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    Trevor Lawrence

  2. Liam McPoyle

    Trevor Lawrence

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    Trevor Lawrence

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    Brody Meadows...

    This is how I choose to picture Brody. Congratulations to this young man on a well-deserved selection.
  5. Liam McPoyle

    great coach left us today.

    George Welsh took Cavalier football from laughingstock to a number #1 ranking and national credibility. UVA was a basketball school in a basketball conference, which featured a single football power (much like today). In what I think was UVA's greatest win, Welsh and the Hoos shocked the nation with a win over an insanely talented Florida State team in '95.
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    Zac Ervin 2000

    If my calculations are correct, Mac reached 2,000 points on the nose on January 5th in his 10th game of the season. He played in 20 more games averaging 40.05 ppg (801). He finished his career with 2,801. This would put Zac on pace with a number of obvious assumptions.
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    Casto retires at Riverheads

    There was no mention of a successor. I've heard Riverheads teaches the double wing at every level beginning with rec ball. An assistant familiar with the system could keep this team on top for a while. Perhaps a Ragsdale-Williams transition would be possible for RH.
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    Very cool honor for J. I. Burton boys basketball this weekend

    "We're gonna run the Picket Fence at 'em...Don't get caught watching the paint dry."
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    Below are possible symptoms for a mental disorder. At first, I thought it described this thread. But on second thought. I believe it describes every thread on this site. -Affected people lose their train of thought during conversations, make loose associations of topics (tangentially jumping from one topic to another apparently at random, or on the barest of associations), and give answers to unrelated questions. -Speech may be highly circumstantial, meaning that affected people may speak continuously, providing numerous irrelevant details and never getting to the point. -Occasional speech that is so disorganized that it becomes a completely jumbled "word salad" devoid of discernible meaning despite being full of words. -Easily agitated with bizarre, socially inappropriate outbursts.
  10. All-Region 1D FIRST TEAM Offense QB – Jordan Rasnick, Eastside, sr. C – Blaze Hughes, Chilhowie, sr. OL – Tristan Justus, Grundy, sr.; Kolby Jackson, Patrick Henry, sr.; Tyler Spriggs, J.I. Burton, sr.; Daniel Boardwine, Chilhowie, sr. RB – Greg Sanchez, Chilhowie, sr.; Gabe Fiser, Grundy, sr.; Zach Brown, Patrick Henry, jr. WR – Derrick Allen, J.I. Burton, sr.; Chandler Hubbard, Honaker, jr.; Jake McCoy, Grundy, jr. TE – Jake Kegley, Chilhowie, sr. K – Daniel Hutton, Chilhowie, fr. Kick Returner – Ethan Guerrero, Holston, sr. All-Purpose – Zack Cale, Chilhowie, sr. Defense DL – Alex Adams, Chilhowie, sr.; Austin Jones, J.I. Burton, soph.; Matt McCowan, Grundy, sr.; Kolby Jackson, Patrick Henry, sr. DE – Trevor Williams, Chilhowie, sr.; Jason Cowden, Thomas Walker, soph. LB – Logan Branson, Chilhowie, sr.; Mikey Culbertson, J.I. Burton, jr.; Evan Bellamy, Eastside, jr.; Austin Farris, Holston, jr. DB – Chandler Hubbard, Honaker, jr.; Ethan Guerrero, Holston, sr.; Derrick Allen, J.I. Burton, sr.; Jake McCoy, Grundy, jr. P – Leo Ezzell, Holston, sr. Punt Returner – Greg Sanchez, Chilhowie, sr. All-Purpose – Jason Amaro, Chilhowie, sr. SECOND TEAM Offense QB – Leo Ezzell, Holston C – Justin McCoy, Eastside OL – Cameron Fry, Honaker; Colton Justus, Grundy; Peyton Redinger, Thomas Walker; Jason Amaro, Chilhowie RB – Trevor Dye, Honaker; Garrett Whited, Eastside; Cody Smith, Patrick Henry WR – Najee Steele, J.I. Burton; Grayson Whited, Eastside; Ethan Guerrero, Holston TE – Taylor Justus, Hurley K – Leon Grohman, Thomas Walker; Matthew Ball, Honaker Kick Returner – Gabe Fiser, Grundy All-Purpose – Dawson Lee, Thomas Walker; Tylor Keen, Twin Valley Defense DL – Ethan Armstrong, Chilhowie; Travis Musick, Honaker; Johnny Williams, J.I. Burton; Zach Hess, Honaker DE – Taylor Justus, Hurley; Levi Glymp, Honaker LB – Brandon Lester, Twin Valley; Ean Rhea, Patrick Henry; Jaron Warf, Thomas Walker; Jarred Johnson, Chilhowie DB – Xzavier Ward, Twin Valley; Wesley Gilliam, Thomas Walker; Zack Cale, Chilhowie; Zach Brown, Patrick Henry P – Jake McCoy, Grundy Punt Returner – Gabe Fiser, Grundy All-Purpose – Houston Thacker, J.I. Burton HONORABLE MENTION Honaker – Levi Miller, Zack Hess, Connor Wallace; Hurley – John A. Justus, Jacob McClanahan; Rye Cove – Matthew Gibson, Mason Hardin, Chase Love, Lucas Lane; Twin Springs – Kaleb Carter, John Lane; Holston – Austin Johnson, Quaheim Brooks; Thomas Walker – Kenny Ball; Twin Valley – Brandon Lester, Isaac Hampton; Chilhowie – Lucas Doss, Anthony Blevins; J.I. Burton – Esau Teasley, Tyler Springs; Grundy – Derick Endicott, Mike McCowan, Gabe Fiser; Castlewood – Caleb Meade; Patrick Henry – Caleb Walk Offensive Player of the Year: Greg Sanchez, Chilhowie Defensive Player of the Year: Logan Branson, Chilhowie Coach of the Year: Jeff Robinson, Chilhowie
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    Hangover III- Alan's letter to Chow in Prison "Dear Leslie, OMG, the McRib is back! Why was it ever gone?"
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    Cricket- -Providing meth dealers affordable burner phones since 1999.
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    Who is Buddy Holly? I'll take Lead Singers for $400, Alex.
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    VA Championship Updates

    All is right in Bluefield tonight. 1962, 1989, 1995, 2018
  16. Liam McPoyle

    Mac McClung

    Thankfully football is finally over. We can now focus our full attention back on Mac without distractions.
  17. Liam McPoyle

    VA Championship Updates

    Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow. -Aesop You exist in time, but you belong to eternity. -Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Who do you think you are? I am! -Pete Weber
  18. Liam McPoyle

    Chilhowie Shocked by the loss of Will Walker

    Chilhowie football team has 22 reasons for hope in VHSL championship game by Robert Anderson, The Roanoke Times https://www.roanoke.com/sports/high_schools/chilhowie-football-team-has-reasons-for-hope-in-vhsl-championship/article_1797dd8c-6930-57a5-b2e9-50e181c87863.html
  19. Liam McPoyle

    Galax vs Chilhowie/ 1A semi final

    I understand your position and think you make some valid points. You and the other long-time Marion members are respectfully open and honest on here, which I like. What I don't like are the new people who are joining for the sole purpose of provoking arguments with Chilhowie fans. I didn't want to be associated with that group, but I can see now that I unfairly lumped you and some other Marion fans with them.
  20. Liam McPoyle

    Galax vs Chilhowie/ 1A semi final

    To the Chilhowie faithful: There are a few Marion fans hoping you lose, but I believe the majority are wanting to see you win it all. My group from Marion will return to Salem again this year to cheer on our Smyth County (and Tazewell County) neighbors. This group even includes current and former Marion players supporting both SWVA teams. Now, ignore the vocal minority and go take care of some unfinished business.
  21. Liam McPoyle

    Podcast Q&As

    Who would win in a Beaver-Graham December rematch?
  22. Liam McPoyle

    Congrats Jeremy Houseright

    I think this was a great hire for GC. Best of luck to Coach Houseright.
  23. Liam McPoyle

    Akers Out at GC?

    “Akers Out at GC?” Scoreboard as 8:00 PM December 3, 2018 31 Current High Schools: Gate City, Abingdon, Wise Central, Appomattox, Graham, Chilhowie, Sullivan North, Sullivan South, Rural Retreat, Fort Chiswell, Grayson, John Battle, Galax, Tazewell, Sullivan Central, DB, Volunteer, Northwood, Va High, Pebblebrook (GA), Union, Eastside, Richlands, Jefferson Forest, Gretna, Tennessee, Rye Cove, Greeneville, David Crockett, Ridgeview, George Wythe 7 Former High Schools: Powell Valley, Appalachia, JJ Kelly, Pound, Coeburn, Clintwood, Haysi 1 Middle Schools: Blountville 1 Future High Schools: West Ridge (Tn) 1 Credit Union: Eastman 28 Coaches: Chris Akers, Darren Reed, Jeremy Houseright, Graham Clark, Garrett Amburgey, Jones, Robbie Norris, B. Houseright, Hilton, Tiller, Harry Fry, Nic Colobro, Chris Thurman, Tom Turner, Phil Robbins, Ralph Cummins, Paul Johnson, Gerald Sensabaugh, Kevin Saunders, Travis Turner, Mike Rhodes, Mack Shupe, Glynn Carlock, Kevin Saunders, James Colley, Greg Mance, Caine Ballard, Hugh Freeze 4 Non-Football Sports: Basketball, Baseball, Track & Field, Volleyball 9 Levels of Football-HS, JV, Middle School, Little League, PNUT, D1, D2, D3, NFL 8 Offenses: Split back Veer, Non-Split back Veer, The T, The Spread, The I, Single Wing, Midline Option, RPO Pistol 4 Districts: Cumberland, M7, Highlands, Lonesome Pine 4 Current Players: Ervin, McCamis, Dean, Cam Allen 2 Current D1 Players-McClung, S Peoples 9 local former D1 Stars: Thomas Jones, Julies Jones, Heath Miller, Josh Shoemaker, Justin Hamilton, Ahmad Bradshaw, Jake Houseright, Chad Beasley, Calvin Talford 9 Colleges: Va Tech, Georgetown, Emory & Henry, Davidson, Wake Forest, App State, Ga Tech, UVA-Wise, ETSU 1 NFL Team: Packers 2 MLB Teams: Royals, Phillies 1 NBA Legend: Tim Duncan 2 MLB Pitchers-Billy Wagner, Jimmy Gobble 3 Cooking Appliances: Microwave, Crock Pot, Pizza Oven 2 Actors/Actresses: Mike Myers, Kathy Bates 2 Scary Things: Zombies, The Devil 3 Desserts: Frosty, Hot Fudge Cake, Oreo Milkshake 8 Foods: Turkey, Fried Fish, Pizza, Cheese Stix, Curly cheese fries, Philly Cheese Steak, Cinnamon Stix, Kale Salad, Bacon 3 Cheese Steak 2 TV Shows: The Walking Dead, King of the Hill 9 Restaurants: Campus, Pizza Plus, Hob Knob, Subway, Jimmy John’s, Lyon’s Den, Charlie’s, Miller’s (Mennonite), Tiger Market Deli 1 Wife mention: SXSW’s 1 Girlfriend mention: Havok’s
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    Graham/Goochland: VA 2A Championship

    BET THE FARM on the Goochland Bulldogs
  25. Liam McPoyle

    Graham/Goochland: VA 2A Championship

    The Chilhowie forfeit season was the other storyline alongside Appalachia in 1980. The Warriors had possibly the best team in school history. Their fans are still convinced they would have won state. Truth is they MIGHT of had a shot at Appy but nobody was beating Lunenburg Central that year.