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  1. I think rv is improving and there d played great 90% of the game but to me they did seem to start getting wore down in the 2nd half ....... there is no doubt union is a better team than Lee not that Lee is not capable of pulling an upset if union comes out going through the motions
  2. That does not concern me in the least Scrimmage = Practice.....I would like to know what Lee is running this year the kid that hurt us last season graduated was wondering who has stepped up for them because pre season I thought that they would be on the weaker side of things
  3. What is Lee doing differently this season? I have not heard anything other than they are a good team
  4. Except sproles is jr
  5. Hill would have been the best player on the field in most games that season so losing him was a huge blow and probably understated.....He was 3rd team at the time and has grown into a solid QB but at the time he was thrown to the wolves so to speak
  6. The 1st RV team lost there best player in week 1 and were on there 3rd string QB by game 3 not sure that play calling was there biggest issue that season
  7. Ridgeview defense really stepped up last night and limited central qb to an extent I did not think possible.....on offense they took what central gave them with several players stepping up with big plays and the freshman rb has a chance to be a special player over the next 4 years.........rv needs to take this win build off it and get ready for union next Friday Central is a solid team and they need to use this loss as a tool to work on mixing up there play calling there qb is a solid passer and a great runner but if you only run 5 plays you are really helping out the defense
  8. I think RV is the more balanced team but Central has a weapon in Mullins that a team can sell out to stop and still NOT stop. RV will have the benefit of playing 2 teams for 8 qtrs. before seeing Central as opposed to the last 2 years when opening with Jenkins led to there starters seeing about 1 qrt of playing time
  9. Any recap of this one
  10. So how many people made the game this evening post a pic of the crowd
  11. I don't think Grundy has much in the way of a passing threat. There RBs looked pretty good in that unbalanced set but I don't think that they have the patients to grind it our 3 or 4 yards at a time. The big challenge for Grundy is finding a way to slow down Centrals QB
  12. Good but not great size on the line 2 solid running backs. vs RV they had success overloading a side and pitching the ball that way They will load the box and bring 7 or 8 every play but there pass coverage is not very good. Central should be OK in this one but Grundy is a better team this year than they were last season if they can cut down on there penalties and contain the Central QB they can give themselves a shot
  13. I think RV will be a better team than last season I do not see them being world beaters by any means but 5-5, 6-4 is a reasonable expectation. I will have a better Idea after this Friday vs what I understand to be a much improved Grundy team
  14. Union should win by as much as they want, Ridgeview's starters did about what they wanted in the 1st half of the scrimmage scoring on 3 of there 1st 4 possessions Burton did not really move the ball all that much until subs started getting more playing time at which point Burton looked to be the better team . Not knocking RV who I think will be an improved team this season but if Union is a legit Contender in the region this season Burton would have had to have had a much better showing to think that the score would be close past the 1st qtr
  15. Really do not think Ridgeview played anywhere close to perfect as 1 of there starters sat out with an ankle injury and 3 others were in such bad foul trouble early that they did not all see the court at the same time until the 4th qtr. Was a hard fought game by both teams and I think both teams have the ability to play a better than they did in there 1st matchup.