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  1. This thread is about professional soccer. So today, Chelsea won the FA Cup against Man. U 2-1.
  2. How often do you go on "nostalgia trips" (i.e. all of the articles online about stuff from the 2000s, 90s, etc.)? If you do, what are you nostalgic for?
  3. 2018 MLB Thread

    Don't look now, everyone, but the Braves are just 1/2 game back in the NL East.
  4. Syrian Civil War

    Very interesting article about media coverage on the Douma attack. It is lengthy, but there's a lot of substance in it.
  5. Medicaid Expansion in Virginia

    The House of Delegates have passed a budget that includes Medicaid expansion. It's now up to the Senate to vote on it.
  6. Syrian Civil War

    This was basically the same logic that was used before the Iraq War. Look at what happened to that country after Saddam was toppled.
  7. Local College Thread

    UVA-Wise is going to the South Atlantic Conference in 2019-20.
  8. Syrian Civil War

    As of this thread's posting, the US, along with the UK and France, has conducted strikes against select locations in Syria to deter the Assad government from using chemical weapons. What do you all think of this (both the strike and the overall Syrian conflict)?
  9. 2018 MLB Thread

    Will the Braves finally have fewer than 90 losses this season?
  10. 2018 Midterm Elections

    Doesn't have to do with this region, but in Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district, there was a special election and the Democratic candidate pulled off a major upset to win the vacant seat.
  11. 2018 NCAA Bracket Challenge!!

    We have our first upset of the tournament: 11 seed Loyola-Chicago upsets 6 seed Miami 64-62
  12. Medicaid Expansion in Virginia

    It appears that there is a stalemate in the legislature about the expansion.
  13. Medicaid Expansion in Virginia

    Not sure if anyone saw this and this is a few weeks old, but a local state legislator came out for expansion.
  14. 2018 Midterm Elections

    Here is the race for Virginia's 9th district
  15. 2018 MLB Thread

    This thread is to discuss the MLB season, since Spring Training has begun.
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