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  1. Weatherman

    Lou Wacker

    I'm hearing we lost a legend today, former Emory and Henry coach Lou Wacker.
  2. Weatherman

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    You may be right. I was just going on what happened last year. Union must have finished 4th in the tournament last year. Makes sense though, more weight on the regular season.
  3. Weatherman

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    Central wins. It definitely helps Central as they will get a 2 seed to the region and host a game. Hurts Union as they drop to 3 seed and have to travel.
  4. Weatherman

    BDD Tournament

    Twin Valley played them close both times, plus if Honaker is hitting 3s they could possibly challenge. Anything can happen come tournament time.
  5. Weatherman

    eastside/burton playoff for cumberland district title

    Pretty sure they are Co-champs for the regular season, and that game was for seeding purposes and for the #1 seed to the regional tournament.
  6. Weatherman

    Missing scores

    No, Lebanon forfeited is what I heard, had already played 22 games. 😲
  7. Weatherman

    Central @ Union

    With McAmis back next year, maybe Central should get an invite to the Arby's Classic.
  8. Weatherman

    BOYS District Standings (Region 1D and 2D Teams ONLY)

    Any recent updates?
  9. Weatherman

    Lee High School

    There is no Div. 1 AA anymore
  10. Weatherman

    Lee High School

    Word has it the Lee County School Board is ready to split Lee High School into 2 new high schools (Pennington and Jonesville), and make Lee HS a middle school. Do they need VHSL approval to do this? Any body have any insight on this?
  11. Weatherman

    Central at Gate City

    Pretty impressive performance by Dean, and the rest of the Devils. Sorry to hear about Ervin's injury, hope he is able to return. Might this open the door for Union to possibly get the dub on Friday, as the Bears have been playing well since the Central loss?
  12. Weatherman

    Union Basketball 3-0 This Week

    Union appears to be playing well, beating Eastside is a good win. You can't afford to have an off night in this district, as teams in the lower half of the standings can snipe you if you do, as evidenced by Ridgeview's win over Central.
  13. Weatherman

    Union @ Wise Central

    Curious as to how many regional wins Union has? That one win in the Arby's Classic would be more impressive if more Wise Co. teams had played in the Arby's , as Eastside and Union are the only Wise Co. teams to do so.
  14. Weatherman

    Union @ Wise Central

    Why such low numbers of players on the Union teams?
  15. Weatherman

    M7 Boys Games Tonight (January 4)

    Who was the coach before Moore?