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  1. Gridiron60

    BOYS District Standings (Region 1D and 2D Teams ONLY)

    Bland County sweeps George Wythe in regular season. WVU signee (for baseball) Jake Watters surpassed 1,500 last night (1519 points) HS career prior to tournaments.
  2. Gridiron60

    GIRLS District Standings (Region 1D and 2D teams ONLY)

    Okay just by a bit then, I believe in an earlier post I said VA High and Lebanon were the only decent girls' teams in SWD. I stand by my assertion the overall SWD girls basketball is weak in comparison to Mountain 7 while not taking anything away from the previously mentioned SWD teams.
  3. Gridiron60

    Garrett Amburgey BHC Prep Coach of the Year

    I feel like Tony Palmer & staff should have got it but Amburgey is also deserving. Congratulations to him.
  4. Gridiron60

    GIRLS District Standings (Region 1D and 2D teams ONLY)

    I said most teams in Mountain 7, Abingdon is one team. VA High is by far the best in SWD though. Mountain 7 is stronger overall than SWD. SWD is weak in girls and boys with exception of about three teams, one of those being VH girls.
  5. Gridiron60

    GIRLS District Standings (Region 1D and 2D teams ONLY)

    There's no way a Tazewell team that beat Honaker would ever beat a Mountain 7 team such as Ridgeview, IMO. The best teams in SWD, VA High & Lebanon would have a hard time beating most teams in Mountain 7. SWD is weak.
  6. Gridiron60

    GIRLS District Standings (Region 1D and 2D teams ONLY)

    No offense intended but how did Tazewell girls beat Honaker?
  7. Gridiron60

    BOYS District Standings (Region 1D and 2D Teams ONLY)

    Boys and girls truthfully.
  8. Gridiron60

    Bluefield Beaver

    Sending up prayers. Graham & Richlands players came together after game tonight to pray for Tony.
  9. Gridiron60

    Graham @ Richlands.

    They could have won by 40 or 50 had they not worked on that halfcourt offense first three quarters, lol. What a sad state of affairs for Richlands girls to lose to G-Girls who hadn't won a regular season game until tonight. Richlands had a respectable lead a couple times. I didn't think Graham girls would win a game this season, I stand corrected.
  10. Gridiron60

    Oak Hill (Red) Vs Union

    Bland County beat George Wythe last week.
  11. Gridiron60

    Random score from across SWVA

    Bland County beat George Wythe last night. Ouch!
  12. Gridiron60

    Radford vs Graham?

    Graham is still working out some kinks. Definitely helped having Meadows boy being able to play, they beat Grayson handily but it wasn't an impressive game on their part. I think they'll continue to improve though but they're really missing Martin & Dalton.
  13. Gridiron60

    Zac Ervin 2000

    How is Ervin's defense this year? Taking nothing away from McClung because he is phenomenal but I felt like after seeing him play in person more than once last year, his defensive game was weaker in comparison to his offensive game but that's my opinion, others may feel different.
  14. Gridiron60

    Radford vs Graham?

    Radford is that good! They beat George Wythe 74-39 tonight.
  15. Gridiron60

    Radford vs Graham?

    Graham had poor decisions when taking shots and couldn't capitalize on turnovers etc. It was fast paced entire game. There were several times when it looked like Graham was going to really close the gap but Radford answered every time. Radford had three players on fire tonight, PJ, Cam, & Q. I look for Graham to improve but honestly not sure they'll go as far this year as last.