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  1. swva_havok_fan

    Richlands vs Graham

    Gregory.... he makes the 2A and Abingdon picks. Hayes does 1A Hubbard does NETN
  2. swva_havok_fan

    Updated 1A and 2A power points?

    They were posted around 9:00 am this morning.
  3. swva_havok_fan

    VOTE Week 9 Top 10

    Ridgeview Pulaski County Radford Union Bluefield Grayson County Mount View Galax Chilhowie Patrick Henry
  4. swva_havok_fan

    Week 9 Pod Questions?

    1. Union's Hammer or GMan's Hammer? Which is the true lethal weapon? 2. Who do Hokie fans root for when UVa and Miami play like last Saturday? 3. Who would win in a Pizza Factory pizza eating contest, Havok or Brady?
  5. swva_havok_fan

    Super early Girls Pre season poll

    Abingdon is way too high on that list. They lost Grace Hess to graduation who was a good chunk of their offense.
  6. swva_havok_fan

    EH31 Frosty Thread

    I hear many good things about Teddy's. Haven't stopped there yet though.
  7. swva_havok_fan

    Quick Question

    Just Graham/Richlands that I know of....
  8. swva_havok_fan

    EH31 Frosty Thread

    The peanut butter oreo blizzard takes king over every ice cream treat in America.
  9. swva_havok_fan

    Ridgeview @ Abingdon

    The Ridgeview defense has only gave up 7 ppg since the Union game however the defense has been far from their best since the Union game. Lee, Gate City and Battle all moved the ball against us all night long. They just couldn't hang on to the ball. When I saw Abingdon against Virginia High, the Lucas kid seemed to have gained weight and lost some of his speed. They did move the ball through the air fairly well though... This game still slightly worries me some.
  10. swva_havok_fan

    Local College Thread

    Yeah, I saw the SoCon standings yesterday and didn't even realize that Wofford lost pretty handily to Furman Saturday. If ETSU can get Wofford, they in essence have a 2 game advantage over everyone except Mercer who they haven't played yet.
  11. swva_havok_fan

    EH31 Frosty Thread

    In Tri-Cities, they have the Frosty key tag that you pay $2 for and you get free junior Frosty's every day for a year. My girlfriend bought me one. :)
  12. swva_havok_fan

    EH31 Frosty Thread

    A friend of mine never kissed Blaine Hackney's posterior for running that punt back 99 yards against Powell Valley in 1993 after he said he would either. Lol That said EH... bring me my frosty Thursday night bro. :)
  13. swva_havok_fan

    Chilhowie @ Eastside

    Has Chilhowie faced a passing team all year? Rasnick will throw it around all night long. I still think the Warriors will win comfortably but it could be closer than most think...
  14. swva_havok_fan

    Ridgeview @ Abingdon

    If the Ridgeview team from the first three quarters shows up Friday, then Abingdon wins BIG. If the Ridgeview team from the fourth quarter shows up, then I think the Pack wins by 7. Definitely need to get this one as I don't see Union losing to them. A 3 way tie for the district championship would suck.