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  1. SWC District Bracket

  2. SWC District Bracket

    More like heavy machinery but I could be wrong, anything can happen in tournament play.
  3. SWC District Bracket

    Anyone know the bracket yet for boys & girls in SWC? Could be wrong but thinking there could have been a two or three way tie for last in girls. With the exception of Graham boys, I think other teams boys & girls will get clobbered in the regions.
  4. Graham @ Richlands

    True but Richlands if I'm not mistaken has four of their five starters back. It will be interesting to see where they each land in the final conference rankings.
  5. 2017-18 Girls Season

    Richlands is currently in last place in conference. They're not competitive at all this year in basketball. Softball they should be though, the majority of girls have played travel ball together for years.
  6. Graham @ Richlands

    Neither team looked impressive to be honest. The game seemed to go on forever. Stroupe #45 had a really good game though for us & Earls from Richlands is pretty decent for a sophomore. Looks like they'll be fighting it out for last place in conference.
  7. What is going on with Richlands

    Graham fans definitely got $100 for the $6 we paid to watch, Richlands' fans should have probably been issued a refund for the night.
  8. Top seniors in SWVA

    His size might be an issue for D1 unless he moved to point guard. He's a good enough ball handler for that in my opinion.
  9. Top seniors in SWVA

    Darrin is an all-around good player. He can drive inside just as a easily he can put up three pointers but at the same time he doesn't want to pass it off and let somebody else score. He's a good ball handler. He hustles on offense and defense and makes the opponent work really hard to keep control of the ball. So I'd say he's just as good if not better than Roman.
  10. Top seniors in SWVA

    Martin is a senior who has only played two & half years of varsity and recently scored his 1000th point. That usually takes most players four years on varsity. He should be somewhere in the top just my opinion. I'm biased though.
  11. What is going on with Richlands

    I don't think dropping better teams to play worse teams that you know you are going to beat is necessarily doing your own team any favors but that's just my opinion . Richlands gave up playing Bluefield this year to play in a single A tournament cupcake tournament in Twin Valley. Guessing he was made to pick Union back up after he dropped them last year since girls basketball & other sports still played them. He has a group of boys who have played together since rec league and are solid players. He keeps calling it a rebuilding year. Okay, I give him he lost talent but he's got a couple who were more & are more talented than at least two of his starters from last year; they should have started then but once again just my opinion. Yes, there are a lot of us out here very familiar with what and who perpetrated Jody Fuller being dismissed. Situations like that rarely make anyone look good, honestly. As far as school history, he made boys basketball history but girls had won region & been to state way before Phillips won those "two" regional games.
  12. What is going on with Richlands

    You have to give it to Mance, he played up in football while Phillips has played down in basketball.
  13. What is going on with Richlands

    You think? Should have kept Fuller, Phillips is a joke. Everybody knows Chris Moir orchestrated the whole fiasco. She wanted Phillips, she got him. She probably had a hand in the girls' coach stepping down. They're doing terrible too. When is the last time Richlands girls or boys dropped both regular season games to Graham? School boards shouldn't play politics with athletes but I guess it happens everywhere.
  14. Union @ Richlands

    I'm glad to see Richlands boys picked Union back up , playing single teams all the time doesn't really improve their game but playing Union will help in the long run. Play up instead of down
  15. 2017-18 Girls Season

    I'm tending to agree with you about Lebanon winning conference.
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