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  1. An early look into the 2018 season

    I don't have a horse in this race, but the VHSL did not put them in the M7 district. They chose that district and then it was probably voted on by the M7 to decide whether to allow them in it. The VHSL does not place people in districts, unless a decision cannot be made and then they made intercede.
  2. Your Region 2D Champion...

    LOL, just stirring it a little bit. Sorry for the poor humor.
  3. Your Region 2D Champion...

    Who is Chris Akers? Was he one of the officials?
  4. Rankings

    Yes, games were 30+ both times I believe.
  5. Regional/State basketball tournament format

    Yes I was. Hadn't heard anything different.
  6. Regional/State basketball tournament format

    I think everything this year is at UVA-Wise, except for the championship game.
  7. Region D projections (Boys)

    Well, reading the the document the VHSL has, they recommend a format, but then leave it open to each Region to do it however they want.
  8. Region D projections (Boys)

    I'm pretty sure, but not 100% sure, that the way basketball works this year is there will be be four teams that make region out of the Mountain Conference, and 4 that make it out of the other conference, (Grayson is included in that conference, although not being in that district). Then 1 seed from one conference plays 4 seed from other conference and visa versa. I think this is correct, but not 100%.
  9. SWVA Best

    He is a really good athlete and basketball player. As far as the best player out of SWVA I'm going to throw another name at you that played at the same time as the Ervin's. He messed up in life and you never knew what he may do on or off the court, but maybe the best basketball player I saw play in this area was Duffy Gilmore from Ervinton. I think his senior year he averaged 35 and was the state player of the year without being the district player of the year. He didn't go on to have the career's as the others mentioned because of mistakes he made, but he was really, really good.
  10. Coaching Hot Seat

    Also sometimes at the JV level kids are a year or two older, which is a big deal in maturity and other things at that age level, as opposed to once they become older.
  11. Scenarios for Region D Final Seeding.

    I think this year is better than when there were 16. The 8 teams that get in will all be pretty solid, and the first few games for traveling teams will be closer.
  12. Central @ GC

    Yeah, if the kid decided he didn't want to play I respect that decision. If the kid didn't play just because his father was upset I hate that for the kid, ya know. Sometimes getting rid of parents like that also help a program, not always, but sometimes. I just hate it for the kid.
  13. Central @ GC

    What was his reason for doing this? Injuries? Son not playing? Not liking losing? If it's one of the last few I wonder how he feels about his decision a year later?
  14. Scenarios for Region D Final Seeding.

    New poster, long time reader, but just wanted to say thanks.
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