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  1. Gil'sBlues

    Tazewell @ Richlands

    Yea I agree it will happen at some point when who knows but streaks don’t last forever
  2. Gil'sBlues

    Tazewell @ Richlands

    Well if u read my post I never called anyone’s name out. Just what many ppl had put on here
  3. Gil'sBlues

    Tazewell @ Richlands

    Well EH, the thing is that’s stuff that ppl said in here all week and I was reminding them of what they said and what really happened.
  4. Gil'sBlues

    Tazewell @ Richlands

    How about them Blues!!!! How did they beat Tazewell that had nothing but speed and good defense and a good offense. Blues had no speed none at all and are not tough. Hmm I must have watched a totally different game bc Tazewell had no speed and there was no WOW speed from them. Blues run them down and keep them in check all night. 34-0 dang how about them dogs. See y’all boys next year and btw 16 years and counting.
  5. Gil'sBlues

    Predictem Week 7 / Weeks 6 Results

    Abingdon Castlewood Central Eastside Marion Graham Grundy Patrick Henry J.I Burton Lee Richlands lock of the week!!! Thomas Walker
  6. Gil'sBlues

    Old Richlands controversy

    Salem and Richlands had the same cleats on.
  7. Gil'sBlues

    Tazewell @ Richlands

    Haha bully, wow ok. Thought this was a place to talk sorry I didn’t just go with was you was saying.
  8. Gil'sBlues

    Tazewell @ Richlands

    7 in the 1st, 3 early in the 4th, 7 with 9:11 in the 4th. So that’s 17-0 with 9:11 left in game.
  9. Gil'sBlues

    Tazewell @ Richlands

    Never said I was prefect I’m not god. Also looks like we both was wrong and I don’t mind admitting it
  10. Gil'sBlues

    Tazewell @ Richlands

    Sadly I’m not wrong, but I like showing when others are. Like you said whatever, we shall see Friday night
  11. Gil'sBlues

    Tazewell @ Richlands

    Didn’t know that Richlands scored 24 points in the final minutes of the game last year. Pretty sure the Blues scored 14 in the first half
  12. Gil'sBlues

    Tazewell @ Richlands

    Maybe they could have but they didn’t. Whats ur thoughts on Blues vs dogs
  13. Gil'sBlues

    Tazewell @ Richlands

    Yea way better, and Tazewell gave up 60. Hmmm ok
  14. Gil'sBlues

    ; )

    Glad to see you back dook
  15. Gil'sBlues

    Union vs. Richlands rematch

    Finally feels like football weather outside thank god.