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  1. CHS90

    Regional semifinal updates (Playoffs week 2)

    They shouldn't have been crying because they played their last regular season game on their muddy field.
  2. CHS90

    Burton at Patrick Henry

    That's good. Now both region D games can be seen if wanted. 👍
  3. CHS90

    Burton at Patrick Henry

    42 may be just a little off but I think it will be close to that, give or take a couple of points. Midway through the season Grundy hung 31 points on Burton. PH put 23 points on the board against Chilhowie and Chilhowie has a stout D even without the 2 starters they were missing. I think PH's back field is a bit better than Grundy as far as the running backs. Burton is talented and has grown up since the beginning of the season. I just think PH will wear down the D. Just my opinion.
  4. CHS90

    Burton at Patrick Henry

    I also think it will be a barn burner. I don't think Burton can stop PH's RBs. I think PH will have a lot of problems slowing down Thacker's passing game. All in all I think PH will head to the Region D Championship. PH 42 JI Burton 34
  5. CHS90

    Grundy vs Chilhowie

    If I am correct, these two teams haven't met since 1949. Chilhowie rolled over Eastside and Grundy rolled Thomas Walker. This is the game most wanted to see last year. Now we have the match up. What is everyone's thought on this game?
  6. CHS90

    Eastside vs Chilhowie

    Bring on the playoffs!! Can't wait.
  7. I would say in 1A Jeff Robinson or Mark Palmer. In 2A Rick Mullins.
  8. CHS90

    More Heartbreak for Richlands Community

    Prayers go out to the Richlands community and to all who are affected by the loss. May God help everyone through the pain and sorrow.
  9. CHS90

    Eastside vs Chilhowie

    Naa Everyone has their opinion. I just try to look at this year and what they have done. Not what would have happened or how many times they would have won against some one. It's playoff time. Win or go home. No matter who you have or don't have. A complete team doesn't depend on one player. I guess it could be said if Chilhowie had scored on the 4 and inches in the state final, the score would have been 14-7 right before half. Then if they hadn't have fumble on the first drive of the second half they might have scored again. If their RB hadn't got hurt in the second quarter. Riverheads beat them, no excuses but that was last year. Over and done with. I try to show respect to all teams. If Galax is playing to their competition then it should be a good game between the two (if they both make it) because Chilhowie is a legit team. If Galax plays in a lull, Chilhowie will beat them comfortably. However I do give Chilhowie the edge this year. All they got to do is take care of business like they have been. If we all played by our opinion or ifs, all the teams would have 10 or 11 different championships..lol
  10. CHS90

    Eastside vs Chilhowie

    I think Chilhowie will be a monumental for Galax also. Not just the other way around. Chilhowie this year can play with anyone in 1A and some 2A teams just as well as Galax. I understand some people's opinion because some of the teams they played were weaker teams but they blew them out like they should have. I hope the west brings the trophy back also. Chilhowie or Galax. If they both make it to the semis, it should be a great game.
  11. CHS90

    Eastside vs Chilhowie

    Galax is always a challenge. They seem to be playing to their competition for some reason this year but they are always dangerous. But like it has been said one game at a time. State is in the back of their minds but this year they aren't looking over anyone. That's why I think they are being so dominant. With the two defensive starters back, I think it will be more of the same as the last game. After last weeks game, I don't see the weather putting a damper on them either.
  12. CHS90

    VOTE for FINAL Top 10

    1. Chilhowie 2. Bluefield 3. Radford 4. Pulaski 5. Graham 6. Abingdon 7. Ridgeview 8. Union 9. Galax 10. Grayson Co.
  13. CHS90

    unofficial pairings

    The bracket that is up now shows Parry McCleur 3 and GW 4. Parry McCluer won the tie breaker over GW
  14. CHS90

    Eastside vs Chilhowie

    They will have their 2 defensive starters back.
  15. CHS90

    Eastside vs Chilhowie

    What do you think about Warriors vs Eastside part 2? Do you think it will be closer or the same outcome?