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  1. TwhscoachT

    Tazewell vs Eastern Montgomery Benefit Game

    Single a right?
  2. TwhscoachT

    8 Man Football

    Give it about ten years it will happen or we will do with out and this may come off as a snowflake comment but vhsl might want to look at the KHssa and start classifying schools based on male populations instead of total pop.
  3. TwhscoachT

    Pine Ears

    Rutledge Pioneers which is now Grainger County.
  4. TwhscoachT

    Cumberland, Black Diamond, and Hogo

    With the talented transfers to Ridgeview and graduation, you still think Eastside will be at the top of the Cumberland?
  5. TwhscoachT

    Darren Reed In

    Is this Basketball? And are Girls included?
  6. TwhscoachT

    Cumberland, Black Diamond, and Hogo

    Expectations are to win a Playoff game.
  7. TwhscoachT

    Cumberland, Black Diamond, and Hogo

    I dont know much about the other districts but I see the Cumberland going down like this. Burton Tw CW/ES Ts Rc Why I have Thomas Walker 2nd, is because you have to be 21 to 28 points better to beat "15" players at Burton. I hope they Win but it's going to be a uphill Battle.
  8. TwhscoachT

    TazCo Cuts Middle School Sports and more

    When does the coaching carousel begin? Also would closing tazewell be enough to substan the schools? Hate to see any school close but that seems like the most obvious target to minimize transfers out of the county.
  9. TwhscoachT

    Summer Basketball Camp Dates

    Coach Myers is inquiring about some Basketball camp. We are having some conflicts woth scheduling and would like to add some additional camps. Can you provide us with some details of camps in the area?
  10. TwhscoachT

    Travel Ball - Pros and Cons - Let's hear it

    Didn't reallze this was softball.
  11. TwhscoachT


    With the loss of Sexton, might he bring a few more from Eastside to the Ridge. If so Ridgeview is going to be loaded and Eastside might struggle after a good season this year.
  12. TwhscoachT

    Age Limit for Varsity Sports

    Kentucky has changed also, 7th and up, 5 years of eligibility
  13. TwhscoachT

    Can Mac get past 2770?

    Chances of someone playing major ball control and trying to four corner the whole game against gate city? Have they seen that yet?
  14. TwhscoachT

    Region D Brackets

    Don't know the circumstances nor if the techs have merit, I was not there. But how does One ref call 2 techs unless it is a fight. What happened? https://twitter.com/J99Sports/status/964656734240419844?ref_src=twcamp^share|twsrc^m5|twgr^email|twcon^7046|twterm^1
  15. TwhscoachT

    GC 99 Wise Central 70

    What repercussion will this have on the official staff? Sounds like they need to be analyzed for bias behavior.