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  1. 2017 SWVA Coach of the Year

    Mullins at Ridgeview should get some recognition, but Turner will probably get it. We will see what kind of coach Turner is when he doesn't have a D1 athlete to bail him out. Mance almost outcoached him in the first round of the playoffs, he is still the best coach in Southwest Virginia hands down.
  2. TSSAA 2017 Playoffs

    Unless my plans fall through at the last minute I will be there with one of my co-workers.
  3. Giles vs Appomattox

    They just had a story about Fork Union on ESPN, some very good D1 players have came through that program. They have had 51 players that have played there go to the NFL!
  4. TSSAA 2017 Playoffs

    If you are in the Tri-Cities are tonight and your teams not playing you may want to head down to Burley Stadium in Greeneville. Greenville host Anderson Co. Top ranked Greeneville takes on second ranked Anderson County. Both QB's are outstanding and Cade Ballard for Greeneville and Stanton Martin for Anderson County it is probably the state championship game tonight and if Greeneville is going to get beat it will be tonight. Should be fun and the Greene Devils are the last Region 1 team left in the state football playoffs.
  5. Union vs. Marion

    That's got to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen.
  6. Union vs. Marion

    If you are going to spy in 2017 there are much more clever ways to do it than this. Get a drone and record the whole practice, set up a hidden camera, use trail cams and probably somewhere you could do it with satellites, if they can find Big Stone. Sending a spy walking in is "old school" and outdated. C'mon Man!!!
  7. Bullit Park vandalism

    I would sentence the boys involved to summer two a days, as tackling dummies! Let some of that energy get beat out of them.
  8. Gate City Football

    Must have not went to the satisfaction of most, or the board would be active about it.
  9. Bullit Park vandalism

    Pitiful just Pitiful
  10. Gate City Football

    Oh no, is it a Sensabaugh rumor or are we going after Stacey Carter. If it's Carter, the only two he takes everywhere with him are the Nelson brothers, maybe we could lure Whitten away from Betsy Hmm!
  11. Gate City Football

    If you think Herron is coming here you are nuts. And if he does I will apologize. ( I assume you are talking about Jeff Herron)
  12. Funny story related to VHSL playoff mistake

    This is almost the same scenario as Unaka last year in the TSSAA playoffs when they decided to forfeit their game, which promptly lead to the TSSAA banning them from all post season games for boys sports. Unaka appealed their decision and won it appeal. The only difference being that Unaka forfeited their game and the one in VHSL refused to be in the playoffs! These playoff systems are just crazy now.
  13. TSSAA 2017 Playoffs

    You are 100% correct in your assessment. The state of Tennessee will produce it's most ever Division 1 athletes' in football next year, and the majority will be in Middle Tennessee. The economic growth of the mid state is staggering, as well as, the economic growth in west Tennessee (Collierville, Germantown, Arlington) it's going to be hard for an East Tennessee team to even sniff a title, let alone win one. Maryville and Alcoa may be the exceptions but that is it.
  14. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    I view both teams ultra talented on defense, probably the two best in the west, as far as front seven's go. Union is better offensively but to say there is not more pressure on Union is a little naïve. Union is suppose to make a run, this season has pointed to for quite a few years by the players and fans. If they don't do it this year it may never happen. Like I posted before I still think Mance is a better coach but Union wins the game.
  15. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    If you have to come to a message board to get motivated your in trouble already. I think Mance is a better coach than Turner, but Turner isn't stupid either. Union has a legit D1 player and they are using him as they should. He does everything but drive the bus and if his age wasn't a factor he'd probably have his CDL's and do that good too. I think this is Union's nightmare scenario, but I believe that will do just enough to win, because Richlands is challenged on the offensive side of the ball. There is far more pressure on Union than Richlands, so much I can feel it in Kingsport.
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