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  1. New SWVA Sports Pod Series

    Trazel does live in Johnson City. Calvin lives there or Gray as well I believe. I think Calvin is a sales rep or Pepsi or Coke I think. Ran into in at WalMart in Kingsport one day and talked to him for a while. Both would be great interviews. Thomas is a great about doing these types of things. I had another friend who has a podcast who interviewed Thomas just about 3 months ago and said it was much easier to make happen than he would have expected.
  2. New SWVA Sports Pod Series

    Carroll is still around. I will probably see him next Friday at the UVA Athletics golf tourney.
  3. Transfer?

    Not gonna happen. http://www.insidenova.com/sports/prince_william/vhsl-approves-change-to-postseason-transfer-rule/article_caee9ca0-01c3-11e8-bb80-2b6e188743ad.html
  4. Travel Ball - Pros and Cons - Let's hear it

    The biggest thing I believe in baseball is wearing out pitchers and catchers. Pitchers get the majority of attention but I do believe it takes a toll on kids knees catching as much as they can. Other than that, its different for every kid and finding the right mix of coaches who teach the game the right way and that a child feels comfortable with. Personalities matter and how things are handled. Finding people who do the right thing isnt hard. Getting on those teams can be. The next next thing is just not playing the love of the game out of the players. It varies from kid to kid. Its okay to have a kid who doesnt want to play a weekend and pick someone up if you have to than drive them away from the game. It doesnt mean they dont love the game or want to get better. Some coaches have a hard time accepting that IMO. As for Pros, if you want to get better its hard to beat game situation reps. Its even harder to beat getting them against good competition. Its no different than AAU basketball in that process.
  5. 2018 MLB Thread

    Sure didnt look good early but a nice rally and walk off to start the season.
  6. Transfer?

    Wrong type of pipe.......jk
  7. Deleted topic. No interest from board.

    Midseason out of district games will mean even less now than they ever did before in baseball.
  8. 2018 NCAA Bracket Challenge!!

    They have to play Duke first. If Duke wins it all it will be the complete antithesis of every other Duke title team. They play absolutely 0 defense. Flat out terrible at it. Talented O no doubt but if they struggle shooting in one of these games they will get the doors blown off of them.
  9. 2018 NCAA Bracket Challenge!!

    ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK for me the rest of the way.
  10. 2018 NCAA Bracket Challenge!!

    Left side of my bracket......trash. Right side...got both F4 teams left at least and my champ.
  11. Gate City State Champs

    I heard they were a wild bunch from some friends from Eastside who were in attendance.
  12. Baseball and Softball Schedules

    Rye Cove Softball Tuesday 3/13 @ Union 5PM PPD Thursday 3/15 @ Lee 5PM PPD Monday 3/19 Council 5PM RC 15 C 0 Tuesday 3/20 Union 4:30PM Thursday 3/22 Central 4:30 (Benefit game) Monday 3/26 @ Council 5PM Tuesday 3/27 Lee 5PM Thursday 3/29 @ Patrick Henry 4:30PM Thursday 4/5 Eastman Invitational 2 games TBD Tuesday 4/10 Castlewood 5PM Wednesday 4/11 JI Burton 5PM Friday 4/13 @ Thomas Walker 5PM Monday 4/16 Patrick Henry 5PM Tuesday 4/17 Twin Springs 5PM Friday 4/20 Eastside 5PM Monday 4/23 @ JI Burton 5PM Monday 4/30 @ Castlewood 5PM Tuesday 5/1 Thomas Walker 5PM Tuesday 5/8 @ Twin Springs 5PM Thursday 5/10 @ Eastside 5PM
  13. Baseball and Softball Schedules

    Rye Cove Baseball Friday 3/16 Hancock County, TN 4PM DH GM 1 RC 4 HC 0 GM2 RC 3 HC 2 Tuesday 3/20 Holston 4PM Thursday 3/29 @Hancock County, TN 4PM DH Monday 4/2 J Frank White, TN 3PM DH Tuesday 4/3 @ Eastside TBD Friday 4/6 JI Burton 5PM Tuesday 4/10 Castlewood 5PM Friday 4/13 @ Thomas Walker 5PM Tuesday 4/17 Twin Springs 3PM DH Friday 4/20 Eastside 5PM Tuesday 4/24 @ JI Burton TBD Monday 4/30 @ Castlewood 5PM Tuesday 5/1 Thomas Walker 5PM Friday 5/4 @ Twin Springs 3PM DH
  14. Graham Clark Resigns

    I wasnt aware Norris had retired also. Clark always had a way with words.
  15. Central Lady Warriors

    champ himself kept the girls teams in more discussions than most boys teams in the area.
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