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  1. Yea I would laugh too after your team gets beat by Grundy 47-21. Richlands beat Grundy in preseason. LOL
  2. But he didn't and it wasn't.
  3. Another lose yes but I don't think 17 points is a bad lose, unless things have changed a lot
  4. Dookthecook, if your coming to the Richlands game. Come to row K close to the top on the side close to the softball field and we will have a seat for you man.
  5. Yes we shall
  6. Yea talking about same defense, same team, same everything. Also same defense that held Beck under 100 yards, and he is one of the top backs in the state.
  7. Same here Ryan, the game plan shuts him down. Basham doesn't go over 100 yards rushing for the game
  8. Good thing you did man. You get a Blues win for that change.
  9. Podcast sounded good Ryan and Brady, but Blues win this one.
  10. 48-7 Giles
  11. The best question is when is the last time they gave up 290 rushing yards.
  12. Blues had better find an offense in the next two weeks. You cant leave your D on the field almost all night and think they will hold up. Bburg will follow Union's game plan and run. run, run until the Blues stop it.
  13. Giles wins this one by controlling the ball. However they cant let the playmakers for Graham get into the open. 28-13 Giles
  14. Possible wind/rain/muddy field..... great football weather.
  15. 3-2 is an optimistic outcome for the first 5 games for the Blues. If they get a few breaks (key turnovers) they could do better. As they say speed kills and the opponents in the next four games will have speed in abundance.