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    NBA history best players

    January 18,1983 made the drive to Richfield Coliseum{Ehlo Jordan shot} and watched this Sixers team play. Mr. Richlands did you watched 1992 Richlands football team play in state finals? The school records on this sports pages is wonderful with all the scores and dates for over 100 years.
  2. The discussion starts around the 3 best centers of all time. Russell, Chamberlain and Jabbar. Olajuwon is 4th on center list. I have Moses Malone ahead of Shaq. The list also has Jordan, Bird, Magic, Jerry West and Oscar Roberston. Also Julius Erving, Pete Maravich, Kobe, Lebron and Tim Duncan. Do you add John Havlicek, Rick Barry, Elvin Hayes, Bernard King, Kevin McHale, Walt Frazier, Elgin Baylor? Would this be a good list to start with?
  3. As a fan of sports especially basketball I want thank the people who started this website. Especially the VA/WV team records with won-loss scores going back close to 70 years. I live in Blaine, KY but I follow Riverview high in Bradshaw, WV. and Covington, VA high school along I-64. Is the old Mullens, WV high school gym still standing? I was at a summer basketball camp at Concord College in June of 1976 and Coach Mike D" Antoni taught ball handling skills.