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  1. Gridiron60

    2D Power Points (VHSL Helper)

    Provided Grayson loses at least one of the last two games, Graham probably finishes 3rd but I'm no expert on these scenarios.
  2. Gridiron60

    VOTE Week 10 Top 10

    1. Bluefield 2. Graham (I would like to have seen this week's Graham play Bluefield again, don't think it would be the same story). 3. Pulaski County 4. Chilhowie 5. Abingdon 6. Ridgeview 7. Union 8. Galax 9, Patrick Henry 10. Radford
  3. Gridiron60

    Richlands vs Graham

    Totally agree! Kudos to Rex as well! Defense apparently shut them down according to Bluefield paper. Hate I had to work, would have loved to seen the game.
  4. Gridiron60

    Richlands vs Graham

    I only stated basically three facts. 1. Mance "got rid" (which as head coach is his prerogative). 2. Ronnie Davis, Palmer's half brother is the defensive coordinator. 3. Palmer was defensive coordinator for several years at Richlands. I'm not throwing shade at anyone just thinking it was a good win for GMen and Palmer as a new assistant there. As far as the Richlands football team, it's a shame some people (social media) not the family are bashing the entire team and program over the bullying and athletes receiving special treatment at RHS. I think most fingers are being pointed at the administration. There's an investigation & hopefully the truth comes out and this tragedy is a catalyst for positive change not only at Richlands but other area schools.
  5. Gridiron60

    Richlands vs Graham

    He fired him after he had coached , what 25 years or more for Richlands, most of that as defensive coordinator and then replaced him as defensive coordinator with Palmer's own brother.
  6. Gridiron60

    Richlands vs Graham

    I'm saying having former Richlands DC on staff at Graham has helped too! I knew he would help Tony & guys with Richlands. Probably the sweetest victory of his coaching career after the way Mance did him. Sounds like defense shut down Richlsnds tonight! Glad the boys rocked it tonight and got it together finally, peaking now is good . Hate I missed what appears to be their best performance this year thus far. Congratulations coaches & team! Sending prayers up for the community of Richlands and the family of boy that died.
  7. Gridiron60

    Richlands vs Graham

    Working & can't listen, Update?
  8. Gridiron60

    Keep Richlands High in your thoughts

    Such a tragedy! No child should ever feel as though suicide is his only out. According to a family member's public comment on Facebook, the bullying was reported more than once and never addressed and eluded to the fact that kids with certain last names or star athletes don't get in trouble at that school. I could post screen shot but it's all out there for anyone who cares to read it. What a shame that nothing was done and an innocent life lost because of bullying. If any good comes of it, maybe this will open the eyes of some who have the power to stop it. I think every school should have a zero tolerance policy for bullying and strictly enforce it. With that said, prayers for this young man's family and his friends. For those from Tazewell County here is a link to petition related to stricter consequences for bullying. Our school board needs to step up to do better by our kids in this area. Hold adults in charge, bullies, and parents of bullies accountable regardless of one's community standing. Please speak out and sign the petition. https://www.change.org/p/tazewell-county-stricter-consequences-for-bullying-in-all-schools/w?source_location=notifications_page From: Clifford Allen (FB) "In light of the recent tragedy there is going to be a community meeting on October 28th at 7 o'clock at City on A Hill church located right beside the Tazewell county country club all concerned parents community leaders Pastors anybody who wants to help Push Back Against Bullying please help us get the word so we can move forward together as a community and change our children's future for the better!! Share Share Share."
  9. Gridiron60

    Prayers needed

    Prayers for him.
  10. Gridiron60

    VOTE Week 9 Top 10

    1. Bluefield 2. Pulaski County 3. Ridgeview 4. Union 5. Chilhowie 6. Graham 7. Abingdon 8. Mount View 9. Patrick Henry 10. Galax
  11. Gridiron60

    Richlands vs Graham

    Graham by a TD.
  12. Gridiron60

    10-12-18 Football Score Updates

    I don't see any of those undefeated teams beating Bluefield. Pulaski Co. might give them a contest but they're not undefeated. I say Cougars beat each of those four too.
  13. Gridiron60

    10-12-18 Football Score Updates

    To say the least , biggest upset this season on this board. I admittedly don't know much about LB but I figured It would be close.
  14. Gridiron60

    10-12-18 Football Score Updates

    Sometimes a loss before playoffs is not a bad thing for a team that has dominated every other opponent.
  15. Gridiron60

    Graham @ Virginia High

    Prayers for this young man. Hate to see any player get hurt.