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  1. Bluefield researcher

    Giles @ Bluefield

    I didn't think Giles looked that bad. They were where they were supposed to be on offense and defense. I don't know how many seniors or underclassmen started but they did seem to be missing the type of player to fire them up. There is also no game breaker type player like they always seem to have. What killed them was the could not get around the end at all. It would have helped moral if they would have been able to complete the long pass in the 2nd Q when the receiver was wide open. Bluefield is very good but if they think they are unbeatable then they will get beat eventually and maybe Friday night.
  2. Bluefield researcher

    Things are getting soft in Georgia...

    I guess there is snow in Georgia in August.
  3. Bluefield researcher

    2019 Union Graham

    I know this season is just beginning but my sources tell me that in 2019 Union and Graham will be playing at Mitchell Stadium in a regular season game.
  4. Bluefield researcher

    Gate City vs Graham Benefit Game

    Cam Allen looked good running but not sharp passing, #13 on Graham looked good running. Jaziere Reed hurt his knee and did not return. Nothing good to say about the Gate City offense but the defense looked good until they wore down.
  5. Bluefield researcher

    Park View of Sterling cancels their season

    One of the worst mistakes Virginia ever made was letting Manassas Park become an independent city. It has been a mess ever since in almost every way.
  6. Bluefield researcher

    Podcast Questions?

    If you watch the 2017 highlights (yes I know it is nauseating to watch another team's highlights) you can see that there was outstanding blocking at the point of attack and the down field blocking was outstanding usually by Ronnell Blevins from his wide receiver position. Now I know it is just the Bluefield highlights and the times the other team blew up the plays is not there. Too me the greater question is "Can Bluefield work as a team as well as they did in 2017?
  7. Bluefield researcher

    8 Man Football

    Not true. While there historically has been much more scoring it isn't much different than the pinball machine games in 11 man that we have now.
  8. Bluefield researcher

    Most wins by town

    Park Central was located on Pulaski Ave along the railroad. It is now the Mt Zion Church building. Before it was called Park Central it was called Genoa. I don't know why the name changed. Perhaps when they added the students from Princeton or perhaps they built a new building. They never had a yearbook so tracking the history is extremely difficult.
  9. Bluefield researcher

    8 Man Football

    I think it is a great game. Watch it all the time when I go to Oklahoma.
  10. Bluefield researcher

    Park View of Sterling cancels their season

    Charles City has cancelled their season.
  11. Bluefield researcher

    Most wins by town

    Shoemaker is included in the Gate City totals on my website.
  12. Bluefield researcher

    VA Preseason Rankings

    They were involved in the phone company's gerrymandering of the area codes. lol
  13. Bluefield researcher

    Park View of Sterling cancels their season

    They beat Powell Valley in 2004 and lost to Giles in 2005.
  14. Bluefield researcher

    Preseason/Week 1 Top 10 poll.

    Yes. The map at the top of the forum shows the schools that are included in this board's "area".
  15. Bluefield researcher

    Speaking of Helmets...

    Turn to page 18 and there is a color photo of what was the Graham colors and a typical 1960's uniform. https://archive.org/stream/grahamthe1965grah#page/18