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  1. 24282

    Podcast Q&A?

    Any truth to the website name being changed to Bluefieldsports.com
  2. 24282

    Podcast Q&A?

    Now that the season is over(except Graham) which 2A VHSL playoff team played the toughest schedule and which played the weakest?
  3. 24282

    2019 could be the year of the Warriors

    Central doesn't win the mountain anytime soon. But they can place 10-15 on the all Conference team next year. Everybody can.
  4. 24282

    Graham/Radford: AA Semifinals

    I think Radford in a close one
  5. 24282

    Graham vs Union

    Union vs Lee is moving to week 1
  6. 24282

    Regional semifinal updates (Playoffs week 2)

    When were all playoff games played at local colleges? And when did we start moving football games because a field was muddy. I'm guessing after 92 on the second question. Let's just move all playoff games to the mini-dome, quit keeping score and give every player a hug and a trophy at the end of 4.
  7. 24282

    VOTE Week 11 Top 10

    1. Chilhowie 2. Abingdon 3. Graham 4. Ridgeview 5. Union 6-10. Blank After about 5 it's pointless. This one could beat that one, but that one lost to this one. They haven't played a 2a schedule so they can't be better than us. Our best player was out when we lost to them on the road so we should be no lower than 3, right? Maybe Gate City should get a couple of votes now that they've removed the coach. He was obviously the only thing holding them back. Instant contenders.
  8. 24282

    VOTE Week 10 Top 10

    1. Chilhowie 2. Graham 3. Abingdon 4. Ridgeview 5. Union 6. Galax 7. Radford 8. Richlands 9. Patrick Henry 10. J.I.B
  9. 24282

    Central @ Lee

    I guess it time to get the basketballs out in Ben Hur and try the new gym floor out. If this were the JayVees the coach would cancel the last two games.
  10. 24282

    VOTE Week 9 Top 10

    I thought you would put Ridgeview above both of your Bluefields. You truly are a homer. Can we add LB to the coverage area and maybe West Canaan?
  11. 24282

    Central @ Lee

    Any thoughts? Lee is struggling this year, Central is young and without their #1 quarterback. One more loss and Lee will most likely have another 10 game season instead of being shown the door in round 1. Lee 27-21
  12. 24282

    VOTE Week 9 Top 10

    1. Chilhowie 2. Ridgeview 3. Union 4. Graham 5. Abingdon 6. Galax 7. Radford 8. Patrick Henry 9. J.I.B 10. Grundy
  13. 24282

    GC @ Lee

    Is there not a band page on this forum? I don't think band discussion belongs on here unless there's football team punting to the woodwinds in pre-game.
  14. Lee has always had good little league/youth teams. All the support for the travel team league was there with the old little league that disolved when the travel league got started. We've had several really good middle school teams too. But when they get to high school JV is a mess. Last few years, and I don't know about this season they play 3 or 4 jv games and cancel the rest. That's not helping much on Friday nights. We loose the kids somewhere between little league and high school. I think the high school staff might be putting more into the travel league than they are high school.
  15. 24282

    VOTE Week 8 Top 10

    1. Chilhowie 2. Ridgeview 3. Union 4. Abingdon 5. Graham 6. Richlands 7. Patrick Henry 8. J.I.B 9. Radford 10. Grundy