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  1. Man, I can't wait for this thread to be over but it will continue in the GC vs. Ridgeview thread next week.
  2. That is their basic game, they ran the wing T as good as anyone back then, our son's senior season (2011) they had three 1000 yards rushers, and the next year they had three and another with 850. Did you officiate that game Stripes?
  3. He did play at North and they played Happy Valley on Thursday and played at Haysi on Saturday. North had a huge O-Line and they were so tired by the third quarter that the coach was subbing in non offensive lineman to give them a break. Our 165 pound son played eight plays at tackle, and he was as big as Haysi's end he was blocking. Good Times! They did have the biggest port-o-potty I ever seen, it was bigger than some out buildings I ever had.
  4. When our son played, they did a home and home with Haysi. They played at Haysi on a Saturday. And all the players would not fit in the dressing room, so they pulled a bus around and blocked the view and some of the players dressed in the parking lot. It was about 30 degrees at kickoff with a 20mph wind blowing through the cut down on the river! What a day.
  5. I didn't say it was true, I am just saying that is what I heard! I am not at all crazy. This has probably been the low point of Gate City fandoms social media lives! This post went from talking about the Union game to everybody from GC turning on each other like a cornered rattlesnakes. It has been an embarrassment at times to see the venom spewed at each other. We need to support the kids and hope things get better.
  6. I have had season tickets a few times through the years at Gate City, there use to be a very large waiting list for them. I gave mine up the last time when my work schedule went crazy and have never tried to get them back. They have been involved in a couple of divorce cases I have been told, so they used to be a precious commodity. When I go I always sit on the north (visitor) side, It is way more fun over there than the home side. I think most schools offer the chance of buying season tickets, I know all the Tennessee schools do.
  7. Abingdon, Giles, Radford, John Battle, Graham, Union, Ridgeview, Marion, William Byrd, Bluefield, East Montgomery, Rural Retreat, George Wythe, Hurley, Twin Valley, J.I Burton, Castlewood, Thomas Walker, Chilhowie Boise St, Tennessee, Va. Tech, Ok. St, Miss St., West Virginia. Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Seattle, Kanas City, Oakland GOTW: Grundy 53
  8. There used to be a day when a teams internal problems were just that, internal problems. That was before social media and the anonymity of a message board, I don't think the Gate City fan base attacking and eating each other is going to solve any problems. There are just a few facts that need to be addressed. 1. A change needed to happen 2. Jeremy had his chance at coaching because he was basically the head coach the last two seasons his father was there. 3. Darren Reed is not the answer 4. Is Akers the answer I don't know, but the was third choice for the job! and 5. Gate City doesn't have a lot of talent right now and no matter who the coach is they would be struggling. ( Fry, Robbins, Tom Turner, Cummings, Whoever.) the Blue Devil fans are just going to have to wear this for a few seasons until the talent returns and if it never does, well we had a helluva run.
  9. The basketball is going to be fine, even after Mac is gone. Coach V has a nice program going and they will be competitive in the region for several more years. The football and girls basketball are down, but football is the money maker. The situation with football will get worse before it gets better.
  10. I watch the highlights of the field goal over and over, and I know it's going to be good and I still think he is going to miss it. It really does go to show you that miracles do happen in sports. if anyone on JF D-Line would have got a hand up, that kick would have been blocked.
  11. What a dumpster fire Blue Devil Football has become. I am glad Coach Fry isn't alive to see this hot mess!
  12. The Cats better win because I picked them, this is the one time a year I go out on this limb.
  13. Is there such a thing in your world as sentence structure and coherency?
  14. His nephew is my boss and he said Bill had a crowd Sunday at their family reunion telling football stories. My boss said that he has over two hundred stories on just the athletes he covered.
  15. Hey Ryan, there is a guy you may want to try interview for an upcoming podcast, his name is Bill Lane. He was a sports reporter for the Times News in Kingsport for around 50 years and probably knows it better than anyone past or present. He also spent many years playing "Major Amos Hoople" picking games in the Friday editions. I don't know if he has a presence on social media, but if you are interested I can make the contact and try to get you guys together.