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  1. ; )

    Glad to see you back dook
  2. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    Finally feels like football weather outside thank god.
  3. SWVA Sports Podcast - Episode 12

    No talking about coach Altizer the dB coach from Richlands which has done a hell of a job with a young inexperienced secondary this year.
  4. SWVA Sports Podcast - Episode 12

    Great week guys enjoyed this one, really enjoyed the talk about ole altizer.
  5. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    Sounds like you should just tell everything the Blues are doing for everyone to see and know. That way they can't win, because your doing a pretty good job so far.
  6. Episode 12 Podcast Questions

    Which top 4 seed has the best chance of getting upset this week in 2D? Who wins Richlands 1992 vs 2006 and 1992 vs 2010? If/when Tazewell County consolidates its 3 high schools, do they make one big school or split it into 2 schools? If Richlands pulls the upset this week, how shocked will everyone be?
  7. The Cook says so long

    Dang dook don't go, it's been to much fun
  8. SWVA Sports Top 10: Week 11 Submissions

    I like it but maybe not in every spot haha
  9. KHSAA Playoffs (teams that played SWVA teams)

    Yea he was and that not saying that Ball wasn't good
  10. Haha yea I remember that
  11. Also agree Brady wins that race against beck, and that's just going off of what I remember of Brady when I coached/watched him
  12. Week 11 podcast questions?

    Haha ok, I didn't know. Happy to have helped out, I remember those years good as a player for the blues
  13. Agree podcast length is good, I really enjoy listening each week.
  14. Brady love the statement: I'm a lifer made me smile big man
  15. Week 11 podcast questions?

    Mance was also head coach from 1999 - 2003. FYI 1999 2-8 Greg Mance 2000 5-5 Greg Mance 2002 11-2 Greg mance 2003 10-3 Greg Mance
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