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  1. edrforshey

    Park View of Sterling cancels their season

    Got the answer on Loudoun Valley vs Parkview It was ruled a no contest by the VHSL Lori at VHSL answered my email late Friday afternoon
  2. edrforshey

    Park View of Sterling cancels their season

    Question Loudon Valley was suppose to play Parkview this week 9/21 Loudon Valley never found a replacement game Does Loudon Valley get a forfeit win from Parkview If so in WV AAA Ratings Martinsburg would get a bonus point which could be a huge point at the end of the year
  3. edrforshey

    Gate Money

    WV home team gets the gate unless in the contract a % is given to the guest team WV playoffs 1st round both teams spit 20% of the gate so about 10% each, WVSSAC gets 80% after the expenses WV playoffs 2nd round both teams split 15% of gate or about 7.5% each, WVSSAC gets 85% after the expenses WV playoffs semifinals both teams split 10% of gate or about 5% each, WVSSAC gets 90% after the expenses WV Championship both teams split 5% of gate or about 2.5% each, WVSSAC gets 95% after expenses Anyone else see a problem, Bigger the Game Less the Schools make
  4. edrforshey

    VHSL website Football Schedules

    VA schedules are posted https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k2PryaprIBiP8aYYz4m5UQ4JFWp_RoTw/view
  5. edrforshey

    VHSL website Football Schedules

    Anyone heard when the VHSL will be posting the 2018 Football Schedules on their site
  6. edrforshey

    Looking for 5 VA 2018 Schedules

    Grundy Hurley Narrows Richlands Twin Valley
  7. edrforshey

    WV state championship games

    I was wishing that shit hole would just float down the Ohio River with the water
  8. edrforshey

    Twin Valley @ East Ridge moved to Thursday

    Anyone have a final score?
  9. edrforshey

    Wildest thing you seen a player or team do in a game

    Parkersburg down 18-0 with 6:39 to play in the game vs Huntington in 1999 2nd round of playoffs. without any time outs and without the ball, Scores 4 TDs in that time frame, I got called back, recovered back to back on side kicks missed what would have been a game tieing FG with 3 seconds left, scores on final play to win 21-18 went on 2 weeks later to win the WV AAA Championship 3/4 of the people at the game didn't know Parkersburg had won until the 11:00 news , this was before wvmetronews gamenight
  10. http://www.vhsl.org/doc/upload/fb-2017-master-schedule.pdf
  11. edrforshey

    Looking for Alleghany Schedule

    updated as of 6/13
  12. edrforshey

    Looking for Narrows 2017 Football Schedule

    Updated as of 6/13 NARROWS 8/25 9/01 (H) Bland 9/08 (A) Montcalm, WV 9/15 9/22 9/29 (A) Holston 10/6 (H) Covington 10/13 10/20 (A) Craig County 10/27 (A) Bath County 11/3
  13. edrforshey

    Looking for Covington 2017 Football Schedule: Done

    Got it today from Covington Athletic Director by email
  14. edrforshey

    Looking for Alleghany Schedule

    I have the following: 8/25 (A) Covington 9/01 9/08 9/15 9/22 9/29 (A) Greenbrier East, WV 10/6 10/13 10/20 (A) Carroll County 10/27 11/3 (H) Floyd County