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  1. Appomattox

    I quoted your buddy Kenny stabler and ask him a question and he came at me. Once I threw it back at him then all he could say was that we are all uneducated (or community college educated at best) and toothless, opioid using, hill people that did not belong on VAPreps. I was having fun but I had to quit entertaining Him because my phone battery was getting low in the mall and I was trying to watch the FB Live stream of the champ game later so I didn't want my phone to die. So no, he was not attacked whatsoever. He interjected himself into for his own fun. I've gave you a way harder time and the worst thing you've ever called me is "Empty Head" so in hindsight I appreciate that 😂
  2. Appomattox

    Lol come on man. Ya boy Luke has been all over it. Unless I imagined it when I was high on all those opioids that I take for my back pain 😂😂
  3. Wrestling 2017-18

  4. Wrestling 2017-18

    Will any local 2A teams be able to compete for state since Grundy dropped to 1A?
  5. Postseason: SWVA Top 10

    1. Bluefield 2. Union 3. Graham 4. Giles 5. Pulaski 6. Marion 7. Chilhowie 8. Ridgeview 9. Galax 10. Narrows
  6. Chilhowie is playing for state.. I would've never thought that back in august!
  7. Mookie collier

    I've heard people mention Richmond and Toledo along with a bunch of D2 schools. I'd imagine for FCS schools as well
  8. Graham vs Giles updates

    How does Lester fit in?
  9. Cross-bracket or not?

    Then who is 4??
  10. 2A Teams To Watch In 2018

    I thought #2 and #82 were seniors.
  11. Cross-bracket or not?

    8 teams 5 p5 conference champs 2 at large 1 top ranked non p5 team - as long as they're in the top 16 in the final rankings, if not it reverts to a 3rd at large bid.
  12. Cross-bracket or not?

    The conference championship being important is a dumb argument anyway considering there's 5 conferences and only 4 spots. Take alabama out of the equation this year and compare USC & Ohio State.. USC had just as good of a resume as OSU. At least USC's 30 point loss was to a team that was a top 10 team at the time.
  13. Podcast Questions State Title Week

    Thoughts on Tiquest Terry being named 4A region D offensive player of the year over Cole Beck?
  14. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    I'm surprised this is the first time someone brought that play up. I was watching on the stream and couldn't believe Union couldn't get him on the ground and then a heads up play to flip it to the receiver so he could pick up more yardage. If union gets the sack Appomattox is likely out of field goal range and Union has another chance down 6 instead of 9. Scruggs made the play of the day on that one.
  15. 2A Teams To Watch In 2018

    Bluefield will still be in the mix, because they are Bluefield, but I wouldn't want to have to task of trying to replace Mookie & Truck. Maybe it's time for Freddy to ride off into the sunset?
  16. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    You guys can blame me for the loss. I watched the lady from Appomattox's FB stream until halftime when it's 20-0. Then I started watching the UGA Auburn game and lost track of time and when I turned the live stream back on it was 20-14 and Union had the ball.. I seen 2 plays and they punted. I must've killed the momentum
  17. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    You don't really want that 😂
  18. The Bluefield Beavers

    You'd be hard pressed to find a kid as good as Mookie Collier these days. He's someone who truly deserves every good thing that comes his way. Hopefully he doesn't get snubbed for the Kennedy award.
  19. The Bluefield Beavers

    Can't get "Trucked" if you don't attempt to make the tackle..
  20. The Bluefield Beavers

    #3 play on sportscenter
  21. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    Probably not a good quality live stream but there is that lady from Appomattox that goes on Facebook live for every game.
  22. I'm sure graham would appreciate their only two losses coming to state champions ✊️
  23. Also, what an awesome broadcast to watch. Great job done by WV Metro News
  24. Hell of a game. Entertaining from beginning to end. It's a shame either had to lose. Fairmont's QB was awesome. Bluefied could've been in trouble had they not injured him on the last drive. He was limping the last 3 plays and didn't look like he was setting his feet. Congrats to the beavers and Coach Simon. From 4-6 and missing the playoffs last year to 14-0 and winning the state championship this year. Too bad we can't get 4 more years of watching Truck and Mookie play!
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