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  1. Richlands

    I’d be mad if this weren’t incomprehensibly stupid. Instead, I’ll laugh. Not with you, definitely at you.
  2. Best McClung dunk yet?

    I’ll take “Things You’ll Never Get” for $1200, Alex.
  3. 2A Region Championship

    Gate City - 64 Graham - 50
  4. Can Mac get past 2770?

    We shall see. I think the odds are better that GC doesn’t hit 60 than GC playing this game in the 70s or higher.
  5. Can Mac get past 2770?

    Obviously, he’s the best player Graham, or anyone in SWVA, has played this season. He’s got a great argument to being the best player in SWVA history. But don’t sleep on Graham’s D: they don’t get the credit they deserve.
  6. Can Mac get past 2770?

    He won’t break 40. It’ll likely be McClung and Ervin scoring 90% of the points, like tonight. GC will probably get into the mid-60s. McClung will likely score 35 or so, Ervin will get low 20s. Dean may get 5-7.
  7. Region D Brackets

    Did I hurt your feewings?
  8. Region D Brackets

    Best of luck to both teams tomorrow in the showdown. May both teams play their best, and may both have good fortune and health.
  9. Region D Brackets

    No, I said that Graham/WC would be a double-digit game, and it was. I give Graham a puncher’s chance against GC, but ultimately think GC wins by 14 or so.
  10. Region D Brackets

    M7 is God’s gift to 2A basketball though. Our piddly little SWD teams couldn’t possibly hold a candle...
  11. Region D Brackets

    58-48...another all-powerful, impervious M7 team held under 50 points.
  12. Region D Brackets

    He’s right about the Graham/WC game though. Would be surprised if that’s a single-digit margin of victory...
  13. Can Mac get past 2770?

    Damned “facts”. I also see that Graham held Union to 42, and I don’t remember seeing Union in the SWD standings...
  14. Can Mac get past 2770?

    Forgot about Cleveland. Good point. Would have been more accurate to say “VHSL competition that could end their season”.
  15. Cam Allen picks up first D1 offer

    Would be thankful for Allen to join the fold. Mendenhall does well at finding players who are under-appreciated but have D1 measurables and mettle.
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