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  1. Head Coach?

    Bluefield is #1 and Powell Valley is #2, and there’s really no debating that based strictly on the hardware. There’s a good argument for #3 between Gate City, Giles, Appalachia, and Graham (sheer longevity). I’d probably give the nod to Gate City, but it’s arguable.
  2. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    Tied at 28 on the last play of the 3rd quarter doesn’t exactly scream butt-kicking. Good luck in your playoff game this week against “Couch High School”.
  3. Galax @ Narrows

    It all depends on which Galax shows up. The Galax that shows up 80% of the time will score the clinching TD in the 2nd quarter. The Galax that showed up against Grayson loses by 7.
  4. 2017 SWVA Coach of the Year

    Overruled via incomplete data. Discussion continues.
  5. 2017 SWVA Coach of the Year

    Good call.
  6. 2017 SWVA Coach of the Year

    You need only to look at Bluefield, Graham, Union, Chilhowie, Galax, and Narrows to get your finalists for this award...
  7. 2017 SWVA Coach of the Year

    For their sake, I hope they give Graham their due reverence. I’m 99.99% sure that’s the message Turner is instilling in his boys, but if this board is any indication, there are people looking ahead to Appomattox a bit prematurely.
  8. 2017 SWVA Coach of the Year

    “Best team in the region” is still yet to be determined. But I hope Union thinks they’re the best, and I hope they’re listening to the voices outside the locker room telling them that.
  9. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    Still stung over a discussion we had back in July, eh? Those “official” times to which you refer do NOT pass “official” muster in the world of T&F measurement. They aren’t electronic and are wind-aided. I don’t know how many times I have to plow this ground with you people. I’m not saying Cooke isn’t fast; he’s the fastest athlete within the jurisdiction of this website. I’m saying that OFFICIAL times and the measurements you identify as “official” differ by up to two-tenths of a second. Plus, VT’s camps are NOTORIOUS for shaving time off their preferred targets’ 40 times. If you took Cooke and gave him an “official” time trial, he’s probably in the 4.48-4.52 range. If he ran an “official” 4.37, he’d have quadruple the D1 offers he has, even considering that his hands are a net negative for his preferred position.
  10. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    Graham does not have a historically strong T&F program.
  11. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    I’d love to, but I always go to UVA/VT. The timing of that game always messes with me attending 3rd Round playoff games, and with it being a primetime game, my wife and I are making a 2-day trip of it. If I’m “lucky” I may catch it on the ear-splitting 106.3.
  12. Round Two Score Updates

    Yep, Wheeling.
  13. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    That’s a Hell of a lot to read into one comment, don’t ya think?! But I’ll play your little game. Tell me the one offense Union has defended which compare to Graham. You can’t. For all your defensive prowess, which is legitimate, you have played some pathetic offensive teams. Marion is probably the best you’ve played...and they ain’t Graham. As for defenses, Graham has played Richlands and Bluefield, which have comparable defenses to that which Union has (Richlands held you to 29 points over 2 games and almost ended your season, if you recall). Giles isn’t a slouch either. It’s going to be the game of the year in SWVA. Union may indeed win it. But Union is not the damn ‘85 Bears, and I promise that IF you prevail, your guys are sure going to feel it Sunday morning.
  14. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    By that same token, Union hasn’t seen the offensive horses Graham has, either. I trust defense more than offense in these situations, but I’d be shocked if this was greater than a 1 score game either way.
  15. The best of the 276: let’s hear about it.
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