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  1. SXSW

    Graham/Goochland: VA 2A Championship

    I just want to join the long line of folks here wishing the Graham G-Men the best this weekend. I have nothing but respect for your program, you are royalty in Southwest Virginia Football and your team and your fans deserve a championship, I hope that you can play your brand of football and dominate like you have for the past few week! Good Luck and bring home that trophy where it belongs: To Southwest Virginia!
  2. SXSW

    Congrats Jeremy Houseright

    Is there any word on the staff yet?
  3. SXSW

    Podcast Q&As

    Ryan Day. Already been announced as successor.
  4. SXSW

    Podcast Q&As

    Why do we drive on parkways and park in driveways?
  5. SXSW

    TSSAA Playoffs

    Time to put a bow on the 2018 season. In 1A: Whitewell defeated Cornersville 7-6. it was Whitwell 1st title. In 2A: Peabody defeated Trousdale County 17-9. In 3A: Alcoa defeated Covington 21-14 is was Alcoa's 17th state title breaking a tie with Maryville. In 4A: Greeneville defeated Haywood County 56-21. It is the Greene Devils 4th state title In 5A: Knox Central defeated Henry County 14-9 In 6A: Oakland defeated Whitehaven 37-0 In Division 2: 1A: Davidson Academy defeated FCA 39-27 2A: CPA defeated BGA 41-21 3A: Brentwood Academy defeated MUS 28-6 I went 5-4 picking champions, the private school got me I went 1-2. Thanks for letting me post!
  6. SXSW

    Akers Out at GC?

    I was told Friday that Reed do not want the job! He said if he would have wanted to be a head coach he would have stayed at Abingdon, he has family issues and doesn't want the added pressure right now!
  7. SXSW

    Akers Out at GC?

    for once my sources were right. LOL
  8. SXSW

    Akers Out at GC?

    I heard the coach from Eastside interviewed and that Gerald Sensabaugh did not get one.
  9. SXSW

    TSSAA Playoffs

    It was all centered around his desire just to be dad for his D1 football son and the time it would take away from the team.
  10. SXSW

    TSSAA Playoffs

    I hope this isn't the last great Greeneville team, there are rumors floating around that Ballard may step down. I listened to the fourth quarter on Greenville's radio broadcast and the announcers that they were unsure he would return. I hope he does not leave but who knows!
  11. SXSW

    TSSAA Playoffs

    The announcers last night on the game spent much of the second quarter bragging about the lifting program at Greeneville, Dorrian Goddard the UVa, commit is said to able to bench 350 and squat 550
  12. SXSW

    TSSAA Playoffs

    The first day is in the books of the Blue Cross Bowl. In 4A Greenville (15-0) defeated Haywood County (10-5) 56-21 for it's fourth state title and owns back to back championships for the second time in school history, they have won 30 in a row and are as close as to a perfect football team as you will ever had watched. In 6A Oakland (14-1) defeated Whitehaven (11-4) 37-0 for it's fourth title and first since 2008, they beat Maryville and Whitehaven by a combined 75-0 the last two weeks. It was the first shut of Maryville in 18 years!
  13. SXSW

    TSSAA Playoffs

    The reason that Greeneville looks like a college team is because a lot of them are college players........
  14. SXSW

    TSSAA Playoffs

    I listened to the game on the radio, Peabody won.
  15. SXSW

    TSSAA Playoffs

    The first final is in the books Peabody (14-1) defeated Trousdale County (11-4) 17-9. It is Peabody's 2nd State Title in 4 years. Trousdale County was looking for their 10th State title but settles for it's 4th runner-up finish.