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  1. Graham Clark Resigns

    Science Hill is the only school capable in 6A, Region 1 of ever playing for or winning a state title, they have the facilities, coaching staff and athletes needed. I do not think it will ever happen but the other East Tennessee high schools (Knoxville Area) will soon be in the same boat as DB, Science Hill as the population of the Mid-State continues to explode, I think that the number now for the Nashville Metro area is 120 new residents per day and the population now is at 1.9 million and growing warp speed.
  2. Graham Clark Resigns

    DB swung big, they contacted Ballard (at Greeneville) and Rankin (at Alcoa) and rumored to have spoken to Quarles (at Furman) they were turned down. I don't know Coach Christian personally I played some softball against him years ago, but I have friends who do know him well and say he will be just fine. I wonder if the rumored candidates could handle the pressure at DB, but if you go by past performance all you have to do is make to the second round of the playoffs to be better then Clark was at times.
  3. Graham Clark Resigns

    I was told today that all the interviews are completed and an announcement should be coming a week or so, all the candidates have requested anonymity except for Joey Christian. Christian was the only staff member who applied for the job.
  4. New SWVA Sports Pod Series

    Even though he is not an athlete, Bill lane is a person you should interview. He covered Southwest Virginia sports for 50 years and is a walking encyclopedia and has tons of stories, you could do a whole series just with him.
  5. Graham Clark Resigns

    DB can and should be able to do better than that.
  6. Transfer?

    Let's just play Devils Advocate here, so Union getting Lee's players, Ridgeview is getting Eastside's and Richlands get anyone they want within 50 miles, should we start a recruiting rankings page on here, what do you think G Man. GC will undoubtedly pick up a few Tennessee kids, when North and South close, but by then GC's program may never recover from the awful slide it's in.
  7. Graham Clark Resigns

    North didn't take applicants they just appointed Preston as head coach, he has a good football IQ and coached the O-line, the entire staff,except for Norris, will be back unless something has changed in the last few weeks.
  8. Graham Clark Resigns

    I am starting to hear some candidates that have applied for the job. Sensabaugh is the only one that has publicly said so, but I know of three others, all current coaches in the area.
  9. Graham Clark Resigns

    I don't think you quite understand the DB mindset, Clark has zero DB ties until he started coaching there, the new boys basketball coach zero DB ties. This school thinks it is elite in all respects, they have started a national search for a coach and national to them believe it or not is the whole country. They will hire the best coach that money can buy, that is willing to come and what coach wouldn't want nearly 100,000 dollars a year plus incentives. They have Colobro, and B.I Salyers on staff and there AD coached at Happy Valley so they have three in house candidates.
  10. Graham Clark Resigns

    Does anyone here think Travis Turner would apply for the DB job?
  11. Graham Clark Resigns

    Robbie's plan was to retire from coaching when the new school opened, his promotion to AD just fast forwarded it a bit, He should a least be considered for the AD job at the new school, he should coaching at GC if not for an inept school board.
  12. Gate City State Champs

    As a GC alum, this was a long time coming in Boy's Basketball, and am proud of the way they played and represented Southwest Virginia. Their title in the 26th State Championship in school history and will soon have their fourth VHSL Hall of Famer when Coach Reed gets inducted, and don't sleep on the basketball team, I am not saying they will win State again, but they can get back there because Mac is all they are losing.
  13. Graham Clark Resigns

    Robbie was promoted to AD and Preston Patrick took over as head coach. Clark and Norris are pretty close so I imagine some vacations in Hilton Head are on the docket in Rob's new vacation home and Robbie also has a new grandson to spoil.
  14. Graham Clark Resigns

    Very good and honorable man, he could tell you 20 stories in 15 minutes, he kind of lost his desire after his daughter died. He will be missed but I wish him well also, Kingsport also had another good head coach retire two weeks ago, when Robbie Norris retired at Sullivan North, Robbie coached several years at DB for Coach Clark and ended up being North's all time win leader. He will be missed too
  15. Graham Clark Resigns

    My DB friends and co-workers want Ballard from Greeneville but don't think he will come because of his son, so it's Stacey Carter's job if he wants it. Unless you can talk George Quarles away from his alma-mater at Furman or Rankin from Alcoa, they will go with a young up and comer. DB likes stability they have has two coaches in the last 35 plus years.
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