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  1. 1inStripes

    Lou Wacker

    #WackerBacker I about got him killed in practice one day. Thankfully he made it another 19+ years. RIP Coach.
  2. 1inStripes

    2019 schedules

    Scheduling can be complex. I dont blame TW one bit for trying to get Cumberland Gap, Harlan, Claiborne County, Hancock, Pineville or Middlesboro for their out of district games. Winning leads to revenue and revenue is coveted by all schools. TW is a lot better than Hancock at the moment. Other than that, these other teams I have listed are at TW's skill level, or better and under an hour away I believe.
  3. 1inStripes

    History with Hayes: "Pop" Robinson

    Thought it was a pretty cool connection for Chris Low to the area when I saw that last night, and apparently still visits given the photo he posted at Robbins Chapel.
  4. 1inStripes

    Softball/Baseball Schedules

    Gate City is returning to Hunter Wright this year.
  5. I want to hear sixcats story.
  6. 1inStripes

    Lee High School

    PMS and JMS also hold 5th grade now as well.
  7. 1inStripes

    Lee High School

    Flatwoods was very close to Jonesville. The old HS now, elementary school is located not far from the airport. Before Lee's consolidation, Keokee, Dryden, Flatwoods, Jonesville and Pennington were all HS. There is nothing wrong with them getting more money if they can, but Id be surprised if they can when they arent creating more students in the process, or buildings. If they do, will it be enough to properly offset additional costs associated of restoring things for each HS properly. Also, many school buildings in Lee are in deep need of refurbishment or replacement. They have put theirselves in a bind much like Wise County of was in IMO.
  8. 1inStripes

    Lee High School

    I heard about it last night, saying their thinking is they will get more state money to do so. I cant imagine that is true unless some new legislation is enacted. The crazy part is they were ready to tear down JMS and PMS last year if they could get the money to build new middle schools. I do wish the old Cumberland could somewhat be reborn with Jonesville and Pennington being added but I just dont see this flying.
  9. 1inStripes

    WCYB Friday Night Rivals

    I guess it depends on what they classify as week 1. TN and VAs week 1, or TN's week 0 as WCYBs week 1.
  10. 1inStripes

    Bluefield Beaver

    Prayers of comfort for the family, friends, and Bluefield community as a whole.
  11. 1inStripes

    2019 schedules

    Jackets would have been tougher. Much tougher to win on the road in KY historically for SWVA schools too.
  12. 1inStripes

    2019 schedules

    Unicoi County is closer. Hang a left toward Elizabethton and head toward Stoney Creek.
  13. 1inStripes

    2019 schedules

    Scratch that. They have now opted to not go through the Cumberland Gap and instead drive by Johnson City, TN for an opponent.
  14. 1inStripes

    Ridgeview 59, Wise Central 41

    None taken. RC is starting three freshman this year. Those boys are talented and play hard, but most 14 year olds are going to struggle playing 25+ minutes a night at the varsity level. The first player off the bench is a freshman as well. Future is bright but this season is probably gonna have more downs than ups.
  15. 1inStripes

    Trevor Lawrence

    Just another reason to hate Butch Jones.