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  1. It might have helped the Hoos some with Bronco being a former BYU guy and being very familiar with Boise State. If I am not mistaken, BYU clipped Boise a couple times out that way under Bronco, and one of those wins for BYU was against one of the those BCS Busting-potential BCS type quality teams for Boise. Perhaps this gave UVA an edge tonight. That's a great win for Virginia on the road in an environment that has grown over the years and now actually has some serious fan noise. No, Boise isn't the Bighouse or even Lane Stadium, but it has been a tough place to play at and get a win for visitors. It's a very solid win for UVA and a step in the right direction.
  2. For the love of God, what on Earth did your last two posts mean? What do they mean? What kind of a sentence is "Because running ball." I think the real question is.......what the heck are you "cooking." Sir, you may be one episode or event away from making you a star in the sequel of "One flew over the cuckoo's nest."
  3. I feel miserable and the bottom line tonight is this....we were beaten badly. A severe beating that I have not seen in a long, long time. Gate City was curb-stomped and violated Folsom-style and because of this, I feel vulnerable, unclothed, dirty, and for whatever unknown reason, an underestimated sense of guilt is present, yet incredible sorrow prevalent. I am hungry, however I can not eat. I'm not thirsty, but I shall indeed drink.
  4. Dude, stop. There was a show on TV in the 70's and 80's called "Make me Laugh." You sir, have just won the game, because I'm about to fall out of my chair. Grayson County would beat us also, so you don't have to worry about the Scarlet Hurricanes playing the Gate. It will not be close.
  5. If GC goes 0-10, there will not be another year. Right or wrong, and maybe it's wrong, but the fans will not tolerate that here. They just will not, and again, maybe more time is needed, but I'm telling you, 0-10 and you can forget about it. As a matter of fact, 1-9 will likely not cut it, so lets shoot for a 2 win season at Great City!!!!! Yeeaaaaaa. I'm going to drink now!
  6. Great win for Ridgeview. P.S. I thought Union was supposed to have issues on offense. I certainly didn't see it. Of course, as bad as I hate to say it, they were playing us, and we could make the Bland County Bears look like the Atlanta Falcons. I probably shouldn't joke like that. I swear it.....I think Bland beats us on a neutral field.
  7. From a GC fan, I thought it would be closer. It wasn't. This team at GC has quit on the coaches. I have never seen that at GC in all of my years, but I truly believe that the coaches have lost this team. Mentally, physically, emotionally or any other "lly" one wishes to put on it, GC ain't there. Nobody is home. May go 0-10 for the first time in the history of the school. It's sad and hurts, but as bad the beating was, I am still more shocked at Blacksburg and Salem. Nobody does that to Salem. That's crazy. Also, Giles is a bit of a surpise. Floyd was undefeated and supposed to be very good defensively. I thought that game may be a bit closer.
  8. Man, ok my friend. I was arrogant, ignorant, pretentious, bad, uncool, unkind, and because of that statement, ALL GC FANS (everyone who ever lived in GC or cheered for GC) are the same as you implied. Therefore, to use your own word on "literal." I would hope and prey everything "is not literal" as you described, because your recent post is equally laughable when you take one person's sentence from one long post, then apply the entire thing to "all" GC fans, and that is EXACTLY what you did. That's why I fired back. As for my post...ignorant, arrogant, biased, to confident, laughable, pretentious. Ok, fine. I get it. I accept it. You made your point. then generalize all GC fans from one guys sentence from one snapshot in time? To use your word......"silly."
  9. I think we make it a game, but Union is just to much in all facets. The Bears are good on both lines of play, and that will neutralize us. Add in their skill positions and not to mention, this bunch is very well coached, and you have a Bears beating us solidly. I don't think it's a blowout though. The rivalry aspect of it and what's been going at GC will have the kids fired up. Not that they need it because it's undefeated Union of course, but there is still some extra sauce on the pizza. I go it Union 28, Gate City 13. I think Union's offensive issues (loss of the QB) has set their team back 10-13 points and they are not as explosive as they obviously were with him. Union's solid lineplay and defense is going to keep it in every game and prevent a solid win or 20 point win by about any opponent, even in the playoffs, but Union's lack of offense is going to prevent Union from having some blowouts or running clocks that they would have otherwise likely had, if their QB were healthy. Union 28- GC 13. I hope I'm wrong.
  10. Call it pretentious (I don't disagree) when reading it at first glance. Where we disagree is on the "unrivaled" portion. That's where you are reaching, jumping to conclusions, wishing, hoping. As for GC's "superiority not disappeared." What on earth would make you think GC fans believe or feel we are superior? Look at the thread. Heck, forget the thread. Look at our record this year and the last few years. We are far from superior on the field, lol. Where I feel we are superior in one area and why I made the statement about GC being victory and what I meant/the context was.......... our tradition, fan-base, support, and drive to be "superior" again. Either way, I respect your opinion and do realize that the overwhelming majority of people who read the statement I made would perceive it as pretentious or arrogant. My apologies for those offended. I get that. As for "unrivaled"? That's a stretch. P.S. The ever-changing landscape is exactly that in 1950, 1960 or 2016 (11 months ago). It's always ever-changing and always has been. Therefore, the perception that the landscape we are living at present is something different or new and not heard of in the past is exactly as you describe's a perception that's inaccurate and that perception truly does, "never seem to change." by some.
  11. I liked your post and thought it was solid for the first 90% of it. I disagree with the overwhelming majority of it, but respect the heck out of least, I respect the heck out of the first 90% of it. As for the last 10%, why the hyperbole? I mean.........why? You had a solid post with facts to support it and I thought you had a solid and cogent argument, then you finish with hyperbole. For example, do you really think if Gate City loses, people just choose to not go to work the next day or businesses in town close, or law enforcement and medical services stop responding to 911 calls? <-------These would be examples of "mammy and pappy's" life depending on winning or losing. Fact is, that obviously isn't the case. As for a "spiritual precious tradition." What does the spiritual or religious part have to do with anything? Where does that come in? Additionally, you write about some of us needing a coffee break or in summary, you are saying,,,,,just chill out some. <----Again, solid point and I actually agree with you, but......why tie in the cogent statement with a statement that implies "we don't support our kids." That's called a fallacy. You start a statement with truth and in the same sentence, you end with a false statement, but to the reader, you attempt to make the entire sentence as a truth when it is not. It is these types of posts that have clouded the thread or muddied the thread (if muddied). I just don't get it. You make a solid post and give solid points (even though I disagree with them), but you finish with hyperbole and fallacy. No need to do that my friend. You made your point well and had the audience long before your final paragraph which turned your post obviously biased and it hurt your argument.
  12. You can call that arrogance if you wish, but you and I both know very well what I meant and what I meant was.....pride in our program, love for our program, etc. But, if you wish to cheerypick and take it out of context, then that is fine also. Like one poster wrote in the thread, "we aren't used to losing." I think a few folks, (not all or not even most) but a few have realized with this thread that folks at GC are serious about their program and dedicated to it. This is what the thread tells me. I don't see a pile of crap or garbage or much in-fighting. I see a bunch of people that love GC football and you know what, a neutral non-biased person who could or would read the entire thread would likely reach the same conclusion.
  13. In response to your post. I respect it, but disagree with most of it. On point 1. I disagree, plain and simple. This is SWVA Sports, not the LPD board or MD board, and the behavior has been very reasonable and the discussion civil. What little Johnny and Jimmy do in grade 4 and room number 2 doesn't justify or make right or make wrong what little Tommy does in room 5. Regarding Akers being "ran off," that in an of itself is already an invalid description, if in fact he doesn't last. I love the label you have already placed on it. GC can do BETTER than most other schools in the coaching hires; therefore, whether we get Colobro back or not is not the point. The point is, our tradition and history allows us to do better, and the assumption of us getting an "unproven young buck who has proven nothing" is your opinion. It's also a faulty one. Do you really believe Gate City doesn't have any Tony Palmers (using a Graham analogy since you are a Graham fan and Graham has had a resurgence with the new Coach)? Remember, Gate City has MORE Tony Palmers to pick from because we are Gate City, if you wish to use that analogy. We will be fine with the coaching department. On point 2. A "declaration of victory." LOL, GC is victory. It doesn't need much declaring, but again, I disagree with you on the "crap show of 8 pages in the last year." It's a message board. This means.....people actually leave and post messages. Again, not one new thread started from the current one and nobody from GC lashing out towards non-GC fans. GC fans have not hurt one person, including you. You could take any thread on any message board in the United States and say, "what a crap thread." That's your opinion, but again, you seem to have been heavily involved, yet you are not a GC fan. That again tells me, you have some animosity or some distaste for GC. I don't have any idea why, again, nobody from GC has done anything to you, so why the distaste? It just doesn't make much sense. On point 3. You need to change your profession if you think or say or write, "past conduct or behavior is not an indicator of future performance." Fact is and statistically proven, past conduct or behavior is actually an incredibly valuable predictor of IMMEDIATE future performance. Additionally, don't think in "all or none" or "black and white" terms as something can be slightly in the middle of a paradigm. For example, past conduct or behavior doesn't absolutely and 100% of the time indicate future performance. The other part of that equation is NOT true in that........past behavior or conduct NEVER effects future performance. You see, the answer truly rests somewhere in the middle, but the thing for GC's history isn't in the middle. It's at the top, so the launching point for the equation favors GC COMPARED to the overwhelming majority of other SWVA teams. On point 4. Gate City will certainly need some luck tonight, but as for "attention in the community" (as if there are riots in the streets or the buildings are decaying) as you hyperbolize the situation, we again disagree on that to. GC is fine and will be just fine.
  14. I made the trip there and remember we brought everything but Charcoal. We went to some Delimart (forget the name) and they were sold out. The guy told us GC fans had already came and grabbed it up. He told us about another "deli-type mart" (I can't remember the name) of similar size and name, so we drove there and same thing.....nothing. We drove through Davenport and all the way to Honaker and got some charcoal. We didn't have GPS and only went by what some of the locals told us. We made it Honaker from Sandlick in 30 minutes and were back in 30, and in plenty time to fire up the grill and watch the game. I believe it was 2001. If you want some deep history (for Haysi fans) read up on your 1969 match with GC in the regional finals.
  15. This thread turned into a discussion about the status and future of Gate City football with some agreements and some disagreements. The discussion has been largely civil in nature.It's largely been non-GC folks in this thread acting as talking heads in some posts or attempting to stoke the flames or make something worse than what it is. With the amount of input from the GC fans in this thread, it would be difficult to have a more civil discussion on a message board in my opinion. This again shows that GC is class. Comparing GC to Hurley and Tazewell is comical. "We ain't the same." We've actually won forever and ever until just a few years ago. GC will be back. There's no denying that, and for all GC fans who have posted in this thread, I thank you for your thoughts and honest opinions and the discussions which were heated at times, but overall, the discourse was pretty solid and done with class. Regarding one poster's comments about "removing coaches" sheds little light on the issue. Removing is an afterthought of the root. The root is.......the hiring decisions. This is where Tazewell has struggled over the years. It's not who they have removed. It's who they have hired, yet that is a much more difficult discussion and problem with large sets of variables. Additionally, a hiring is more private and hidden more behind the public eye compared to a firing or removal. My point is, careful who you hire. Additionally, when Colobro was hired back at Tazewell (finally a good decision on their part in many years) there were already concerns about the offense he ran and questions within days about the subject.<-----strictly hearsay and opinion, but what I was told by two folks that live in Tazewell. Immediately, Colobro came to his senses and realized, this isn't the old Tazewell he was accustomed to. Regardless of these matters, Gate City could hire, fire or remove 5 coaches in the next 5 years and GC and Tazewell are still......not the same. Rings get a little old, but you can polish them up. State Title Banners can be reprinted. In summary, state titles, regional titles, district titles, and the rest don't go away. That's the difference and the two are not the same, whether a non-GC fan "wants" those two to be the same or not. Wishing something, and something being a certain way aren't the same. So, for the rest of the fans not from GC who have tried to make mountains from anthills, you have lost. Chalk that up in your history as yet, another loss to the Big Blue. I want to be clear that I am talking only about some fans who have attempted to make this thread seem more negative than it is. I am certainly not implying that all or even most non GC fans did that in this thread. There were only a few, but that few had a loud voice. GC fans, I thank you for the discussion and thoughts and whether we agree or disagree, we all want GC to win again, and that internal desire and fandom is what has made GC so great for a long time. That internal desire and fandom is what separates us from the rest. It's exactly why a team like GC can never truly "stay down." It's just not possible. Its a blimp in the radar screen in a short moment in time. I will not be here in 2050, but by 2050, the Gate will have added more state titles to the collection than the overwhelming majority of the rest of the teams/schools in SWVA from now until 2050. Why? History is a good teacher, but tradition and a desire to win is an even greater teacher and predictor, those things haven't changed at GC, no matter how down we seem to be or what the record is, or what the situation looks like at this moment in time, the underlying things that have made us "different" from the rest haven't changed. They are still in GC (and somewhat across the border in TN of course, lol). Go Big Blue