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  1. Feel free to comment, as I haven't seen this article before. The future of high school football
  2. Weatherman

    Way Too Early VHSL Class 2 Preseason Poll

    You are right, way too early.
  3. Weatherman

    Park View of Sterling cancels their season

    Are you referring to Gate City?
  4. Weatherman

    Scrimmage Games and Jamborees?

    Can't charge for scrimmages. Have to sanction jamborees/benefit games and send the VHSL a share of the gate.
  5. Weatherman

    Pine Ears

    This is what I saw.
  6. Weatherman

    Pine Ears

    TW has changed their helmet color to tan instead of silver. Go figure, it's not even one of their school colors.
  7. Weatherman

    Honest question

    Is Mac McClung a potential NBA player?
  8. Weatherman

    Eastside Head Coach

    I heard one of Union's coaches is getting the Eastside job, not sure which one though.
  9. So close for Richlands, Virginia High, and Abingdon, yet so far away. I was hoping all 3 could bring back a state title in 2018. Richlands returns their entire squad, but it must have been disappointing as most thought it was their year this year. I'm not sure Abingdon will ever has as good a team as they had this year, and Mark Daniels will always have Virginia High in the mix. He is the best baseball coach in SWVA.
  10. Weatherman

    2A Region Baseball

    Hopefully Central can hire a new coach that will bring some pride back to their baseball team. It's been a tough 6 year run for them since J.J. Kelly dissolved.
  11. Weatherman

    Deleted topic. No interest from board.

    Coaching plays a huge role in high school baseball. I've watched a few HS baseball games thus far this spring, and there is some talent and good kids out there, but except for the very select few, pitching mechanics, swing mechanics, hitting approaches, and fielding mechanics are poor. Just calling it like it is people. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer in high school baseball in SWVA. That's why you see teams like Virginia High, Abingdon, Lebanon, Eastside, John Battle, and Honaker competing for titles every season, because of coaching. Coaches in these programs teach kids how to play the right way.
  12. Let's get some discussion as to the pros and cons of travel ball, whether it be baseball or softball. I'll start. Too often in softball especially, it's just daddy ball to its fullest.
  13. Weatherman

    Deleted topic. No interest from board.

    For the most part, baseball comes down to tradition and coaching. Usually, the same teams are at or near the top every year, even when they are down on talent. These teams usually have a pretty good fan base too. As for comparing the posters on this board vs. the football board, football allows a lot more participants, draws bigger crowds, and makes for more arm-chair quarterbacks. It takes a more knowledge and interest to be a true baseball fan. As a side note, I wonder how this weather and the postponements, along with the strict pitching rules will effect high school baseball this spring. Not many games have been played thus far, which means 3-5 games per week from here on out for several teams. I think we will end up seeing a bunch of games like the one GC and Eastside played yesterday, with 20 walks and several HBP.
  14. Weatherman

    Gate City State Champs

    And some college actually signed this joker?
  15. Weatherman

    Can Mac get past 2770?

    Points will be tough to come by against Graham, but he did put up 30+ last time. If GC beats Graham, he will surely get it as the teams from the East are not as defensively oriented. It's likely that SW VA may never have another player with this opportunity.