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  1. Hold Backs for Sports in High School

    I think so people need to be "held back" in life for another year of maturity! In today's world that class would be full.
  2. Hold Backs for Sports in High School

    Oh no, not his again! Every off season. It is like a dang Zombie, you just can't kill it!
  3. Peach Bowl

    As an Auburn fan, you of all people should have seen that Auburn had zero motivation for this game and sleepwalked through 2 1/2 quarters of it. As blueinbama said so well, at home good, on the road average. As long as Malzhan is the coach, you are doomed to being just average and as long as Saban stays at Bama, even when you beat him, you still lose.
  4. James Mitchell is a.....

    Good for him. I am sure he will represent Southwest Virginia well. I hope he becomes the next NFL player from our area.
  5. Thanks Ryan, I appreciate all you do and look forward to playing again next year. Blind Squirrel Picking works!
  6. Podcast Questions--End of the Season Show

    Maybe you could update the kids getting college offers, we all know about Mookie and Mitchell, maybe there are others.
  7. Title games

    One of the most fun games I watched in high school was GC-Radford State Semifinal in 2010 in the snow at Radford.
  8. UT dumpster fire

    Pruitt has hired; OC Tyson Helton (from USC), DC Kevin Sherrer (from Georgia) OL Will Friend (from CSU) he took a demotion to come to Tennessee, DL Chris Rumph ( from Florida) DL Tracy Rocker (from Auburn) DB Terry Fair (from CSU) Fair played for Tennessee from 95-98. And Robert Gillespie is a holdover from Butch Jones. All are elite recruiters, getting the talent should never be a problem, and if rumors are true more recruiting help is on the way.
  9. No need for hate messages here

    That should have been in Star Wars somewhere.
  10. No need for hate messages here

    Haters are going to hate. And haters hating hate is alright by me, I just hate it for some people though because hate is all they know.
  11. UT dumpster fire

    The wheels came off when Dickey retired, Hamilton, Hart, and Currie all have a common theme, they were hand picked by Haslem. There had been a "civil war" brewing for a long time and the coaching search brought it to a head; it was the Haslem's vs. everybody else and everybody else won. ( Thank God! ) Stability is what must be achieved at all costs, I heard a Tennessee booster say yesterday that he wasn't concerned about recruiting, or renovations to Neyland, just getting the right person.
  12. UT dumpster fire

    The reason Currie was fired is because he was insubordinate. He was called to meeting with the President of the university and he was in California. When ask why he was in California, he said he was signing a football coach ( Leach), but he was suppose to be in Knoxville. The kicker is he used a Kansas State booster's plane so no one would know where he was. That is the only reason he is gone. It sounds like there will be a decision by either late tonight or early Thursday. They have a big recruiting weekend scheduled for this weekend and they have to have a coach at least by then. Whoever it is their are plenty of quality assistants floating around due to all the coaching upheaval. It is a mess right now, but not as big a mess as some think..
  13. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    But you did lose to Appomattox and in 30 years it will still be a loss to Appomattox. Good Call, Bad Call or No Call, Union still lost.
  14. TSSAA 2017 Playoffs

    When I worked for a Food Broker I made trips to all the Food City's, my main group were all the stores in Eastern Kentucky, but I have been to every FC at least two or three times. From Crossville to Lynchburg and up north to Louisa.
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