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  1. Gridiron60

    Gate City vs Graham Benefit Game

    Hope they make leaps & bounds this week before next Friday or they could get a thrashing. I'm betting GMen coaches will be at Mitchell Stadium tomorrow night.
  2. Gridiron60

    Gate City vs Graham Benefit Game

    If anyone goes, can you fill the rest of us in, hoping Graham is getting technique fine tuned and line looking better. Thanks!
  3. Gridiron60

    Bluefield Pulaski Magna Vista

    Any word on how Bluefield did today? Guessing pretty well by the post about their offensive line in another thread.
  4. Gridiron60

    Richlands, Abingdon, & Belfry

    My takeaway for what I watched, Moir is Richlands' biggest asset, #23 , sorry don't know the name is their fastest guy, line is weak; Abingdon looked better than I thought they would with getting a new head coach unexpectedly. Belfry was definitely the best team of the three. They were solid compared to the other two. Others more knowledgeable than me may have a different take.
  5. Gridiron60

    Scrimmage Games and Jamborees?

    The jamboree at Richlands tonight looked like a full fledged scrimmage but I guess tacking the name jamboree to it makes the difference. Thanks for clarifying. I wasn't sure why there was a difference.
  6. Gridiron60

    Speaking of Helmets...

    We hate you in a loving Christian way too! 😊 Good luck this season bro!!! I personally like Richlands' blue helmets over those white ones.
  7. Gridiron60

    Scrimmage Games and Jamborees?

    Is charging for scrimmages/jamborees a school level decision? VHSL?
  8. Gridiron60

    Graham and Glenvar

    Being undisciplined was a problem last year. If Tony will give the other Palmer on the staff some leeway as far as helping with defense, a lot of those undisciplined tendencies will be corrected. Richlands was very disciplined with him at the helm as DC, he can get them moving in the right direction. I agree, should be an exciting season for G-Men fans.
  9. Gridiron60


    Richlands has always had a strong football program , at least for several decades even before Mance and still does during his tenure as head coach. I think everyone can agree on that point.
  10. Gridiron60


    I thought Mance taught PE. Not meant to sound offensive but I don't think a high school math teacher would need his wife to be co-AD as published by The Voice in Tazewell County Personnel changes. If I'm not mistaken Ricky Vencil previous AD at Richlands is a math teacher and I don't think he had a co-AD.
  11. Gridiron60


    For the long hours they put in basically year round now, they end up making pennies per hour if that. To think Tazewell County almost took those pennies away from their coaches, the school board that never ceases to amaze . Some districts may have stipends listed on their webpages.
  12. Gridiron60

    Top returners...

    I believe lacking depth is a problem for several teams this year including some of the high ranking ones preseason. Multisport athletes are often a good thing.
  13. Gridiron60

    Blue and white game

    Kicker & QB will prove to be their biggest assets this year in my opinion.
  14. Gridiron60

    Questions for Pod

    I'm guessing Ridgeview might be the answer, but which team in the SWVA do you think will be the surprise team of the season? Who do you think might be the most underrated player? (This question may have to wait until once season is underway).
  15. Gridiron60

    Prayers Needed

    Definitely sending up prayers