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  1. Lets Go Duke !!!

    2018 Arby's Classic Thread

    No local teams left in the Winners' Bracket after the 1st Round as usual. Looks like attendance for the tournament just took another big hit this year. Other than the DB/Science Hill game (should draw a decent crowd), it'll probably be less than half full the rest of the way. Especially since most of the Tri-Cities will be at work while our local teams are playing. Oh well. Maybe next year...... Also, Knox Bearden & Carmel Christian look really good.
  2. Lets Go Duke !!!

    Slagle out for Union

    That's just plain awful. I was really hoping he could finish his Senior season. I did get to see him play twice this past weekend at Sullivan East & he looked good. I wish him the best moving forward... Keep your head up young man.
  3. Lets Go Duke !!!

    All Star Saturday!

    First off, Congratulations to all the kids getting to play in the 2 games. But I wonder what the criteria is for selecting the kids who get to play in the VHSCA & FCA All-Star games is. I noticed kids (Seniors) from our area who made 2nd Team Region D are playing in the VHSCA event while some 1st team selections (Seniors) were left out. I also noticed in the FCA event that a 1st Team Region D kid (Senior) was not selected, while 3 of his teammates who didn't make 1st Team were selected. I know this kid was really looking forward to getting a chance to play in this one. That seems kinda odd to me.
  4. Lets Go Duke !!!

    All Region D Team?

    Congrats to all the kids selected
  5. Lets Go Duke !!!

    2018-19 SW VA boys basketball schedules/scores

    Battle @ Abingdon tonight,12/11/18, has been postponed. Make-up date is January 10th
  6. Lets Go Duke !!!

    Random score from across SWVA

    Varsity Boys Final Battle 54 - Lebanon 35
  7. Lets Go Duke !!!

    Random score from across SWVA

    Boys Final..... Battle 77 - Va High 39
  8. Lets Go Duke !!!

    Random score from across SWVA

    All Battle starters on the bench with 4 minutes to play.... 72-36 Battle
  9. Lets Go Duke !!!

    Random score from across SWVA

    Battle 66 - Va High 35 with 6 minutes to play
  10. Lets Go Duke !!!

    Random score from across SWVA

    Battle 56 - Va High 32 after 3 Quarters
  11. Lets Go Duke !!!

    Random score from across SWVA

    Boys... Battle 34 - Va High 21 at the half
  12. Lets Go Duke !!!

    M7 Boys Basketball

    Battle won the tournament in Bristol again this year. Very physical game.
  13. Lets Go Duke !!!

    M7 Boys Basketball

    Battle Boys just beat Northwood 71-41. Tough defense by the Trojans.... The Refs kinda let it get out of hand in the last 4 minutes though. Northwood started getting really chippy & committed some extremely hard fouls. The Refs did nothing to calm those kids down.
  14. Lets Go Duke !!!

    M7 Boys Basketball

    Northwood still has the Carter kid from last year. He can score. They also picked up Tyler Strong from Virginia High. I guess his family must've moved to the Saltville area. He's a tall kid who looked very good last year for the Bearcats.
  15. Lets Go Duke !!!

    M7 Boys Basketball

    Obviously GC is the overwhelming favorite... I know Abingdon graduated their 2 best players/scorers. I haven't really heard much about them this Fall though... Wise Central is the "Great Unknown" after losing such a skilled player & leader... Union should definitely be good enough to contend for 2nd; especially with the Slagle kid back. I really enjoyed the few times I got to see him play... Battle should be better this year. They return their best scorers/ballhandlers. But they did graduate a key post player & a contributing "athlete". I think they will definitely be good enough for 2nd as well.......... GC & Union both have a great non-conference schedule as usual... Abingdon & Wise Central seem to have pretty much the same schedules... Battle has replaced the 2 games vs Holston with games against Sullivan South & Sullivan East. This should help them in Conference play... Lee did show some flashes last season. I wouldn't be surprised if they upset a couple of these teams. I don't think they lost much from last year... And I honestly haven't heard anything about Ridgeview up to this point. I do remember them shooting a bunch of 3's last year. So maybe they have improved on that & can make it even tighter....... 2-7 should definitely be competitive & fun to watch this season.