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  1. UVAObserver

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 5

    Abingdon Musselman, WV Giles Radford John Battle Graham Union Ridgeview Grayson Co. William Byrd Bluefield, WV Bland Co. Holston George Wythe Twin Valley Hurley JI Burton Rye Cove Eastside Chilhowie Virginia No. 1 Alabama No. 12 West Virginia No. 13 Virginia Tech No. 17 TCU Florida No. 7 Stanford Atlanta Green Bay Jacksonville Los Angeles Rams Seattle New England Game of the Week: Grundy - 57
  2. UVAObserver

    Union at GC

    I’ve said for 3 years now that we have the Jimmies and Joes but not Xs and Os. Hard to fire a coach that perennially goes 8-2 and gets to the 2nd/3rd round of the playoffs, especially with the two that came before.
  3. It will. They all do, and another program will rise to take its place.
  4. UVAObserver

    Richlands at Blacksburg....

    Pretty much this. Even a 5-5 Richlands team likely makes it with ease.
  5. UVAObserver

    VOTE for the Week 5 Top 10

    (1) Bluefield (2) Bluefield (3) Ridgeview (4) Pulaski (5) Union (6) Chilhowie (7) Graham (8) Galax (9) Mount View [welcome to the list!] (10) Abingdon
  6. But what about the old adage: “If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife”?
  7. UVAObserver

    FB SCORES Week of 9-12 through 9-17-2018

    Biggest win in the consolidated Ridgeview’s history. It took a few years, but the magic’s back in Dickenson County.
  8. UVAObserver

    FB SCORES Week of 9-12 through 9-17-2018

    That’s some Simonesque running up of the score...
  9. You know that when VT finally wins a national championship (it might be in 2050, but it has to happen sometime), you’ll act like that non-revenue sport (wrestling, men’s soccer, etc.) is the only sport that has ever existed. Just like VT fans acted like the men’s hammer throw was an NCAA team sport when VT had an athlete place 1st individually some years back. But if you really want to pull that card, at least UVA has been ranked #1 in both revenue sports. Even football. 🙂
  10. UVAObserver

    Big game at Warrior stadium!

    That’s a result that should put 1A on notice. Unlike last year, Chilhowie is a legitimate threat to bring home a state championship this year.
  11. VT v. NCSU for the NCAA Beleaguered Championship, for the 9th year in a row
  12. UVA won a whopping 1 NCAA Boxing title, in 1938. UVA has won 5 Men’s Lacrosse titles (the fastest growing sport among HS youth by participation, BTW), which is two less than the number won by the Men’s Soccer team (and given your love of all things Chelsea, it’s a bit harder for you to claim that no one cares about soccer). Baseball is quite clearly a sport, a UVA has an NCAA title in that as well. Here’s the breakdown: Men’s Soccer: 7 Men’s Lacrosse: 5 Men’s Tennis: 4 Women’s Lacrosse: 3 Women’s Rowing: 2 Women’s Cross Country: 2 Baseball: 1 Boxing: 1 (defunct) This doesn’t include the ITA Men’s Tennis titles (6) or the pre-NCAA sponsored Men’s Lacrosse (2) or Women’s Indoor T&F (1) titles. I would encourage VT to become ranked #1 in any sport for 1 measly week (again, that has never happened, which is all the more mindblowing).
  13. UVAObserver

    Week 4 Game Reschedules

    And then the VT Football program just compounds it. One, to think that Matthew (a minimal hurricane at that time that was 80 Miles offshore) is comparable to a direct hit from a Category 4 hurricane. Two, to add gasoline to the already hot flames Babcock created. https://mobile.twitter.com/joeovies/status/1039638192381677568
  14. UVAObserver

    Week 4 Game Reschedules

    As well he should. Pretty tone deaf to be critical of a team when Fayetteville is about to get jackhammered by a major hurricane. I can’t particularly fault ECU for declining to come when they may well not be able to get back for a week plus.
  15. UVAObserver

    Week 4 Game Reschedules

    Hokies got skeert of mighty ECU! 😆 I hear there’s a stadium in Morgantown that’s free Saturday!