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  1. carrollfan

    Are there any active travel soccer programs in SW VA?

    JH Soccer Academy in Carroll has travel teams from U15 and down in the spring. THis is our fourth year of having one. We are growing each year.
  2. carrollfan


    lost two games to Abingdon and two to Marion and I believe we lost one to Richlands and the tie against Graham
  3. carrollfan


    I believe Carroll is in 3rd right now
  4. carrollfan


    Did Grundy beat Richlands and Tazewell boys or is that a prediction? Also what was the carroll/Abingdon score
  5. carrollfan

    Marion cancelling game against Graham

    This is funny because when I coached for Carroll, Graham did the same thing because of a class trip or some kind of class meeting or something. either one the AD and Coach should have planned a little bit better instead of canceling the day before. So Marion HS is not the only one to do this so do not jump on their case for something that your school does as well.
  6. carrollfan

    True final Top Ten west of Radford

    Since John Battle beat Galax tonight 2-0 in states I thought I should update the final top ten west of Radford. Also I listen a bit to region4fan. 1) Abingdon 2) John Battle 3) Galax 4) George Wythe 5) Marion T-6) Carroll T-6) Pulaski 8) Giles 9) Graham 10) Virginia High
  7. carrollfan

    Final Top Ten West of Radford

    sorry, I made a mistake, either way you guys did not beat them. I believe that is two years in a row. :)
  8. carrollfan

    WOW! Umpire costs pitcher a perfect game!

    Amen Gman. Pete Rose needs to be in the HOF.
  9. carrollfan

    RIP John Wooden

    You will be missed.
  10. carrollfan

    Final Top Ten West of Radford

    This is some of the reasoning behind my placements of teams.
  11. carrollfan

    Final Top Ten West of Radford

    I will tell you have a good point but you saw a bad game by Carroll. They were better then what you saw the other night.
  12. carrollfan

    WOW! Umpire costs pitcher a perfect game!

    we love you Lance. :)
  13. carrollfan

    Final Top Ten West of Radford

    1) Abingdon 2) Galax 3) George Wythe 4) Marion 5) Carroll 6) Giles 7) Pulaski 8) Graham 9) John Battle T-10) Virginia High T-10) Fort Chiswell HM- Grayson Co. (Had their best season ever, congrats on that) Tazewell
  14. carrollfan

    WOW! Umpire costs pitcher a perfect game!

    Lance you are an idiot. But seriously at full speed this was a close play and do not forget that the guy is human. Most of you that are complaining have never been a umpire or a ref. so get off the couch and try to do it sometime.
  15. carrollfan

    Marion - Abingdon SWD Tourney Championship Game

    the regular season does mean something for the playoffs in the NFL. if you have the best record then they get the 1st seed and home field for the playoffs. We are not saying that the playoffs in soccer are meaningless, we are saying that the reg. season record carries more weight. This really does not matter because until the SWD catches up with the rest of the region then it will not matter who is where. Also High school playoff system is different format then the NFL. SO you are comparing apples to oranges and not apples to apples