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  1. who?

    Gate City @ Central

    Does Akers have any job offers anywhere?
  2. who?

    Marion at Tazewell

    Why the dragon trophy? What the history ?
  3. who?

    Battle @ GC

    Can gc still make playoffs?
  4. who?

    Huge Loss for Central Basketball

    Live by the cheap shot, die by the cheap shot.
  5. who?

    Richlands vs Graham

    How did mance do him?
  6. who?

    Congrats to Chris Akers

    Very well written...you still don’t know what you are talking about though.
  7. who?

    Congrats to Chris Akers

    We ain’t beating battle
  8. who?

    Congrats to Chris Akers

    Congrats coach...without your place kicking expertise we would not have won tonight. Keep up the good work.
  9. The record looks like it is par for course. Not knocking houseright. But the record speaks for itself. Does the hc not deserve any credit for coves “success”. Will houseright be Reed’s dc? Will reed want him? I don’t think reed comes back from ab not to be head coach. Who knows what school board will do. whatever they do it will for personal reasons or political purposes.
  10. What is the cove’s record?
  11. who?

    GC @ Marion

    Down cycle? We haven’t had a down cycle since shoemaker high years. ...bad years, yes. But no down cycles. It is school board, administration, and coaching. That is creating this. If you are not in Scott county then you have no idea what you are talking about. If you are and have half a brain, then you know the problems that the county is having. Leadership is the worst it has ever been. That is the down cycle. If you from Richlands or big stone or any where else you don’t have a clue how sorry are school leadership is. It won’t change until there are changes starting at the top.
  12. who?

    GC @ Marion

    They got beat by Marion....don’t know for sure but it probably has been 40 years since Marion has beat gc. There are no rewards for losing.
  13. who?

    Wolfpack @ GC

    When is there going to be a vote for new school board? That is the one that really matters.