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  1. Can Mac get past 2770?

  2. An early look into the 2018 season

    Sorry to hear this. Richlands had a legitimate chance to bring home a state title this year. I'd be very surprised if she returns with the same effectiveness this season.
  3. Gate City versus Central

    I'm glad someone from GC can remind us, I had almost forgotten that no one from GC ever does anything wrong. What was I thinking???
  4. Region D Brackets

    Southwest District Standings: Graham 10-0; 19-2 Lebanon 6-4; 16-8 Richlands 6-4; 15-7 Virginia High 4-6; 6-18 Marion 4-6; 11-13 Tazewell 0-10; 4-17
  5. Region D Brackets

    Lebanon finishes 2nd in the SW District, beats Richlands in the tournament and Richlands gets the 3 seed and Lebanon the 4 seed to regions????????? Southwest Districts principals and ADs, you dropped the ball on this one!!
  6. GC @ Abingdon

    You lose credibility when you say McClung shot 27 free throws when he only shot 15. It just indicates we can't believe much of what you say. And what the Wise coach did or didn't do didn't have any relevance to the GC-Abingdon game.
  7. GC @ Abingdon

    Seems like there has been considerable animosity between Abingdon and Gate City this year.
  8. GC @ Abingdon

    What were all the technical fouls on Abingdon for? And had one player ejected?
  9. Region D Matchups and Predictions

    I thought Grayson County would be in there somewhere.
  10. An early look into the 2018 season

    I'm glad they still play the games on the field instead of on the internet. Here's a little piece of advice: Brag when it's over and you've won, not before the season starts because nobody really cares.
  11. Honaker Offense

    That bodes well for the future. Just wondering, how many are holdbacks?
  12. Honaker Offense

    Honaker boys can beat Eastside? That's a stretch.
  13. Honaker Offense

    How deep can this team go in the playoffs?
  14. John Battle upsets Union

    They've had a lot of good athletes to not make it any farther.
  15. John Battle upsets Union

    What's the farthest Union has ever advanced in the play-offs? Have they made it past the first round of regions during their existence as Union?
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