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  1. Bluefield researcher

    Oak Hill @ Bluefield

  2. Bluefield researcher

    Marion at Tazewell

    Back of the Dragon is the given name of route 16 between Tazewell and Marion. It is a very windy road that goes over at least three mountains. It is marketed as a tourist attraction and many motorcyclist come to ride the road.
  3. Bluefield researcher

    VOTE Week 10 Top 10

    1 Bluefield 2 Pulaski County 3 Chilhowie 4 Ridgeview 5 Union 6 Graham 7 Abingdon 8 Galax 9 Radford 10 Patrick Henry
  4. Bluefield researcher

    Congrats to Chris Akers

    Gee Whiz. Why all the hate for Thomas Walker? An itty bitty school in the middle of nowhere (a very beautiful nowhere) that has been the canon fodder on many school's schedule for decades. Every now and then they rise up and have a really good season and we criticize their soft schedule. They are a very small rural school. They should be playing a schedule like they have. Will they win many playoff games? Probably not. But for crying out load let them enjoy a good season. Despite their best efforts It doesn't happen that often.
  5. Bluefield researcher

    Keep Richlands High in your thoughts

    I think social media escalates the bullying but it also escalates the response. When I was a senior a person in my class committed suicide 1 month before graduation. That was 1981. Some in school knew what happened but many did not. Now students use social media to bully and there is no escape when the student goes home. Our generations could at least get a break when we went home. Now the bullied can get their revenge by publicly committing suicide directly on social media or but posting their intentions on social media. In this way they can call out all of the actions of the bullies and get their revenge by showing the world what the bullies did to them and who it was and therefore passing the humiliation in some way onto those that did the bullying. Kind of like "so and so made me do this". I know it doesn't make sense to us but in those moments it makes sense to them.
  6. Bluefield researcher

    Martinsburg WV vs Salem next year

    The game is in Salem with a return trip the following season.
  7. Bluefield researcher

    Martinsburg WV vs Salem next year

    Martinsburg WV plays Salem in Week 8 next year.
  8. Bluefield researcher

    Bluefield Beavers and WV football

    You can add Pulaski County to the list that Bluefield has offered to play. We did scrimmage them this year.
  9. Bluefield researcher

    EH31 Frosty Thread

    I like chocolate on top and vanilla on the bottom
  10. Bluefield researcher

    Bluefield Beavers and WV football

    Bluefield has open offers to Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Giles, and Tennessee High that I know of to schedule games. They have always been turned down. Do they play a weak schedule? I think so but it is because there is no one strong to play. Graham is pretty good most of the time. Same for Richlands. James Monroe is pretty decent. Who else are you gonna play? I'm sure if Union called Bluefield and the dates lined up Bluefield would play Union.
  11. Bluefield researcher

    VOTE Week 9 Top 10

    01 Bluefield 02 Pulaski County 03 Ridgeview 04 Union 05 Chilhowie 06 Graham 07 Galax 08 Radford 09 Abingdon 10 Grayson County
  12. Bluefield researcher

    Lord Botetourt vs Bluefield

  13. Bluefield researcher

    Lord Botetourt vs Bluefield

    But Pikeview is better than Staunton River.
  14. Bluefield researcher

    New Podcast Questions???

    IMO the offenses are given way too much leeway in the rules. One rule that I would like to see changed is that there is to be no blocking outside the tackle box by eligible receivers (downfield or not) on forward passing plays. Eligible receivers would still be able to block rushers inside the tackle box. I feel the current rule gives far too much advantage to the offense and football is quickly becoming a short passing game to the wide receivers while other receivers are blocking while the ball is in the air. What is your opinion on receivers blocking downfield when the ball is thrown behind the LOS?
  15. Bluefield researcher


    My opinion is this. The way to get rid of these kind of hits is to give everyone a single bar facemask, a mouthpiece and a pair of eye goggles. Most of us grew up playing tackle football in our yard or the local field. We played without any pads or helmet at all. We would sometimes get a busted lip and cuts and scratches. That doesn't make us tougher but we did learn to tackle without lowering our head and exposing our face and head. Players today rarely play pick up football with friends in their yard or the local field. It is all organized with pads and helmets thus they never learn how to play the game without a helmet on and therefore the helmet becomes part of their tackling habit.