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  1. Region D Brackets

    Clock continued to run on after a whistle last night during the PH/RC game in the 4th. Whistle came at 3:48 left in the game. Clock wasnt stopped until 3:40. I may have been a little vocal trying to get their attention as someone who is used to trying to keep an eye on the clock after a play. It got reset to 3:45 after a discussion with the officials.
  2. Region D Brackets

    For those who may want to listen to the Central/Graham game currently going on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9FUA_0U6K8
  3. UVA Wise

    Good attendance but it wasnt packed.
  4. Region D Brackets

    I got there in the 4th of the Eastside/Chilhowie game yesterday. Heard Eastside got off to a slow start but it was a 20pt game when I got there. VA High seemed to beat Ridgeview to every 50/50 ball. 22 for Va High had a heckuva game and when they had the lead late 5 couldnt be caught and kept the clock moving. RC/PH was a great game and I am happy for my friends and family who eeked out a win. RC only led the last 39 seconds of the game. The Yarber kid from PH has a bright future. 6-2 I believe I heard was her height and played well older than most freshman. It was fun seeing her and Abigail Roller from RC battle. An all Cumberland final for 1RD title. The experience seemed to win out when the rubber met the road.
  5. Can Mac get past 2770?

    What happened/is happening with Carlock?
  6. Can Mac get past 2770?

    Second time. Cleveland is a team that is probably better than Graham by a little bit I do believe.
  7. Can Mac get past 2770?

    You better have some guards who can handle the ball extremely well. Graham is probably the only team in D who could play this style and survive.
  8. The End of an Era!

    You hate to see someone walk away who has meant so much to a community. It sounds like the retirement is well deserved and I hope he enjoys every moment of it.
  9. Region D Brackets

    Rye Cove 64 Honaker 33 Final GBB
  10. Can Mac get past 2770?

    The question is does Scott County get the Answer on Wednesday night?
  11. That was Jeff Herron (Gate City)s former program from a few years ago. After retiring from there he went to a private school for 1 year, and then jumped to Grayson (GA) last year and won a state title and left to take the TL Hanna (Radio fame) HC gig.
  12. Can Mac get past 2770?

    No one at the moment except when ballislife does them. Joe Carter a former RC football HC was doing them last year but the GC radio station shut down and he tried getting sponsorship to do it online. It seems that never got off the ground.
  13. Region D Brackets

  14. Region D Brackets

    I was watching on a facebook live stream. They were separate techs on different players at different times. Both on the Williams kids I believe. One after being called for his 4th foul that he disagreed with and his mannerisms on the video was obvious he didnt like it, but no clue what he said. Then about 1.5 minutes later in the game the other Williams kid fouled out and went very close to the ref reporting the foul as he walked off the floor and received a T. There was also another T earlier in the game against TW looking at the stat sheet.
  15. Region D Brackets

    Rye Cove boys defeat Thomas Walker 69-54 in the Cumberland consolation game. Didnt completely expect that with the loss of Trey Pennington. I assume they will hit the road to face Honaker also.
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