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  1. Sniper

    Scrimmage Games and Jamborees?

    I agree 100%. In my personal opinion that was a game featuring two of the top teams in the area and it was tight when the 1's were in there. Probably more beneficial than most benefit games as far as facing good competition.
  2. Sniper

    Scrimmage Games and Jamborees?

    I went to the Ridgeview/Chilhowie game. I think it was tied when the starters came out. 17 all I think? Possibly Chilhowie up by 3? I don't recall exactly? Chilhowie will prob go 9-1 this season. Ridgeview should be fine as the season goes along but they could use more of a passing game other than screen passes. Ridgeview was in control at the start but Chilhowie became more efficient as the game went on. I personally think it was a good game considering both teams should be good this year and this was a benefit game. I'm sure each will improve as the season progresses. I just hope the injury to Adkins is minor and that the #25 from Chilhowie is ok.
  3. Sniper

    Gate City vs Graham Benefit Game

    Mac McClung/Zac Ervin and the recent GC basketball success may have turned the youth into aspiring basketball players and it's possible that's having a negative affect on the football program.
  4. Sniper

    Podcast Questions?

    Is Bluefield's line legit? By the looks of their height/weight that was posted here they should be dominant.
  5. Sniper


    This site is awesome.
  6. Sniper

    Cumberland, Black Diamond, and Hogo

    Only one I know for sure is the QB Houston Thacker. He's solid. Last year they had Tyree Bolling(I think that was his name) but idk if he's back this year or not? I really don't know how much they return overall? The main reason I picked them first is because they're usually the district champs year in year out and I think it will be hard to keep them out of the top spot two years in a row. I hope Eastside or Thomas Walker manages to finish on top but time will tell.
  7. Sniper

    Speaking of Helmets...

    After seeing some pics y'all posted I like most all of them. I'd have to say I like the Thomas Walker lid pretty well. Blue and White/Gray is always gonna look good to me tho. Lighting does make it look tan but you know it's gray. VHS new ones are cool too. I have to agree with the GC folks as far as the gray britches. I just don't think they look right. I'm not from GC but to me they just need white pants with their blue jerseys at home. That's my personal preference anyway. I like the opposite for road games tho. Dark britches and white jerseys. Not a fan of all white. All white would be ok for me in a special "white out" game with the whole crowd in white too or something.
  8. Sniper

    Speaking of Helmets...

    I've seen lots of folks say they like the new Eastside helmets but they had a matte black helmet with a silver Spartan head on the sides a few years ago and I liked it pretty well. There aren't many helmets that I just don't like. Like I said, it's usually my favorite part of the uniform...although I don't like all white football uniforms. Not a fan of white pants and jerseys.
  9. Sniper

    Cumberland, Black Diamond, and Hogo

    I just call it how I personally see it. They win 8 games in 2013 and that was an above average year. Football is the 3rd best sport for boys success at Eastside. Last season they won 6 games and were district champs. They're just not that good at football. Those are facts. Maybe Rhodes can coach them up and turn them into winners but I'm gonna have to see it before I believe it. Eastside is 29-46 since their inception. That's an average of 4 wins per year. I'd say that's about how many they win this year. Maybe 5 if they can beat Castlewood and Thomas Walker. I think they'll beat Rye Cove, Twin Springs, and Holston.
  10. Sniper

    Speaking of Helmets...

    Who do y'all think has the best helmets around the area? Helmets are always a favorite part of the uniforms for me.
  11. Sniper

    Cumberland, Black Diamond, and Hogo

    My answer is No. Matthew Sexton was Eastside's best returning player aside from the QB Rasnick but Sexton transferred to Ridgeview. He should help them on both sides of the ball. Eastside isn't known as a football school. Neither was Coeburn. My opinion on the matter is that Norton will be back on top because that's their usual spot. Thomas Walker may be on the come up and Eastside may have a few good players but I don't know if that's enough to get them back to the top.
  12. Sniper

    Top returners...

    I'm new on this message board, but not to swva sports, so this may have already been discussed and I just missed it but what are a few of the top/impact players each team returns. I also think it'd be cool for people to post their "all-swva preseason team" so everyone is sharing their opinion and information since some people will have more knowledge of the teams/players directly around them.
  13. Sniper

    Cumberland, Black Diamond, and Hogo

    Cumberland- 1-Norton 2-Eastside 3-Thomas Walker 4-Castlewood 5-Twin Springs 6-Rye Cove If Thomas Walker were to finish ahead of Eastside I wouldn't be surprised. I just need to see TW beat Norton or Eastside before I'm believing the hype. Time will tell. Hogo- Chilhowie should be the team to beat in my opinion. 1-Chilhowie 2-PH 3-Northwood 4-Holston BDD- 1-Grundy 2-Honaker 3-Hurley 4-Twin Valley Honaker/Hurley could be the other way too.
  14. Sniper

    Questions for Pod

    Are there any transfers at area schools that will make an impact for their new team this season?