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  1. UVAObserver

    Bluefield Beaver

    Heard the same. That’s heartbreaking. Prayers for his family and Bluefield, WV.
  2. UVAObserver

    Bluefield’s Sean Martin

    The rest of the nation is starting to recognize that SWVA can put out quality talent.
  3. UVAObserver

    Mac McClung

    I know Boeheim survived prostate cancer. Wonder if this may be an issue related to that.
  4. UVAObserver

    Mac McClung

    I’m hoping this preference comes true Saturday. 🤣
  5. UVAObserver

    Union @ Wise Central

    Glad somebody else called out that strange and inaccurate statement made above. Graham and even Richlands have accomplished more, if you look strictly at results.
  6. UVAObserver

    2019 schedules

    To be fair, Ridgeview’s OOC schedule has been light, even to their own detriment, if you gauge their playoff results. However, to hear this argument made by someone cheering for Thomas Walker, whose fans gave patently absurd defenses of their own cakewalk scheduling, is humorous.
  7. UVAObserver

    Mac McClung

    Interesting that you’d have an account on here for 10 months yet choose this thread (and that weird pic/caption that has nothing to do with anything) as your coming out party. But hey, you do you. BTW, Georgetown is 101 in the NET, and has more Q3 and Q4 losses than Q1 wins. Banked 3s are nice, and 37-point outings are nice, but let’s keep in mind where the TEAM is. For the record, UVA has won a title. In fact, 25 of them across 6 different sports. So long as we’re keeping count of these things. Might be a good idea to wait another 10 months before posting again. See you in November, I guess.
  8. UVAObserver

    Ridgeview 59, Wise Central 41

    Good relative to the local talent, which has historically been abysmal.
  9. UVAObserver

    great coach left us today.

    I’ve been amazed at the outpouring of Hokie condolences over George Welsh’s passing. George did something at Virginia that hadn’t been done in 30 years: turn Virginia into not only a winner, but a unique program. May he Rest In Peace.
  10. UVAObserver

    Radford vs Graham?

    If I were coaching, I would put my best individual defender on Dean, and trap Ervin every single possession, multiple times per possession. Make Ervin see that trap in his dreams, and make Dean beat your #1 defender to get his. Easier said than done, especially in a system built ok help defense, but a team that executed on defense like this consistently during the course of a game will defeat Gate City.
  11. UVAObserver

    2018 Arby's Classic Thread

    We will beat VT in football 20 times over before this happens.
  12. UVAObserver

    2018 College Football Thread

    Putting any stock whatsoever in GSRs is like looking at the stock market and thinking the economy is booming. It’s a notoriously flawed, Byzantine statistic that penalizes “left eligibles”, transfers, and athletes that switch to part-time status after exhausting eligibility yet before graduating. It also does nothing to penalize schools like Duke, who funnel their athletes through gut courses in North Carolina Central to keep them eligible.
  13. UVAObserver

    Lakers Luke and Lonzo, Whats going on?

    It’s not even good trolling.
  14. UVAObserver

    Gate City vs Abingdon

    Sorry that objective facts cause you so much distress that you have to run to another board on this forum and complain about it. It’s not surprising that virtually no one outside the 24251 zip code has much positive to say about Gate City’s fans.
  15. UVAObserver

    Changes for 2019

    Surprised this would be allowed. School districts in the Shenandoah Valley and central VA aggressively redraw districts to keep schools at the top of their classifications. Note the 3 Charlottesville area high schools being in the Top 4 in 3A. I’m positive the VHSL being headquartered within an hour’s drive has nothing to do with this.