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  1. Gridiron60

    All Region selections

    Agreed but I am biased. I don't begrudge any player that made the team, however, it is definitely a flawed process it seems.
  2. Gridiron60

    SWVA Sports Podcast - Episode 46

    Great job guys! Enjoyed listening to the Podcasts this season! I declare Brady champion because he picked the champion and that should count for double 😂 Just tryin' to help a brother out! Final Note: Tony Palmer is a class act! It's for real and not for show! 🏆
  3. Gridiron60

    Congratulations to the 2018 All Region 1D Teams

    Congratulations to all those recognized. 👍🏻
  4. Gridiron60


    Now, now boys play nice.
  5. Gridiron60

    All Region D Team?

    Agreed, congratulations to those that were recognized.
  6. Gridiron60

    All Region D Team?

    I get the spreading it around but on the other hand recognition should go to the superior players. A lot of folks these days have that "participation trophy" mentality. It's a situation, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't...so let's opt for spreading it around. That makes more people feel good.
  7. Gridiron60

    All Region D Team?

    He performed a whole season worth in a half a season compared to a lot of other defensive players from other teams...just sayin'
  8. Gridiron60

    All Region D Team?

    IMO, Sesco from Graham should have been recognized for OL but as I said, IMO. Edwards was a beast on defense but I get he wasn't there at the beginning of the season. I'm sure he'll make the cut next year if he stays healthy.
  9. Gridiron60


    Don't crickets hibernate? I never hear them chirping in winter.
  10. Gridiron60

    Graham/Goochland: VA 2A Championship

    Here's a little tidbit per Tim Hayes that showed up on social media: "On this day in 2006, Richlands won the VHSL Group AA, Division 3 football championship with a 29-28 win over Rockbridge County. It capped a perfect 14-0 season in which the Blue Tornado averaged 46.6 points per game. (Photo by David Crigger/Bristol Herald Courier) " I guarantee Dennis Palmer as Richlands Defensive Coordinator in 2006 would have laughed if somebody told him back then that his third state championship would come as an assistant at Graham in 2018.
  11. Gridiron60

    2018-19 SW VA boys basketball schedules

    @Ryan4VTI understand why Blues' girls aren't playing tough teams like Union & Bluefield but the boys have seasoned players and veteran coach. Do boys & girls teams have to play same schools?
  12. Gridiron60

    2018-19 SW VA girls basketball schedules

    Thanks for keeping me straight! I noticed unless I overlooked it which is possible, they don't play Union or Bluefield like they used to either.
  13. Gridiron60

    Graham/Goochland: VA 2A Championship

    Well, that's not much more then, guess my eyeballs were frozen shut or something. Or I'm just a really bad estimator.
  14. Gridiron60

    Graham/Goochland: VA 2A Championship

    It looked like they had about double the players compared to Graham. I don't know exact numbers but definitely more!
  15. Gridiron60

    Graham/Goochland: VA 2A Championship

    Many Bluefield Beavers supported Graham on Saturday. Many GMen fans supported Beaver last year and this go around. Having both a state champion and runner up in 2018 is great for the Bluefields! Graham and Beaver had tremendous seasons! They are the best in our coverage area, no doubt! I think both will be in the mix next year and until they play that first game of 2019 season, can we all just get along and be happy for both team's success? With that, go GMen come August 2019!