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  1. Mookie Collier commits to.....

    Marshall’s developed a good pipeline from SWVA over the years. A team can develop some quality depth poaching off the D-I talent that rises up here.
  2. Getting some personal insight into college recruiting

    This I can affirm. In my graduating class (2007), despite almost twice the enrollment, VT had 18 more African-American students than UVA did. That’s total, not pro rata.
  3. Mookie Collier commits to.....

    Congratulations for that young man!
  4. Syrian Civil War

    I have a few nits to pick with that particular analogy. While the atrocities committed by Assad are eerily reminiscent of the atrocities under Saddam, the cultural milieu is markedly different. One, the ouster of Saddam was not driven by Saddam’s own people, while the attempted ouster of Assad in during Arab Spring was. Two, Saddam’s regime was far more sectarian than Assad’s (Saddam was rabidly hostile to Muqtada Al-Sadr), and the boiling undercurrent of radicalism has already manifested much more in Assad’s. Three, ISIS was but a faint gleam in the eyes in Saddam’s era, while ISIS has been severely crippped by military offensives in the Trump presidency (naturally, any area Trump has success sees no media coverage). I say this as someone who believes that our policy in the Middle East should be (1) defend Israel by all means necessary and (2) let the warring Muslim factions have at everything else.
  5. Syrian Civil War

    “Atrocity” does not begin to describe what Assad has done to his own people in the last decade. The Obama Administration’s tepid response (surprise, surprise) garnered a significant amount of anger in the Muslim community. Either we remove Assad from power or we don’t. It is a waste of time and resources to conduct airstrikes that do not change the overall outcome for the Assad regime.
  6. Bluefield's Truck Edwards

    Hate that it had to be ArmPitt, but tickled for the young man to continue his career playing major college football. Congrats!
  7. SWVA Sports Podcast - Episode 16

    Mr. Jones was quite candid and delightfully well-spoken. Great job on this one fellas, can’t wait to see more!
  8. Thomas Jones Interview

    Also, what characteristics have allowed him to expand his success in other fields outside professional sports?
  9. Thomas Jones Interview

    Favorite memory from his time in Charlottesville!
  10. Transfer?

    Our car dealerships are second to none!
  11. SWD- Baseball Preview

    Make no mistake, Graham’s not going to threaten for a SWD title, but this team isn’t likely to be a pushover like previous years’ teams. Graham has a fairly solid core of young talent that can beat you if you overlook them. I’d say the first winning record since 2005 is in play.
  12. 2018 MLB Thread

    At least the Braves are over .500 at some point this year...
  13. 2018 NCAA Bracket Challenge!!

    Pepperidge Farm remembers...
  14. 2018 NCAA Bracket Challenge!!

    Take a peek. ;) #13 seeds with either an AdjO/AdjD above 50 are now 4-1 this decade against #4 seeds with either an AdjO/AdjD below 60. Buffalo’s AdjO was 47 and Arizona’s AdjD was in the 70s. Was the king of value bets to choose Buffalo and it all paid off beautifully.
  15. 2018 NCAA Bracket Challenge!!

    Stinkin’ Hokies kept me from being perfect through Day 1...
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