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  1. RichRich

    Grundy vs Chilhowie

    Will be the 2nd warriors team to beat Grundy this yr. This time will be worse. 42-16 Chilhowie
  2. RichRich

    Wise Central @ Ridgeview

    Yeh man he did. It could have been bad
  3. RichRich

    Wise Central @ Ridgeview

    Looks like they may prove you wrong! 🙂
  4. RichRich

    Sproles Ejection (Ridgeview)

    Its a 3 game suspension for a fight? Thats crazy!
  5. RichRich

    WK 11 FB UPDATES 11-01-02-03-2018

    Union up 6-0 at halftime on the radio
  6. RichRich

    Abingdon @ Union

    The amount of kids going down for Union was crazy. Anybody know how Mason is?
  7. RichRich

    Tonights 93.5 schedule

    Yeh i think they are union unless union is open. Was hoping one of them was gonna air some games last night
  8. RichRich

    Tonights 93.5 schedule

    Ive been listening to the guys at pigskin pics so long im a homer now. They did use to go a lil overboard with the shoutouts. Ill listen to the podcast
  9. RichRich

    Tonights 93.5 schedule

    Anybody know if they are gonna have a game If so when will they do pigskin picks?
  10. RichRich

    Gate City @ Central

    I agree Central played better than I expected against Lee. Hard to predict But I go with GC in a close one
  11. RichRich

    Central @ Lee

    Well I was wrong. Listened on radio seemed like I heard a few more names from Central being used. They did good
  12. RichRich

    Central @ Lee

    I don't think central will be able to hang with Grundy
  13. RichRich

    Central @ Lee

    I don't see Central bringing much opposition.
  14. RichRich

    Union vs Wal Mart Warriors

    The best i can remember reed didn't have much support and was cold shouldered by some of the folks there now. I think with some backing he could have done ok. Id have to dig up records but seems like lukes best yr was with a team that was coached by reed the yr before
  15. RichRich

    Union vs Wal Mart Warriors

    They should bring someone in before next yr. Cut ties and move on