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  1. Can Mac get past 2770?

    Chances of someone playing major ball control and trying to four corner the whole game against gate city? Have they seen that yet?
  2. Region D Brackets

    Don't know the circumstances nor if the techs have merit, I was not there. But how does One ref call 2 techs unless it is a fight. What happened? https://twitter.com/J99Sports/status/964656734240419844?ref_src=twcamp^share|twsrc^m5|twgr^email|twcon^7046|twterm^1
  3. GC 99 Wise Central 70

    What repercussion will this have on the official staff? Sounds like they need to be analyzed for bias behavior.
  4. Missing game results

    Ad got some scores from me the other day which is why I knew they would be up to date. He usually is on top of it especially after district games.
  5. Missing game results

    http://www.cumberlanddistrictva.org/g5-bin/client.cgi?G5genie=367&cwellOnly=1&G5button=47&name_9_2_21_82=Winter 2017-18 Boys Varsity Basketball&school_id=6&vw_agl=1 http://www.cumberlanddistrictva.org/g5-bin/client.cgi?G5genie=367&cwellOnly=1&G5button=47&name_9_3_21_82=Winter 2017-18 Girls Varsity Basketball&school_id=6&vw_agl=1
  6. Hold Backs for Sports in High School

    This sounds extremely nice
  7. Rankings

    Use it as a practice, yell on the court and waste time teaching during the game. Work on a delay offense or focus on a specific shot vs a zone. I could waste a good 3 mins doing that.
  8. Rankings

    I would be extremely careful doing this at a 1a school, This could REALLY come back to bite you.
  9. Lee High Gym

    Ive not been it in since the late 90s from what I remember as a young lad, it is the largest of the county middle schools, I know one side has a lot of seating but the other I cant remember. The floor was in good shape while the goals were not our favorite.
  10. Lee High Gym

    Games will be played at pennington middles school with some exceptions
  11. Rankings

    Rye cove vs Eastside should be a good game once tourney time comes. Next season is going to be a slugfest in the Cumberland. Rye cove, Eastside, and JIB all lose major contributors. Twin Springs and TW all retain their core and I've not seen CW yet.
  12. Rankings

    Central and ridgeview are what I am using to measure the best of 1a. I've not seen pm but I can make a safe assumption they are right below or moderately below those two schools in terms of skill level.
  13. Rankings

    Saw eastside firsthand tonight, they are quick and run well. I would say -15 in favor of pineville if they met on an neutral floor. Pineville is not as quick but has the skillset advantage at 3 positions. Careful not to confuse harlan (city) for harlan county. The county school has all of those prospects. Harlan county would rank in VA 6a top 10, but they are that big too
  14. Rankings

    Yes I can assure you this staff is pushing to return to what they once were. The last 15-20 years haven't been the brightest for the girls.
  15. Rankings

    Ky basketball is on another level. Here is two more local "Mountain" teams you can research and see that they are better than pm, galax, and eastside. Harlan Green Dragons (We will know just how good pineville is based on this matchup later in the season) Pikeville Panthers (Lost to shelby valley by 2 (1a school)) To say they are 20 points might be a stretch, but to say they are noticeably better is a better way to put it. Complete schedules are on the riherd site. Google it hit girls basketball and have fun, don't get lost like I usually do
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