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  1. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    There is no way he can be back with any type of mobility
  2. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    Remind me what happened to him to put him out?
  3. Grayson co. Vs Ridgeview

    30 Crue Cassell OL/LB 11 5'10'' 265 30 Logan Rebollar FB/DL 11 6'0'' 215 What number is Crue? I assume that at 5 10 and 260 he will not be covering the backs out of the backfield?
  4. Grayson co. Vs Ridgeview

    It will be interesting, I think Graysons best chance is to take the air out of the ball and try to control the clock. RV on the other hand needs to force Grayson to spread out there D and cover there playmakers in space. The limited film I saw of Grayson did not make me think that they were overly big (I am sure that they will be bigger than RV given that has been the case for the 1st 10 games this season) I would be interested in the opinions of Marion since they played them earlier in the season On a side note This will also be Gaysons 1st game on Artificial turf and while I don't think that in itself is that big a deal there local paper had quoted there coach in saying that they would have to get access to practicing on turf this week and IMHO taking a team out of there routine can be a bigger deal.
  5. Grayson co. Vs Ridgeview

    Do they play the veer with wide splits? What type of D do they run?
  6. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    It is the playoffs lose and you go home every team is under pressure unless they are just happy to be there and I am sure that is not the case with Richlands I think Union is the stronger team but I do worry that there lack of diversity on offence will hurt them somewhere along the way and a team like Richlands that is used to playing late in the playoffs almost every season and has been seasoned with tough games all season and has a famaluorty with Union is in a position to pull a 8 vs 1 upset That being said I think Union is the better team and should win this one all be it much closer that traditional 8 vs 1 seat games
  7. Grayson co. Vs Ridgeview

  8. Grayson co. Vs Ridgeview

    What offense does Grayson run and how is there kicking game Heard great things about there d so I look for a low scoring game
  9. Union @ Abingdon

    I hope someone still has that video of the PV fans racing to the top of the stands that was great LOL
  10. Gerald Sensabaugh @ Crocket

    How so no different than a radar setup or road checks ....I think traffic light cameras have already set the bar president wise
  11. Gerald Sensabaugh @ Crocket

    In a few years there will be "Smart Plates" that will allow a officer to scan and "Run" the plates of all Cars in an area this will be sold as an anti discrimination measure but will in reality allow officers to cast a wider net.
  12. Week 5 Region C and D Power Points

    In this system the 1st 3 rounds will be relatively free of crazy travel times
  13. Lee vs ridgeveiw

    I think rv is improving and there d played great 90% of the game but to me they did seem to start getting wore down in the 2nd half ....... there is no doubt union is a better team than Lee not that Lee is not capable of pulling an upset if union comes out going through the motions
  14. Lee vs ridgeveiw

    That does not concern me in the least Scrimmage = Practice.....I would like to know what Lee is running this year the kid that hurt us last season graduated was wondering who has stepped up for them because pre season I thought that they would be on the weaker side of things
  15. Lee vs ridgeveiw

    What is Lee doing differently this season? I have not heard anything other than they are a good team
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