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  1. blues88

    State semifinals

    66-54 Radford
  2. blues88

    State semifinals

    17-16 Gate City end of 1
  3. blues88

    State quarterfinals

    Thank you! I wasn't for sure, just remembering the Gate City/Graham last year at Tazewell.
  4. blues88

    State quarterfinals

    Will tickets be sold at the door or do you have to buy them presale?
  5. blues88

    Graham @ Richlands.

    Is the Horn kid playing for Richlands?
  6. blues88

    What is going on with Richlands

    Not havin 7 hold back kids really hurts them this year.
  7. blues88

    Graham @ Richlands

    Graham girls picked up their 3rd win of the year against Richlands
  8. blues88

    Graham @ Richlands

    105.5 fm 33-18 Graham
  9. blues88

    Union @ Richlands

    Girls lost by 40? WOW!
  10. blues88

    Martinsville at Graham

    I think that would be awful hard to stop, 5 wide with Cousin running the wild cat.
  11. blues88

    2016 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 7

    Abingdon Central VA High Union Graham RHS Giles JIB Castlewood Eastside Hanncock Chilhowie PH GW Narrows Galax OKlahoma LSU UNC TN USC Alabama Miami Baltimore Minn Pitts Denver Dallas GB Hurley 49
  12. blues88

    Score Updates - 9/30/16

    Richlands did receive opening kickoff because Bluefield elected to kick instead of defer to second half
  13. blues88

    Score Updates - 9/30/16

    Td pass by Cody fuller. 28-21 Richlands. Good job Cody!
  14. blues88

    2016 SWVA Sports Pick'Em Week 5

    Grundy Marion PH Central Union Lee Floyd Richlands Rural Retreat Hurley TV JIB Castlewood Thomas Walker Chilhowie Bland Parry McClure Narrows Ole Miss Mich. St. VT UVA WV Tenn Pitts Michigan Stanford Texas A&M Pakland Baltimore Denver Carolina New York Dallas Giles 46
  15. blues88

    2016 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 4

    abingdon grundy marion lebanon richlands bluefield lee union glenvar tazewell giles honaker hurley twin valley ji burton tw ph tenn fl.st miami uconn oregon alabama ok st vt lsu michigan st ohio st cinn washington ne tampa bay denver gb george wythe 42