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  1. Tigerman10

    Postseason Awards

    I think the top vote getter gets POY and is considered “first team” as well
  2. Tigerman10

    Postseason Awards

    That’s surprisingly unhelpful
  3. Tigerman10

    Postseason Awards

    Anybody have a list of them?
  4. Tigerman10

    State quarterfinals (3/2-3/3)

    The GC twitter account has gone thru and favorited just about every post whining about the venue
  5. Tigerman10

    State quarterfinals (3/2-3/3)

    The butthurt from GC people on Twitter is great right now. News flash...should have won the region and then you could play wherever you want.
  6. Tigerman10

    Region D Brackets

    I think Central beats Graham tonight-very few people have the backcourt to challenge Graham but WC has it
  7. Tigerman10

    Region D Brackets

    Graham also played the same number of games as Richlands that year. Points don’t work when the teams play different numbers of games Lebanon has a better resume and holds the head to head advantage-seems like a no brainer to me
  8. Tigerman10

    Region D Brackets

    So Lebanon is 2-1 against Richlands and in the finals and could still be the #4? That’s insane, even for SWVA