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  1. TwhscoachT

    Old System vs New System

    So Host a tournament mid year that can be considered a state title by All "A" schools but wait you still play. Then allow other schools in 2a host another tournament that is considered a state title call the All "AA" tournament, because they are left out of the All "A." Then have a end of the year tournament that Has EVERY TEAM start in their geographically bracket no matter the classification or record play. (Jenkins made it) (Harlan vs Harlan County as an example.) Then based on history only one school with enrollment of 700 has advanced to the finals since 2000 and only that team has ever won it. (2010 Shelby Valley)(Harlan County had 2 P5 girls players Last year and lost in the opening round by a large margin) EKY pushed for a 2a Tournament just to get out of the mess that is the Sweet sixteen, It would not shock me if the sweet sixteen is dismantled when the all "AAA" is created and it coming. Why not pair the state champions at the end of the season in a 6 team bracket and settle it that way.
  2. TwhscoachT

    2019 schedules

    27 closest Schools to Ewing with enrollment (Shortest to Longest Distance)(Im sure I have forgotten One or two) (Didnt add Sullivan due to consolidation) Kids School Miles 554 (TN)C gap 20.7 360 (KY)Middlesboro 20.9 727 (KY)Bell 26 Lee High 27 749 (TN)Claiborne 29 187 (KY)Pineville 30 315 (TN)Hancock 39 832 (KY)Knox Central 42 Union 48 Rye Cove 50 850 (TN)Union County 50 216 (KY)Harlan Independent 51 1385 (TN)Campbell County 51 1071 (KY)Harlan County 55 918 (TN)Grainger 54 Gate city 56 1161 (TN)Cherokee 57 Burton 60 1152 (TN)Volunteer 62 Wise - Central 63 2208 (TN) Dobyns Bennett 65 Eastside 70 Twin Springs 72 126 (KY)Jenkins 82 Castlewood 84 848 (KY)Letcher County 90 Lebanon 92 Patrick Henry 105 Holston 108 Honaker 108 Grundy 124 Tazewell 131 Hurley 135 http://tssaa.org/school-classifications-by-sport-2017-2021/#di-football https://khsaa.org/reports/enrollments/20172018schoolenrollmenttotalsbyenroll.pdf
  3. TwhscoachT

    2019 schedules

    I'll be blunt, Its we play a beefy schedule, it is this We travel every year while only having 3 home games (cause we all know NO ONE WANTS TO COME TO EWING). If we do get a Va team it is cause They are desperate enough to make the return the trip. Heck even Harlan ky (6th closest school) wanted to drop us till they couldn't find a 10th which is stated above. Or we play teams that bring the money for us to continue football. It helps those games are enjoyable and have built our fan base.
  4. TwhscoachT

    2019 schedules

    Before slamming a teams schedule can I a few questions? Were you there when the schedule was being made? Did you notice Harlan is on a different week then it has been the last several years? Odd Did you notice the home and away series that are needed and the fact everyone wants us to travel? And do you have contacts with the football administrations of those teams listed stating that we ducked any of these teams, specifically Patrick Henry, Hurley, Honaker or any team with in a 4 hour radius of a bus ride? Refer to Harlan. I'll let you know a little info to fuel you arguement, the ONLY team we have repeatedly "ducked" is Union, granted we play them in several scrimmages and middle school. But hey we duck teams cause we suck, not the fact that we are having awesome gates for a single a program. Say we play Hurley honaker and Patrick. The gap in one game will be 2x as much those 3 games combined in a single gate.
  5. TwhscoachT

    Lee High School

    Lee 666 Tw 252 9-12 (around 310 with 8th grade) As on march 2018 Comes out to be 460 ish in both.
  6. TwhscoachT

    2019 schedules

    Jackets would have been the better opponent, even though they have got a proven SEKY coach, it will take him a few years to get the wheels on that dumpster fire going.
  7. TwhscoachT

    Random score from across SWVA

    Girls wise we have seen only zones. And alot of them; for someone to play man the whole game was kinda a shocker and it got us out of our element for a few quarters. Add in some very freshman mistakes and its turns into a close game. Depth will plague us this yea but tthe next 2 years when they get exactly what they need, more guards. This is the boys varsitys year to make noise. Right now they haven't mesh like we predicted hopefully they can by the end of the season.
  8. TwhscoachT

    Random score from across SWVA

    TWHS girls 49 - 40 over rye cove
  9. TwhscoachT

    Random score from across SWVA

    51 - 38 TWHS girls over Twin springs Boys I think 68 38 TWHS over ts (they did win)
  10. TwhscoachT

    Random score from across SWVA

    49 32 jfwa over TWHS girls Boys 58 56 jfwa
  11. TwhscoachT

    Random score from across SWVA

    TWHS girls win 50 - 31 vs Cumberland gap TWHS boys lose 53 40 vs Cumberland gap
  12. TwhscoachT

    Gate City vs Wise Central

    Or Kelly.
  13. TwhscoachT

    Random score from across SWVA

    Dec. 11th TWHS Girls 66 -24 TWHS Wins TWHS Boys 55-71 Red Bird Wins
  14. Northern and Eastern Virginia 5 of the Richest Area in the Country and they want more.... I am not asking for a handout. Just stop taking more. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/07/map-shows-how-much-money-americans-earn-in-every-part-of-the-us.html
  15. TwhscoachT

    Random score from across SWVA

    TWHS girls win 44 39 vs pineville TWHS boys lose 76 48 vs pineville