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  1. cavalieratmosphere

    Pro Soccer Thread (Premier League, MLS, etc.)

    The Premier League returns today!
  2. cavalieratmosphere

    Local College Thread

    The 2018-19 season is gonna start in under a month. UVA-Wise is ranked 7th in the MEC preseason poll.
  3. cavalieratmosphere

    Donald Trump

    In response to the now infamous Helsinki summit with Putin, Trump invites him to the White House.
  4. cavalieratmosphere

    Pro Soccer Thread (Premier League, MLS, etc.)

    Apparently, Audi Stadium's opening came with mixed reviews. DC United got the win, and there were a lot of people that seemed happy with the experience, but a reporter got hurt and a railing was held together by duct tape. Also, there were WiFi and cellular problems. Here's an article on the issues
  5. cavalieratmosphere

    Pro Soccer Thread (Premier League, MLS, etc.)

    World Cup final tomorrow will be France v Croatia. Who do you have winning? For MLS, looks like DC United now has Wayne Rooney to go along with the new stadium. Awesome!
  6. cavalieratmosphere

    Pro Soccer Thread (Premier League, MLS, etc.)

    A few surprises so far in the World Cup: Germany came in last place in its group Argentina, Portugal, & Spain are out in the Round of 16
  7. cavalieratmosphere

    Local College Thread

    Apparently, UVa-Wise isn't the only team leaving the MEC in 2019-20.
  8. cavalieratmosphere

    Medicaid Expansion in Virginia

    It's now official. Medicaid expansion will happen on Jan. 1.
  9. cavalieratmosphere

    Medicaid Expansion in Virginia

    The state senate has just passed its budget, which includes Medicaid expansion. It will go to the House of Delegates and, if passed, will be sent to Gov. Northam.
  10. This thread is about professional soccer. So today, Chelsea won the FA Cup against Man. U 2-1.
  11. How often do you go on "nostalgia trips" (i.e. all of the articles online about stuff from the 2000s, 90s, etc.)? If you do, what are you nostalgic for?
  12. cavalieratmosphere

    2018 MLB Thread

    Don't look now, everyone, but the Braves are just 1/2 game back in the NL East.
  13. cavalieratmosphere

    Syrian Civil War

    Very interesting article about media coverage on the Douma attack. It is lengthy, but there's a lot of substance in it.
  14. cavalieratmosphere

    Medicaid Expansion in Virginia

    The House of Delegates have passed a budget that includes Medicaid expansion. It's now up to the Senate to vote on it.
  15. cavalieratmosphere

    Syrian Civil War

    This was basically the same logic that was used before the Iraq War. Look at what happened to that country after Saddam was toppled.