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  1. rabidbeaver

    WV AA Championship ... Bluefield vs Fairmont Senior

    It will probably be streamed on WVMETRONEWS and broadcast live on the AT&T network (formerly Root network ). It is on channel 38 on suddenlink in Princeton.
  2. rabidbeaver

    Chiefs /Rams

    Been a chiefs fan since 1969...even through the lean years, which have been plenty.
  3. rabidbeaver

    SWVA Sports Podcast - Episode 33

    Shout out to my second cousin Coach Kelly Lowe...did a great interview!
  4. rabidbeaver

    Q&A for this weeks pod???

    Since Halloween is upon us, who you got....Mike Myers from Halloween or Jason from Friday the 13th.
  5. rabidbeaver

    What would happen?

    My brother lives in the Jonesboro -Johnson City area (sons played for Daniel Boone ),and when he came in for the Beaver - graham game this year, we had a discussion about Greenville. He told me that Greenville actually plays a class up. He said that they are really a 3A school that moved up to 4A and plays 5 and 6A's schools. I asked him if this year's Bluefield team could beat Greenville, and he sat their and pondered for a minute. He said that Greenville would probably win, but it wouldn't be by much. Depth would be a key factor.
  6. rabidbeaver

    Football Officiating

    If I wanted the kind of abuse that referees take, such as yelled at, spit on, criticized on everything, and even have my ancestry questioned, I would just have my mother-in-law move in.
  7. rabidbeaver

    VHSL website Football Schedules

    Correct me if I'm wrong Bluefield Reacher, but according to West Virginia Tailgate Central Bluefield plays Woodrow Wilson at Bluefield this year. Bluefield played WW at Beckley last year.
  8. rabidbeaver

    Graham 2018 home games

    Wouldn't one think that any upgrades and repairs to Mitchell Stadium would come out of the MCBOE budget just like Hunniecutt Stadium which they also own?
  9. rabidbeaver

    Chilhowie's G.O.A.T. passes away today at 56

    Sad to hear...we came in together as freshman at ETSU. Never understood why he transferred from ETSU when he, out of all three of us incoming freshman accumulated the most playing time. He never hinted what so ever to us that he was going to transfer...there one day, gone the next. One hell of basketball player and over all good guy.
  10. rabidbeaver

    Mookie collier wins Kennedy Award.

  11. rabidbeaver

    GC vs Boone

    My brother just texted me and said that the place is sold out, and the fire Marshall will not let anyone else in.
  12. rabidbeaver

    Postseason: SWVA Top 10

    No Giles?
  13. Southern West Virginia gets treated the same way.
  14. rabidbeaver

    Mookie collier