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  1. Grapeape

    Lee Has a Vacancy

    It’s insane to me that this is still happening. PHS & JHS had been gone at least 13 years before the class of 20 was born. I sat with some friends on the Lee side during the GC \ Lee game & PMS shirts outnumbered Lee High shirts two to one.
  2. Grapeape

    Lee Has a Vacancy

  3. Grapeape

    Lee Has a Vacancy

    They should sniff around Harlan County for a hungry young coach. They’re sure not going to lure away a young Wise County HC. I hope they get a good one & go 9-1 forever; no community / school needs the benefits of a successful football program more.
  4. Grapeape

    Lee Has a Vacancy

    Was Coomer the coach when Tyler Graham ran for over 500 yards in a loss to JJK?
  5. Grapeape

    Lee Has a Vacancy

    Terry Martin was successful until some dude with school board connections decided he wanted the job. C’est la vie, I guess.
  6. Grapeape

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    They hate us cause they McAnus.
  7. Grapeape

    Northwood New Coach

    I guess when it comes to applauding a guy that quits on his kids 3/4 of the way through the season via a tweet, we will just have to agree to disagree.
  8. Grapeape

    Northwood New Coach

    The choice was up to Neil Johnson; he picked his son. Shocker. Hopefully the guy doesn’t jump ship till the season is actually over, unlike their last guy.
  9. Grapeape

    fort chiswell

    Will JC be back at Marion next season?
  10. Grapeape

    2019 schedules

    That worked out well for Marion... extra gate $.
  11. Grapeape

    Lee High School

    Seems like GC loses more to TN than gains... Scott County gives travel time as a factor against consolidation and traveling distances seem to be insurmountable in Lee County - yet both school systems bus hundreds of students to and from a central, county-wide vocational school daily, and have done so successfully for years. Hard to say you can’t do a thing when you do it every day.
  12. Grapeape

    Lee High School

    So, both teams share 5 Star or play at PHS / JHS? https://www.roanoke.com/sports/high_schools/former-roanoke-catholic-football-coach-cooke-dies-at-age/article_22b1b9ce-e627-54b8-a1b2-6c66dbaeca0d.html https://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/history-with-hayes-don-williams-left-a-coaching-legacy/article_3552451c-afa1-11e7-bf79-cf32618930e9.html https://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/history-with-hayes-jonesville-pennington-rivalry-had-its-drama/article_bc0d9bb2-a21c-11e6-9a57-0b020071fc96.html
  13. Grapeape

    Lee High School

    1. Lee High School has had significant plumbing / leakage issues since it was built ( in 88 - 89?). The lowere level athletic locker rooms & offices have flooded for years and made the central stairway of the school smell like an open sewer. The eventual issue that lead to the total destruction of the gym floor has been an issue for YEARS. 2. There were about as many kids at Pennington High in 88 as there are kids at Lee High in 9-12. Since they moved the 8th grades onto the high school campus JMS & PMS should be near empty, as they are housing 6-7 grades only. 3. There are no physical school buildings between PMS & JMS (Other than the high school). Elk Knob Elementary is just outside Pennington; Flatwoods is about 15 minutes past Jonesville. The St. Charles building is unusable. Sticklyville seems to be in good shape, but it might as well be in Scott County.
  14. Grapeape

    Lee High School

    They should take their one big high school & split it into 5 smaller satellite campuses throughout the county. 😂
  15. Grapeape

    2018 Arby's Classic Thread

    Perhaps. It’s a google search away for anyone interested in fact checking me.