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  1. 1inStripes

    Congrats to Chris Akers

    Looking at scores in the area I wondered if CG or Middlesboro may be a pickup TW would try to make.
  2. 1inStripes

    Richlands vs Graham

    Zack Berry. One of the top players in the region that year. He lived in PVs backfield on defense that day hurrying up Robbins as well.
  3. 1inStripes

    Richlands vs Graham

    I agree they werent a threat. PV was the dominant team that year in the region. RCs losses were to Haysi and a 28-21 loss to Honaker who won the BDD and lost by 2 at GC that same day. D1 was where they belonged though, but they made a proper showing for themselves was my only point.
  4. 1inStripes

    Richlands vs Graham

    A bad RC team? The game was 7-6 with a minute to go in the 3rd quarter. Yes, RC should not have been D2. Most likely they win D1 if they are there that year. RC gave PV more of a fight in the playoffs than the Region C champs did. Yes I am sure PV overlooked them, but RC didnt just roll over and let PV dominate them either.
  5. 1inStripes

    EH31 Frosty Thread

    Fatboys like me dont complain about free food period. I prefer chocolate, but I wont complain with the other.
  6. 1inStripes


    I have admitted on here before some of these calls are the hardest for me to make in todays game. That being said, yes it can be called on a ball carrier. I played with one who could have been flagged a few times for this type of foul when he ran the ball because he would use his helmet to punish a DB who wanted to take him on from time to time. It is still a very uncommon foul though by a ball carrier.
  7. 1inStripes

    Coaching Hot Seat/Coach Looking To Move On

    1-5. Beat Hancock. Lost to Hurley, Patrick Henry, Thomas Walker, Eastside, and Castlewood.
  8. 1inStripes

    New Podcast Questions???

    Depends on which crowd you are surveying on a Friday night....
  9. 1inStripes

    New Podcast Questions???

    Since we have continually discussed things centered around the fields/stadiums/concessions, which trips do you look forward to for the stops along the way or returning for food or whatever?
  10. 1inStripes

    2018 MLB Thread

    Nats hitting didnt improve any this year either I would venture to say.
  11. 1inStripes

    What would happen?

    My apologies.
  12. 1inStripes

    What would happen?

    I only saw the Appo team twice, and they were very good, but I dont think last years Union or RE Lee stay within 4 TDs of 98 PV, and they gave Appo all they could handle.
  13. 1inStripes

    Rescue Squad

    Our rural EMS groups are really hurting. We are fortunate in my area that we have some really good dedicated people working but other parts of Scott County have been hit hard with issues recently as well, and I know that is common place anymore.
  14. 1inStripes

    Rescue Squad

    There is no rule like that that I am aware of either. Maybe a rule a county may have in place but it would be a common sense approach to football games.
  15. 1inStripes


    Jason Peterson - Offense Zack Berry - Defense