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  1. jjkfan

    Scrimmages good ones ? Girls

    Candace Rakes Memorial Scholarship Jamboree at UVA-Wise on Wednesday, November 21 3 quarters of scrimmage action for each "game" 10:00 Central vs. Galax 10:50 Galax vs. Lebanon 11:40 Lebanon vs. Letcher County Central 12:30 Letcher County Central vs. Lee 1:20 Lee vs. Jenkins 2:10 Jenkins vs. Rye Cove 3:00 Rye Cove vs. Twin Valley 3:50 Twin Valley vs. Union 4:40 Union vs. Gretna 5:30 Gretna vs. Central
  2. jjkfan

    Region 2D power points

    I can't speak for the Southwest District, but in the M7, teams get points for their order of finish in the regular season district standings, and then points for their placing in the district tournament. The regular season does carry more weight. The only team guaranteed a spot in the region tournament is the highest finishing 2A team in the regular season standings, and that team will get the M7's #1 seed to the region regardless of what happens in the tournament. The 6th seed in the regular season could possibly outpoint the 4th or 5th place team if that #6 upsets the #3 in the tournament. Also, who ever loses the #4 vs. #5 seed tournament game will be done for the tournament, but will advance to the region unless #6 upsets #3. The SW district will have their own formula for how they will seed their four, and it will be complicated by the fact that they have to figure Grayson County in the mix.
  3. jjkfan

    2017-18 Girls Season

    Who is the transfer?
  4. jjkfan

    2017 SWVA Coach of the Year

    There's been some great coaching this year, but it's hard to argue against Travis Turner's team being 12-0 and him not being coach of the year.
  5. jjkfan


    Each region has the autonomy to allow as many teams as they choose to make the playoffs.
  6. jjkfan


    I saw where two 0-10 teams made the Region 1B football playoffs................. Hmmm.
  7. jjkfan

    Grayson co. Vs Ridgeview

    Long haul from Grayson Co. to Rose Ridge
  8. jjkfan

    Gerald Sensabaugh @ Crocket

    It's easy to be so outspoken when you have nothing to lose. Just like everything else, there's at least two sides to every story.
  9. jjkfan

    Future of Gate City Football

    I always thought Gate City's success was due in part to their "in house" youth program. I'm not a fan of football travel teams for kids under the age of 13.
  10. jjkfan

    Question about a transfer to GC...

    So you are saying GC is getting a couple of brothers from? Honaker? I must have missed something in this thread or forum.
  11. jjkfan

    Should changes should be made to the high school game?

    Only 3% of high school players go on to play in college.
  12. jjkfan

    Floyd Co. BB Coach Cantrell Retires 2017

    Incredible career!
  13. jjkfan

    Mac McClung

    Maybe you should let him announce that.
  14. jjkfan

    SEC Tournament.

    If Graham's girls were a #7 seed, why did they play #3 seed Grayson County tonight? #2 usually plays #7.
  15. jjkfan

    Clinch Mountain Conference tournament

    It is laid out in the handbook that was posted on here. For tiebreaker #1, the teams split, so you go to tiebreaker #2. Central wins at tiebreaker #2 because Battle lost to Lebanon and Central didn't (neither of them beat GC or Union, so you compare how they did to the next highest seed, which is #5 Lebanon). The rest of the tiebreakers do not come into play.