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  1. Gate City State Champs

    Could not have done it without him.
  2. Norton

    What did Jimbo do to get suspended?
  3. Head Coach?

  4. 2A Teams To Watch In 2018

    GC will suck as long as Akers is there....The AD is even worse. GC getting what they deserve...In two years Basketball be the same too, Vermillion will give it up
  5. Gate City Football

    He looking to get out and he trying to do it on his own terms...he would much rather say that he left instead of having to say "I got ran off".
  6. Gate City Football

    Heard from a few people around Lynchburg that Akers has applied for multiple teaching and coaching positions in and around the area....maybe he smarter than GC folks give him credit for
  7. Coaching Hot Seat

    The school board knows the concerns....they don't care. Scott county football 2-28. The county is dying (not just football) and the people in charge would rather be in charge of a sinking ship then not be in charge of anything.
  8. Coaching Hot Seat

    Same staff, same administration, same results for Gate City....The longer Roberts and Akers are there, the harder it is going to be on the next guys to fix it. There are 10 schools that are happy akers is staying and that is the 10 schools gate city is playing next year. Good luck gc football...it will get worse before it gets better
  9. Coaching Hot Seat

    you cant do any worse
  10. Coaching Hot Seat

    Who GC's coach next year?
  11. Gerald Sensabaugh @ Crocket

    no school system will ever hire Sensabaugh, I don't know why he would want to put up with it all anyway. Coaching in the 21st century has too much baggage.
  12. Lee @ Gate City

    Who will be GC's coach next year?....no way Akers be back. The AD that hired him needs to go also. It is a shame. The hard work of so many wasted by the arrogance and ignorance of so few.
  13. Culture Change

    What does that say about our current school board member?
  14. GC Football

    I said young...
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