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  1. Weatherman

    Weather this weekend

    I don't trust that underground network, or any forecast for that matter.
  2. Weatherman

    Akers Out at GC?

    Sadly, some people call themselves die hard fans, but get butt hurt when their team is not winning, and stay at home. Kids deserve support whether they are winning or not. Fans complain about the kids that don't come out for football because of other sports, but then don't support the ones that have the heart to get out there and play and give it their all. They also like to criticize the ones that do play for not being good enough, or not being tough enough.
  3. Weatherman

    2019 schedules

    http://www.swvasports.com/ipb/index.php?/topic/37409-akers-out-at-gc/ We'll always have this thread to talk about!
  4. Weatherman

    Akers Out at GC?

    If football was important to the administration, they would be out recruiting a coach, not relying on applications to fill the position.......just saying.
  5. Weatherman

    Mountain 7 District All District Teams

    All District teams have become a joke, a participation trophy for everyone. I'd much rather see a state champion, or even a regional champion.
  6. Weatherman

    M7 and Cumberland District Honors

    Selections are so political these days, I usually don't even look at them. The best players don't always get chosen.
  7. Weatherman

    Akers Out at GC?

    James Colley as the new coach at Gate City?
  8. Weatherman

    Richlands at Ridgeview

    I've not seen either team play this year, just followed scores and stuff on here. How big of an upset was this??
  9. Weatherman

    Richlands at Ridgeview

    I didn't think this one would even be close, with Ridgeview winning by 2 TDs or more. Guess I was wrong!
  10. Weatherman

    Graham vs Union

    I'm sure those guys thought it was cool, but in my opinion, it only served as bulletin board material for the G-men.
  11. Weatherman

    Graham vs Union

    I was really disappointed with the attendance at the Battle at Union playoff game. What has happened?
  12. Weatherman

    Akers Out at GC?

    Can't lift weights until the VHSL winter sports dead period ends, runs through Thursday I think.
  13. Weatherman

    Burton at Patrick Henry

    I've never know a college in my life to send a scholarship offer to a high school coach. How does that work?
  14. Weatherman

    Akers Out at GC?

    I didn't say you weren't aware of what it takes.....I simply asked the question do you have those players coming?
  15. Weatherman

    Akers Out at GC?

    It takes special players and quality coaching to win a state title. Does GC have those special players in their foreseeable future?