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  1. 1inStripes

    LL Southeast Regionals

    I didnt realize the person who was coaching the Boone team was Freddie Saul apparently who graduated from Twin Springs. Freddie was on the basketball teams in the mid 90s if I am not mistaken at TS.
  2. 1inStripes

    Podcast Questions?

    Seeing what appears to be some 6 man mechanics with two guys around the numbers back deep officiating is rough to see.
  3. 1inStripes

    Speaking of Helmets...

    BSN sells to multiple schools in the area. I used them for my travel softball team this past season.
  4. 1inStripes

    Park View of Sterling cancels their season

    I noticed in the article Manassas Park mentioned as possibly shutting down the football program as well. Isnt that the same school who beat PV for the title in the mid 00's?
  5. 1inStripes


    Most coaches dont get paid enough for the time they put into it and impact that can create on the young lives they lead. A minority just draw a check and that is all. Those cant be culled fast enough.
  6. 1inStripes

    Scrimmage Games and Jamborees?

    So the Ridgeview/Chilhowie game is a benefit game and not a jamboree? I saw a 5:30 start time also and assumed it was part of a jamboree.
  7. 1inStripes

    Speaking of Helmets...

    I think Eastsides would look a little better is the E was smaller but not bad. I think each coach should put their own touch on the program if they can when they come in and helmets are a good way to do it when buying new jerseys isnt feasible for everyone. TWs is an old school design for them but updated it enough with color changes that it looks really clean.
  8. 1inStripes

    Scrimmage Games and Jamborees?

    I believe it is Thomas Walker instead of Twin Springs that will be at Central.
  9. 1inStripes

    Top returners...

    You are throwing that R word around awfully loosely. I have a hard time with some new rules and adjusting to call them. Its against my football nature as well, but in a day and age of litigation many rules have been added to try and protect the sport. Some have their place, and some I think are unnecessary but I and many others who feel that way will do our best to apply the rules appropriately.
  10. 1inStripes

    Top returners...

    While I agree with you on many things here, I expect that the NFL is ramping up the flags for this penalty in the preseason to try and get it in players heads since very few people are watching. Then they will dial it back as the season starts. I hope I am right on this one at least. HS already has the rules in place to make a difference here IMO without a need to increase their frequency.
  11. 1inStripes


    If only Hogo Sportz was still around with his old website.
  12. 1inStripes

    Pine Ears

    I saw an old picture of a school around Knoxville that use to have a Pioneer looking character in the football stance like the old Patriots helmets. Thought it would be a good look for TW or Lebanon that I havent seen around here.
  13. 1inStripes

    Pine Ears

    I thought it was a matte gray instead of tan in a picture I saw.
  14. 1inStripes

    LL Southeast Regionals

    Have saw quite a few of those girls play travel ball with Hit Chicks. That organization has an appropriate name as they flat out put the bat on the ball. Not unusual to see some girls from Gate City playing with them also.
  15. 1inStripes

    Donald Trump

    No more so than when Obama told Medvedev he could be more flexible to Putin after his last election was over. Only one was done out in the open trying to encourage goodwill with a foreign leader (yes one I dont trust), and the other didnt realize his mic was hot and got caught playing backroom politics. Either way, the "overwhelming evidence" looks just as bad on Obama as it does Trump.