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  1. 2A All conference and all region teams?

    Mullins from Tazewell isn't a freshman either.
  2. Graham vs Richlands

    That was said. Some of the comments made by Richlands "fans" were more interesting than the game. I know not all fans talk, yell, or scream at the players and coaches during the game but some do and maybe out of frustration. Literally yelling at how the qb stinks, etc etc. is uncalled for IMO. These bleacher coaches that had sat behind us was really letting the comments fly. I've heard these guys before there, coming from a Tazewell atmosphere this was really unusual at a Richlands home game for me.
  3. Graham vs Richlands

    That's a toss up.
  4. Score updates - 10/12-13...

    Tazewell will be just fine moving forward.
  5. Graham vs Richlands

    Should be a good game, I believe maturity and discipline will be a factor.
  6. Tazewell at Marion

    I remember that game.
  7. Tazewell @ Virginia High

  8. Tazewell @ Virginia High

    If they can keep it close they can be competitive, if not then it may be hard to catch up. Looking forward to this season.
  9. New Tazewell Football Coach

    Just takes time, patience, and support. Won't be a quick fix but it'll be positive.
  10. New Tazewell Football Coach

    Tazewell, Middle School coach the last few years.
  11. How do you like the upgrade???

    Nice, well done.
  12. Colobro Out?

  13. Colobro Out?

    My point was that with kids doing different sports and some doing two at a time, it's hard for them to specifically stay at weight lifting in which Colobro was monitoring. Tazewell doesn't have the number of kids to have a solid 50+ constantly lifting, the 20+ didn't satisfy his reasoning to stay. After 3 months I can't see the reasoning of just leaving, if it was personal reasons that's fine but to preach to the students that came everyday about dedication and building a better program then leave is just unprofessional IMO.
  14. Colobro Out?

    After that many years he has the right to do what he wants, retire, quit, whatever. Appreciate what he has done and wish him the best.
  15. Colobro Out?

    Under the impression that it was lack of participation from students in the weight lifting program. I guess with other sports going on it thins out, but I would think he would've thought of that coming in. There was a lot of excitement looking forward to the new season and different coaching, now we get to do it again. Tazewell needs to support the next coach and continue on, move forward.
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