ears story. Bye yall Dook go TW go
  8. Week 11 podcast questions?

    Yea I'm normal. Advice! You people at Giles getting to Tazewell late 80 like. Thought the coaches were issues and such. Sure there will be no other Ragsdale. But luckily for you tradition continues. Give your hard working staff credit they deserve. Cause in time your coach can change. Then you may have Tazewell luck. Think about it. Giles is dynasty. Your coach is holding the line. Many schools in SWVA lust for Giles success. Call people in gate city. Think about it. In blink of eye you can be nothing! Just advice. Dook!!!
  9. Week 11 podcast questions?

    Oh I know much more then I like to let on. Anyhow have good one. Remember traditions not guaranteed past the current coaching ... i think I adopt Giles. Love one wingers!
  10. Week 11 podcast questions?

    Go Tom Walker go
  11. Week 11 podcast questions?

    You betting man in this case you a big loser as uva!
  12. Week 11 podcast questions?

  13. Steve Ragsofdale

    After doing much search. His last game was a lose to George Wythe in 2007 playoffs. Jeff Williams took ober in 2008. My sauces excellent. That's Giles bunch up there sure win much.!
  14. Week 11 podcast questions?

    I just pointed out it's way above .650. You don't bring nothing but lies!
  15. Week 11 podcast questions?

    Nope... besides your blabbering about Wms isn't close. Tool!
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