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  1. CHS90

    Hidden Valley @ Abingdon

    The way the Falcons are rolling, I think they take this one. Home field will help. Falcons by a TD.
  2. CHS90

    Patrick Henry @ John Battle

    I think PH will pull this one out. Even though PH has played teams with a combined 1-14, they have won convincingly. It will be a tight game. PH 28 JB 27
  3. CHS90

    VOTE for the Week 5 Top 10

    1. Bluefield 2. Ridgeview 3. Graham 4. Chilhowie 5. Pulaski 6. Galax 7. Union 8. Abingdon 9. VHS 10. Grundy
  4. CHS90

    Big game at Warrior stadium!

    CHS 39 GW 0 final!!
  5. CHS90

    FB SCORES Week of 9-12 through 9-17-2018

    The Chilhowie vs Northwood game was a super muddy, great game.
  6. CHS90

    VOTE for the Week 4 Top 10

  7. CHS90

    VOTE for the Week 4 Top 10

    1. Bluefield 2. Graham 3. Pulaski 4. Ridgeview 5. Chilhowie 6. Union 7. Richlands 8. VHS 9. Galax 10. Abingdon Honorable mention: Grayson Co, PH, GW, Tazewell
  8. CHS90


    I think the dark horse ends up with this one. Pack 24-21
  9. What is everyone's thoughts about the game between the Chilhowie vs Goerge Wythe? Chilhowie came close last year. I think if not for a few miscues last year, Chilhowie should have came out with the win instead. They haven't beaten the Maroons since 2013. From how both teams played Marion, it should be a great game.
  10. CHS90

    Score Updates 9/7/18

    Chilhowie 51 Twin Springs 0
  11. CHS90

    Predictions for 1A Region C and D Finalists

    1C Galax and Narrows 1D Chilhowie and Grundy or possibly PH if Brown can stay healthy.
  12. CHS90

    GW @ MSHS

    I think Marion will jump out in front and GW will play catch up most of the night. Marion's QB can sling it. Pretty accurate. Should stay close though. Marion will have the edge playing this one at home. MHS 24 GW 13
  13. CHS90

    VOTE for Week 3 Top 10 List

    1. Bluefield 2. Graham 3. Ridgeview 4. Chilhowie 5. VHS 6. Union 7. Richlands 8. Galax 9. Abingdon 10. Grayson Co.
  14. CHS90

    Narrows vs. Bland

    Narrows wins by 28
  15. CHS90

    Trojans vs. Bearcats

    Bearcats 34 Trojans 17