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  1. SWVA Best

    Steve Marsee is the one player from SWVA I would have loved to have seen play. The stories of him at Pennington in the 70s are something else. Had an offer to play for Mears at TN.
  2. Hampton - 85, Bluefield College - 68

    Fairly accurate when it comes to App State. I remember as well 2008 UVA-Wise almost upset them before falling 82-77. 2010 was the King victory over the Mountaineers 87-76. Each game had a fair share of Scott County kids participating was a the big reason of interest.
  3. Hampton - 85, Bluefield College - 68

    It was nice when King beat App State a few years ago while King was still NAIA I believe in a regular season game. Probably been 8-10 years ago as well.
  4. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    But he played football too didnt he. Or should I say "they".
  5. Grayson co. Vs Ridgeview

    There would be an option by the team in last possession of the ball for a loose ball play. They can either replay the down or count the "down" and take possession of the ball for the next down where possession was lost.
  6. Has the VHSL posted 2nd round dates and times for all playoff games?

    Sounds about right. I was figuring 1:30. I know a few years ago when Graham/Union faced off they played on Friday instead of Saturday. Not sure if Graham had the option then or not though.
  7. Has the VHSL posted 2nd round dates and times for all playoff games?

    How far from Bluefield to Hansonsville via bus? You are only talking an hour from Hansonville to Big Stone I believe.
  8. Has the VHSL posted 2nd round dates and times for all playoff games?

    I dont know about the state as a whole but I do have the local games if that helps. 11/17/2017 Fri 7:00 PM Graham Grayson County 11/17/2017 Fri 7:00 PM Patrick Henry J.I. Burton 11/17/2017 Fri 7:00 PM Galax Parry McCluer 11/17/2017 Fri 7:00 PM Chilhowie Hurley 11/17/2017 Fri 7:00 PM Union Marion
  9. Grayson co. Vs Ridgeview

    For those extra intense games I am always thankful when the local police are there to help escort us away from the field just in case. Its been rare that its ever been truly needed but there is comfort in that, staying together as a group and hustling into the dressing facility.
  10. Smyth County Volleyball

    I got to see some video of last nights game via some Facebook live videos a parent had done between Chilhowie and RC. Quite a fun match to watch and hope they get to square off again on Tuesday.
  11. Volleyball

    I havent seen anything on them. I knew they came to Burton and played a couple of weeks ago but that was about all I have seen on them. Will be interesting to see how the brackets end up being worked out for Region D in volleyball/basketball/baseball/softball with the new format this year.
  12. Volleyball

    It seems odd seeing some schools already doing regionals and finishing this week as D-1A starts Monday. Marion and Union are in the D-2A finals and I have heard really good things about Union all year. Is Marion looking at another title? Being an alum I know Rye Coves volleyball history pretty well but saw a state in the paper today after their touney title last night that was still a little shocking. Rye Cove has won the Cumberland 30 of the last 34 years. They also have 20 regional titles to go along with it. With the HOGO being in Region D now, who is playing well up there this year?
  13. KHSAA Playoffs (teams that played SWVA teams)

    I have drove by on my way to Charleston before and would loved to have seen a game at the old field.
  14. 2017 World Series Thread

    I know the Cubs werent the team they were last year. I just didnt trust the Dodgers or Nats. Both are choke artists. As an NL guy, maybe the Dodgers prove me wrong although I still think of the Astros as an NL team too.
  15. 2017 World Series Thread

    When the playoffs started I picked Astros over Cubs for the title. I thought the Dodgers would choke and Houston is managed better. Kershaw was lights out Game 1. I went to bed middle of the 10th and hoped to finish watching the game there the other night. Fell asleep before they got the bottom of the 10th started. I still think Houston wins, probably in 6.
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