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  1. Optimal62

    VA Championship Updates

    Did anyone see what the deal was with refs and the Chilhowie coach at the end of the game. I was running my mouth and didn't see what happened.
  2. Optimal62

    Chilhowie/Riverheads, Part II: VA 1A Championship

    10 minutes before kickoff and this place is empty. Riverheads stands less than half full and Chilhowies maybe 3/4 full.
  3. Optimal62

    Chilhowie/Riverheads, Part II: VA 1A Championship

    Will the admission price be for both games, or you have to leave and reenter.
  4. Optimal62

    Chilhowie Field

    One of the things that struck me as odd was it kept being said they was going to loose the concessions that they stocked up on. As that was a huge factor in why everyone was so upset. Yet no concessions sold. If they had time to bring the goal post pads and field tarp for the sidelines, then why didn't they have time to bring the concessions and set up? The pizza place that pulled in behind the Galax stands made a killing.
  5. Optimal62

    Chilhowie/Riverheads, Part II: VA 1A Championship

    If you was there yesterday or if you watch the film on the NFHS site you will see that Galax gave a Chilhowie team some help that they did not need. A blocked punt inside the 20 because of an errant snap, and several gift interceptions. You cannot do that against a good team and win. It reminded me of the start of Chilhowie Riverheads game last year. They let a big play happen, then next series a mistake and Chilhowie like Riverheads last year had two quick scores. When you get down like that and the MO is going against you facing a good team it changes your normal routine. Galax had the MO at the end of the half to be within 7 and getting the ball at the start of the half and squandered it. MO is a huge factor in football. I have only seen one Riverheads game on film, so I have not seen enough to make a valid opinion. But what I did see and have seen in the past of them, believe it will be about who gets out front first. That will dictate the game.
  6. Optimal62

    Galax vs Chilhowie/ 1A semi final

    The 2016 Red team was an outstanding team. One of th best 1A teams I seen play in person. They had a stud middle backer.
  7. Optimal62

    Rode Trip of much portance

    I think I got most of that.
  8. Optimal62

    Patrick Henry vs Chilhowie 2.0

    Haha, Galax and consistency are two words that are hardly ever used together. They have always been this way and it's maddening. Narrows has a very good QB and a big line, will be a challenge. Enjoy your trip and be careful 81 will be a mess.
  9. Optimal62

    Narrows @ Galax moved to Friday at 2 pm.

    My statement said that no one said it was the wrong move, as the poster told you a couple of times. I then stated that the weather report does not support it. That's it, a statement of fact. It does not nor did I say it was the wrong move. The move doesn't hurt me at all, it actually works out as to I am now able to see three games over the weekend. I'll PM you the rest of my response to keep it off of here.
  10. Optimal62

    Narrows @ Galax moved to Friday at 2 pm.

    As was said on the other site, no one said it wasn't the right move. Although the weather as it stands right now doesn't support the move, is all the other posters are stating. Friday zero participation until after 1AM. Saturday 40 degrees and rain stopped by 1PM. As I stated I have no issue-I can move my schedule, others are not so lucky and they just stated they was dissapointed. No one was pissed off. You have an extremely bad habit of attacking people who do not agree with your opinions.
  11. Optimal62

    Narrows @ Galax moved to Friday at 2 pm.

    I think you have to take a couple of things into consideration as to why these guys are dissapointed. I didn't see anyone call out the school on the decision just that the weather report they seen did not support the move. Most of these players parents are not as fortunate as you or I, in being able to dictate their schedule. They do not work in a type of employment as to where they can just take a day off or call in sick. Some of these guys are going to miss seeing their kid playing their last home game and possibly their last high school game ever. So before you label people hopelessly irrational because they do not agree with you, take into account that they may have a very good reason to be disappointed.
  12. Optimal62

    Chiefs /Rams

    Drew Brees seems like a class act.
  13. Optimal62

    Narrows vs Parry Mccluer KO??

    The one I seen you cannot tell much. It was shot from PM side as well. The kids on PM bench didn't react but looks like alot of Narrows players are on the field. You can see some pushing and scuffing and you can see the Narrows coach go down. Although it looks like he didn't get hit but got caught up in the push of the pile of kids and got his feet tangled up and he hit his head hard on the ground.looks to be lucky that he didn't get stepped on and trampled It did not look like the refs had any control what so ever.
  14. Optimal62

    Chiefs /Rams

    You are correct Sir.
  15. Optimal62

    Chiefs /Rams

    Not a huge NFL fan, although the Chiefs /Rams first half has been phenomenal.