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  1. Darren Reed Out

    Probably more, especially when it mattered...
  2. Darren Reed Out

    How many would he have won without Colobro?
  3. LL Southeast Regionals

    Bluefield (VA) defeats Darlington (SC) 3-2! Bluefield will advance to take on Fort Myers (FL) tomorrow at 4:30 PM!
  4. LL Southeast Regionals

    Bluefield SLL Softball defeats Kanawha Central SLL (WV) Softball 1-0 in their first game today. Bluefield advances to play Darlington County SLL Softball (SC) this evening at 7:30 PM.
  5. Darren Reed Out

    Similar to Doug Marrs at Graham. Did incredible work as a DC, but as HC drove Graham into so deep a hole that it took years for Graham to come back. Reed would do the same for GC, and I have too much respect for the tradition of that program to sit idly and watch fans with gigantic disconnects between perception and reality urge for the continued destruction of their program.
  6. Darren Reed Out

    I wish Coach Reed nothing but the best in dealing with his family matters, and I wish for a successful, prosperous resolution for him in this time of hardship. That being said, you Gate City folks do realize that his coaching career has been exceedingly underwhelming without Colobro shepherding him, don’t you? I can think of no better situation to completely demolish your program than to hand over a cratered program to someone who has needed (1) an unprecedented run of athletes and (2) one of the greatest coaches in VHSL history to obtain something resembling success. I would have thought that the delusion might have petered out with the recent run of poor seasons, but alas, no.
  7. Rivalry Game(s)

    Yep, UVA-Wise is D2 and Emory and Henry is D3. There are no athletic scholarships in D3 (though most schools supplement those with need-based or merit-based scholarships). D3 also has much more restricted practice and travel schedules than D2.
  8. Questions for SWVA Sports Podcast Season Preview

    Will Graham again be the bridesmaid and not the bride from Region D?
  9. Honest question

    Funny thing though, a conference is more than it’s Top 5 teams. Big East, in its new iteration, is excessively top-heavy (and Mac is not on one of the “top” teams). ACC, SEC, and Big 12 were leaps and bounds better last year in terms of depth. Last year was the rare anomaly where the Big Ten wasn’t.
  10. Honest question

    Extremely, and I mean extremely, unlikely.
  11. VA Preseason Rankings

    Giles is the westernmost edge of 540.
  12. VHSL website Football Schedules

    This is always the safe assumption.
  13. Best Game(s) over the years (playoffs included)

    When the fans of the losing team call it the best they’ve ever seen, it’s the best.
  14. VA Preseason Rankings

    There are some puzzling placements on this list, to be kind. Ridgeview at #13? Chilhowie at #18?!
  15. 9/10 State Tournament in Coeburn

    This is far more impressive than most may realize. Bluefield (and by extension, Graham) has been historically abysmal at softball. To see a team from Bluefield advancing in softball would be like me waking up and discovering that UVA has made the CFP. Congrats to those young ladies, and may they continue onward and upward.
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