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  1. Richlands vs....

    I'll go different with my suggestion to eat I have had some great experiences at the Bearded Moose but also two not so great experiences. I would go with Roma's and get the garlic knots with pepperoni and cheese.
  2. Tazewell @ Virginia High

    The Richlands series I'm going to guess is Richlands +10 or so. I think Richlands tied it up in 05 or 06
  3. transfer rules

    I'm not sure what constitutes a legal separation Virginia has no such status. Do the parents actually have to enter into some kind of custody arrangement or property settlement agreement to meet that requirement?
  4. Tazewell @ Virginia High

    I was a little shocked by the roster that Tazewell had in the paper. There were only like 7 or 8 freshmen on the roster did several middle school kids from last year not play this year? Maybe a little success can help get those kids back out in the future.
  5. Numbers?

    Those are great numbers for Grundy. The were down around 20 just a couple of years ago right?
  6. Season Tickets?

    I think I saw a thing on twitter that said to contact the high school by July 21st to renew your season tickets so you may call the high school to find out if they are on sale to the public yet.
  7. James Mitchell...

    I know a lot of it is just we have more info than we have ever had about recruits and offers but I wonder how James Mitchell's recruitment compares to the Jones brothers and Ahmad Bradshaw? I know in the internet era it doesn't seem like we've ever had a kid in SWVA with the kind of offers that James Mitchell has.
  8. 2017 schedules.

    I'm thinking this may be a possible place with a photo I'm actually going to step down to public library and see during lunch https://www.amazon.com/Bluefield-1940S-IMG-Images-America/dp/0738567175
  9. 2017 schedules.

    I did a few google image searches and didn't see one either
  10. 2017 schedules.

    Was Tony Colobro related to Nick?
  11. 2017 schedules.

    Seems like an interesting topic for an images of America series book if enough photos are still around. They won two national titles in the 20s.
  12. 2017 schedules.

    I was trying to find a little info on Bluefield State football when my wife started teaching there but haven't really had time to explore very deep. I know they disbanded in 1981 does anyone know if they played their home games at Mitchell?
  13. New Turf at Mitchell

    I thought the snow plow posts were sarcasm I didn't know they put a literal snow plow on the field
  14. New Turf at Mitchell

    On looks alone Richlands turf still looks brand new. I'm not sure what wore it out so quickly at Mitchell I guess they play 10+ high school games, 6 college games plus a season of college practices, little league, middle school and JV games, the concerts couldn't have helped any either
  15. James Mitchell...

    I have no inside information at all so this is in no way a prediction but ever since the Clemson offer I have had a feeling ultimately that would be the final choice
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