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  1. 2017-18 Girls Season

    One of those years... I get year numbers mixed up badly. I just remember game details. Another game that haunts me to this day but can't remember the year it happened was when we had Council down 39-12 after 3 quarters at the Cobra Den and gave it away. Council stole the ball from Blake Owens and drove the length of the floor for the buzzer beating layup as time expired for a 43-41 win. I legit never talked to my aunt and cousins again after that game. I was at the top of the bleachers and positioned myself at the bottom after the 3rd quarter, cause I couldn't wait to run across the court into the Council stands and start talking smack, after all the grief I had got from them over the years during the pinnacle of the rivalry. When the final buzzer sounded, I sat there for a second in stunned disbelief. Then I saw them coming across the court to talk smack to me, and it shocked me back into reality, and I ran out the doors to the car as fast as I could go. They tried to get me to stop my car and I sped right past them without even rolling my window down. Lol.
  2. 2017-18 Girls Season

    Yeah, I guess that would befuddle some folks that have never won a title in anything, and a new program like Ridgeview wins a title in Year 1. Although, the majority of the 2016 Ridgeview girls won the title the year before in 2015 with Clintwood also. As a fan though, I would trade it for a Haysi state title anyday. We were so close in 1995 in football. Lost 6-0 to Giles in the slop at Sandlick in the semis after being in the red zone 3 times in the 4th quarter.
  3. 2017-18 Girls Season

    Ha! Come on man! Y'all gotta let us have our shining moment in at least one sport, because we've sucked in everything else up until this year when the football team finally got things going... Softball for us could be decent this year though.
  4. 2017-18 Girls Season

    I was jumping up and down when I saw the final roll in the other night. Hell, if we can't beat em', it's at least good to see a former Haysi Tiger get the job done. It's only a matter of time before Union breaks that 0-8 all time record against the Lady Wolfpack. Just hope it doesn't happen Friday night. Lol
  5. Richlands @Graham

    It's still hilarious to me that Brian Woodson (who I am assuming wrote the article) thought Fred was serious about the whole Graham killing Gate City and winning state deal. Brian's been around long enough that he should've known that was deadpan sarcasm. Lol.
  6. 2017-18 Girls Season

    Yeah, the Lebanon girls have been looking pretty dang impressive. It's too bad the Ridgeview/Lebanon game was a boys only this year. Lebanon could've made a decent non conference opponent to play this year.
  7. Peach Bowl

    When they play Rocky Top at the Arby's for those halftime dancers, I instantly go into rage beast mode, where I want to chokeslam someone through a flaming table like Bills fans.
  8. Richlands @Graham

    I sat with him at the Arby's Classic... he didn't look hurt. What happened?
  9. Gate City @ Ridgeview

    I love how every year at the Maui Invitational, ESPN has to remind the nation of that glorious day. Lol
  10. Gate City @ Ridgeview

    Not a question of who's going to win the game... Ridgeview in a Chaminade-esque upset of course, right @UVAObserver? Lol Nah, the real predictions here are: How many does Gate City score? How many does Mac go for? How many SC worthy highlights will Overtime tweet out tonight? My answers are: 110 55 6 The closest guess to each question wins.... absolutely nothing. :)
  11. Regional/State basketball tournament format

    Yeah... I guess too many folks east of Roanoke whined and complained, so they reverted back to the Supersites for quarters and semis this year.
  12. Rankings

    Mercy rule is a 35+ point lead It won't be hard. Region D for 1A is the BDD, Cumberland and Hogoheegee schools. So, in the BDD it should be Grundy and Honaker for sure. Out of the Cumberland, I could see Eastside, Burton and Rye Cove, and the Hogoheegee I see Chilhowie and PH, to make the 8 teams if it's an 8 team tournament. There is no more West region. 4 region setup with 2 coming from each region, the region finalists. Region D winner "hosts" Region C runner up, Region C winner "Hosts" Region D runner up. Same scenario for the A & B side (East). Appomattox Regional Governor's School, who the 71 point scorer Jada Boyd plays for, lost in the 2016 finals to Northwood and last year lost in the quarters to Honaker. This year, in what games they have listed on that inaccurate site that everyone hates and doesn't get mentioned here... they are 1-6. So apparently they are not as good as a team as they have been. As for Ridgeview, the ship is still afloat for now. They WERE picked third in the district. Abingdon and Central both were picked ahead of them, so there's that. If they lose tonight to Gate City, then the questions will start to come.
  13. Rankings

    A King women's player did that the other night against Lees-McRae. Totally lost all semblance of thought for a second. It happens I suppose. Luckily that basket didn't make a difference in the final outcome.
  14. Peach Bowl

    Skip to about 39:15 to hear the tune I am talking about...
  15. Peach Bowl

    It was definitely Georgia's band because the song was played the entirety of the Rose Bowl also, it just didn't start getting infuriating till about the second quarter of the championship game. Lol
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