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  1. Hokie1Pokie

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    Its Graham and GC in the region title. This is a no brainier even after Erwin was hurt. Graham and GC were 20+ points better than the close 3rd and 4ths in the region last year. Considering what Graham lost to graduation and what GC lost to graduation and Ervins injury, both teams are still a good 10+ points better than than the rest in region D even on this year.
  2. Hokie1Pokie

    East teams to watch out for

    Surry County by far. They are the best of the bunch in 1A outside of this side of the state. This year, Rappahanock is much better than Lancaster. Rapp along with Riverheads second best in East. Surry is much better than both of them and would give Radford a game this year. Surry in 1A, may be the "second best 2A" team in the state this year and they ain't 2A.
  3. Hokie1Pokie

    East teams to watch out for

    Historically, if it isn't RE Lee Staunton in that Region, then it likely ain't winning basketball titles. ER is good, but the "build up" is already there in hoops just like it was in football on the other boards. I didn't take the cool aid with them in football, and I will not drink in hoops either. ER was very good in football and they are very good in basketball, but they aren't in the same league with Radford this year. Radford will win the VA state title this year and if they somehow don't, it will be Martinsville pulling the upset, not East Rock.
  4. Hokie1Pokie

    Congrats Jeremy Houseright

    I don't care if GC wins another game either. I also think a person can coach another sport besides football and be successful. I agree with you.
  5. Hokie1Pokie

    Congrats Jeremy Houseright

    No, you didn't. And.....neither did I. To clarify my statement directed to you is this. You are being rational and objective on the subject. Objectivity and rationale thought doesn't mean much with some who are not. To clarify further.......there are some who actually don't want GC's program to go in the right direction, yet this is disguised as objectivity or claiming to know. Nobody knows
  6. Hokie1Pokie

    Congrats Jeremy Houseright

    Your basing your statement off of the premise that all posters in this thread are truly objective and truly "feel" that it won't work at Gate City. What some must realize is that some in this thread are not truly "objective or feeling" that it won't work, but it's what they are "hoping" for in that it won't work. I don't know or care either way as long as Graham stays good. I do know the Houseright though, and they are first class. GC in my opinion will get much better, but back to playing for state titles? I don't know about that. That shipped may have sailed, but you never know. Time never lies and always tells the truth.
  7. Hokie1Pokie

    Lee High School

    Bring back Pocahontas, Bland, and Rocky Gap!
  8. Hokie1Pokie

    Lee High School

    Excuse my ignorance on the subject, but what is the downfall or negatives if (big if) hey can get more money from the state? Also, why is there the thought of splitting into two High Schools? I'm assuming (only assuming and that's dangerous) that there is some kind of financial benefit if they are talking about splitting? Last of all, call the one middle school Flatwoods Middle. If your bringing back PG and Jonesville, might as well give ole Flatwoods a shout out. As for Dryden and Keokee, well....it is what it is. P.S. I know about Dryden and Keokee and PG and Jonesville, but where was Flatwoods High located? Rose Hill, St. Charles, Jonesville, etc? Also, of Keokee, Dryden, and Flatwoods, which ones formed Jonesville and P. Gap High or where did these three consolidate into?
  9. Hokie1Pokie

    NBA history best players

    Add Bob Pettit to the list. He's the most underrated player in NBA history, but played in the W. Chamberlain era and was overshadowed historically. For his career, he averaged 26.4 ppg, 16.2 rebounds per game, and 3 assists per game, 2 time MVP and 10 time NBA All-First Team. Those numbers above are crazy when talking about an entire average for a career, not just 1 season.
  10. Hokie1Pokie

    Bluefield Beaver

    Prayers for Tony's family. I knew him for many years. A great person. Godspeed TW
  11. Hokie1Pokie

    Radford vs Graham?

    I don't think 16-7 is that bad for a team that lost 2 ridiculously underrated players. Graham just don't have the experienced bigs under the basket to be a real threat this year. Dalton (inside) and Martin (all over the floor) where very good basketball players.
  12. Hokie1Pokie

    Akers Out at GC?

    This needs to stop in my opinion. What is seemingly a crack or knock on Gste City fans is actually hurtful and mean spirited towards Akers. That man doesn't deserve this. And yes, it is mean spirited and hurtful towards Akers even though the jab is towards GC fans. I get that, but the more time that passes by from Akers no longer being the coach at GC, the joke or jabs by keeping this thread alive become more hurtful to Akers than it does to the GC fans on this board. Only my take and I know not popular, but since he's gone from GC, the jabs or joke of keeping this thread alive shift more to Akers expense, and away from GC fans.
  13. Hokie1Pokie

    Graham at Bluefield

    The quickest human being I've ever seen on a football field or basketball court.
  14. Hokie1Pokie

    Changes for 2019

    My preference only. 1. Go to 5 classes or levels of play. 6 is to many and I know this ain't happening and not even considered 2. Continue to play the semifinal game at the highest seed like it currently is. If we have power points, then stick with it. Also, I don't like the turf field thing as a requirement. Why not mandate that all semi games be played on natural grass and not turf? The turf thing makes no sense to me and I don't think it should matter. If your the higher seed in the semis and you have a ugly muddy grass field, then that's where it should be played as it was earned under the current power points system for 10 recular season games. 3. Definitely decrease the teams from 8 to only 4 in a region and add an extra season game for a total of 11 regular season games. This will not happen either. 4. I dont like crossing regions in the semis. For example, can you imagine Union playing at Poquoson or Bruton traveling to Gate City for a semifinal game? That's crazy. Last of all, I admit nothing I prefer will happen and everything I don't want to happen will. When it's all said and done, we will have all turf for semifinal games and a neutral site and regions will cross bracket in the semis even more than the A vs B and C vs D, and the amount of teams will not drop from 8 to 4 making the playoffs in one region, but that's ok because the GMen are state champs.
  15. Hokie1Pokie

    Any Info on All State?

    Names that come to mind but I'm not sure are Div 3 back then...Vic Hall- Gretna 2004 and Anthony Poindexter-Jefferson Forrest 1993. Some near misses but I'm certain were not POY on both sides were Radfords Touchdown Tommy Edwards in 1991, Bryan Randall-VT of Bruton High in 2000 and Percy Ellsworth of Southampton in both 1990 and 1991. Poindexter, Ellsworth, and Randall were all on at least 1 All-American team and all played AA Div 3, equal to 3A now. Southampton may have been Div 4, AA, during Ellsworths senior year.