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  1. TazCo Cuts Middle School Sports and more

    It's a sad state of affairs if the current slate of school board members pass this with the budget.
  2. TazCo Cuts Middle School Sports and more

    I'm at a loss as to the idiocy of this school board.
  3. TazCo Cuts Middle School Sports and more

    Bravo, Tazewell County School Board! You've mismanaged our county into this problem and now the kids and adults who already end up in red if you count their hours compared to the supplement will suffer. Why don't you look at administrative, central office, & school board salaries? Shameful is the best word I can think of right now. Before anyone says drop in enrollment is the cause, most counties in SWVA are experiencing this but I haven't seen middle school sports cut or coaching supplements eliminated. TCSB members need voted out, period! Stepping down from my soap box.
  4. 7 on 7's

    Definitely agree QB switch isxa great decision! What teams did they play at UVA-Wise? Top caliber?
  5. 2018 outlook region wide

    Richlands being known as a defensive powerhouse since 90s , makes me hopeful for what he can bring to the table as far as defense for GMen. The defensive line last year was weak a lot of the time, maybe he can help shore up that area. I'm taking for granted he's helping with defense. Should be an interesting match up this year with Blues & GMen. Looking forward to a great game.
  6. 2018 outlook region wide

    Heard Graham also picked up the former Richlands Defensive Coordinator.
  7. 2018 outlook region wide

    Technically, Graham got a player back that should rightly be at Graham rather than picking up a Richlands boy, lol.
  8. 7 on 7's

    Heard Mance has replaced Brown as quarterback with Moir permanently, not sure if it's true or just speculation but I think after last season, it's a smart move if he did.
  9. Which schools are already signed up?
  10. 2A softball

    I believe she would have been fine considering she's played travel ball for years and many back to back games. They could have forfeited and let all the girls rest.
  11. 2018 outlook region wide

    I don't disagree with your points. My opinion only , which counts for very little but Richlands isn't the caliber that they used to be but they may recruit some talent from Hurley, Honaker, or maybe there's another Johnson coming out of WV. I say they have a decent season but yes, depth is lacking in region in many sports not just football. I'm actually not hearing anything but some people are more than willing to take the bait. All in good fun.
  12. Tazewell Freshman-Jayden Taylor Defensive MVP

    Congratulations, Jayden!!!
  13. 2018 outlook region wide

    I'm hearing bad.
  14. 2018 outlook region wide

    Word on the street is Graham coaching staff has added some Blue Tornado blood. Should definitely be an interesting season. Tazewell may surprise some people. They held Richlands till 4th quarter last year, ran out of steam. Hope you prediction is correct.
  15. 2018 Football Schedules

    Looking forward to seeing Richlands & Graham this year too. If GMen can make adjustments and improvements at line this year, could be contenders again & go further. That was a weak area for them in games I saw. Cam Allen turned out to be a great call though by Coach Palmer.
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