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  1. UVAObserver

    Mac McClung

    Wofford would be a fantastic option. That program is on an absolute tear, and he’s got a higher ceiling than Fletcher Magee.
  2. UVAObserver

    Mac McClung

    And his season’s over after a 1st round NIT upset. Now the off-season fireworks can begin.
  3. UVAObserver

    2019 schedules

    AAA points aren’t any good when your opponent is a lock for 2-8 at best.
  4. UVAObserver


    Kuhn’s become known as an arm killer, and that’s precisely why UVA doesn’t land top-flight pitching talent anymore. Also the reason UVA’s slided toward being a .500 team and is missing NCAA Tournaments now.
  5. UVAObserver

    State championships (3/6-3/9)

    Gate City would have beaten East Rock today, and Graham would have had a fighting chance. Radford was far and away the class of 2A hoops this year, and I’m happy to see them win! Same for Central’s girls...that’s a dynasty there!
  6. UVAObserver

    State quarterfinals

    Proud of the GMen. Put the eventual state champions in a 3-possession game well into the 4th. A struggle at times this season but a successful season!
  7. UVAObserver


    The only Union fan that got the bear is the one (singular) that predicted Union over Graham based on one (1) bad game. That’s no less idiotic now than it was then. Every Graham fan knows their season ends against Radford. Done been thumped once, and likely gonna get thumped again.
  8. UVAObserver


    Yes. Unlikely but yes.
  9. UVAObserver

    Region D Scores/Updates 2/22-2/23

    But the “experts” predicted Union to beat Graham!
  10. UVAObserver

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    Greyson Allen had SOME self-control...
  11. UVAObserver

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    Post of the 2018-2019 academic year.
  12. UVAObserver

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

  13. UVAObserver

    Region D Tournaments

    Yes, let’s overrreact to the results of one game instead of comparing an entire season of work. Graham should win. Graham won’t win if Graham plays like last night, but Graham should rightly be favored.
  14. UVAObserver

    AA & A State Championships...

    This will never be matched again in VHSL history. Kinda like Cy Young’s wins record...permanent.
  15. UVAObserver

    Akers Out at GC?

    This. And not only are most SWVA coaches lurking here, many from east of the New River do as well.