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  1. I did officiate that Haysi/SN game.
  2. They did the first year Union existed I believe.
  3. I remember North basically staying foot to foot splits and just running wedge plays it seemed like to power the ball down the field.
  4. Being the respectful person I am, I am able to overlook peoples faults....like being the Bama fan you are.
  5. Please dont associate me with Mike Pereira. I was trying to avoid this post to be honest as long as no one asked for me. As for the play, from the clip shown I do believe it was an illegal blindside block. I would like a different angle just to be 100% sure but it does appear to meet the definition of the rule. Personally, I will admit that this has been one of the hardest rules I have had to adjust to. I missed one in a benefit game this year that I knew I should have called in retrospect. My crew had one in the game Friday night that was in a shared area that one of my crew members flagged and I didnt. I thought there may have been open hands initiate the block. He disagreed and we went with it. I would rather flag something I know 100% than something I am only 50% sure I saw. He felt 100% about it and that was good enough for me. I will also say, a flag or not wouldnt have changed the outcome of the young man being hurt so there is no need for anything like that to be brought up by anyone. That was a veteran crew who worked that game, which I had the pleasure of joining in a state semifinal game 2 seasons ago. We aren't perfect, but I will say we have some great people who are putting the time in to get better and represent this area well on the field, and hopefully not be a noticeable part of the game.
  6. I assume your son played at North and had played Happy Valley on Saturday night. Those officials that day were mens men wearing short sleeve shirts though.
  7. That right there isnt exactly fair to the kids on GCs team nor the ones they have faced so far. Richlands and Abingdon are not as explosive as last year but they have done pretty well for themselves this year so far. South has been better than expected. Daniel Boone is a solid club. Yes Union lost their starting QB but that doesnt mean they became terrible because of it. Different dynamics, YES, but still quality opponents.
  8. Not for quite a while IMO. The infrastructure of the county doesnt support it. I believe the first step would be shutting down TS as their numbers keep falling. This would move kids from Nicklesville/Snowflake to GC and Fort Blackmore/Dungannon to Rye Cove. GC and RC are two very old school buildings, but the county has done a good job of maintaining them. You really cant just merge RC/TS to make a bigger school. If Scott was to ever build a single consolidated school it would have to be placed near the 72/71 intersection or near the quarry pond off 23. Moccasin Gap funnels so many kids through from Hiltons/Weber City/Yuma it becomes a challenge on how you would ever split the county into two new schools with similar enrollments.
  9. Didnt hurt that another Scott County school who ran the T got kicked up to D2 those two years......
  10. Dobyns Bennett http://athletics.k12k.com/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=573072&type=d&pREC_ID=1068058
  11. Correct.
  12. I hope that is not how is played out.
  13. That was an incredible team. Amazing that GC wins the title in 97 but not in 96 with what was a superior team. It just goes to show sometimes its better to be lucky than better than your opponent.
  14. I would love to try the Bearded Moose sometime with all the talk. I wish they were open for post game meals for when I do venture up to Richlands.
  15. Oh the stories Bill could tell. I was thinking about him on Friday, after wishing Hoople was still around. I wasnt sure if he was still alive or not to be honest.