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    RIP Cricket sign
  2. EH31

    VA Championship Updates

    The first two field goals were wide
  3. EH31

    Graham/Goochland: VA 2A Championship

    Article about the undefeated 1958 G-Men by Rick Baker
  4. EH31

    Lee County Little League

    I bet the coaches in Wise would try to “beat” them
  5. EH31

    Akers Out at GC?

    Just reminding you of what you said....
  6. EH31

    Akers Out at GC?

  7. EH31

    Akers Out at GC?

    Change your mind about Rhodes?
  8. EH31

    Graham/Radford: AA Semifinals

  9. http://coalfieldsports.com/2018/11/29/swva-sports-podcast-episode-44-recaps-picks-coachs-corner-with-galaxs-mark-dixon/ https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/swva-sports-podcast/id1413644315?mt=2&i=1000424822527
  10. EH31

    Graham/Radford: AA Semifinals

    I wouldn’t look into the yardage totals too much. Radford picked up a mishandled field goal try and returned it for a TD taking away one full offensive possession for the Bobcats and Appomattox fumbled a kickoff that recovered deep in Appo’s territory in which radford only had to go 25ish yards to score. That’s two separate times that radfords offense didn’t get a chance to drive the length of the field. They were moving the ball well enough that they could’ve easily matched or eclipsed Appomattox in total yards if they had those normal possessions.
  11. EH31

    WV AA Championship ... Bluefield vs Fairmont Senior

  12. EH31

    Podcast Q&A?

    Bluefield, Radford, chilhowie, & galax are still playing as well
  13. EH31

    Bluefield and Bridgeport Friday at 1:30

  14. EH31

    Graham vs Union

    There’s no way it’ll be the first game since Graham has Bluefield the first week each year.
  15. EH31

    Richlands/Graham II: Region D Title Game

    Taylor Horn did play in the first game vs. Graham. He actually had an interception in that game.
  16. EH31

    Richlands/Graham II: Region D Title Game

    That would be a weird place to visit
  17. EH31

    Richlands/Graham II: Region D Title Game

    Bridgeport will decide. my guess is it’ll be played on Saturday. WV’s AA state title game will be played the following Friday night so If Bluefield/Bridgeport play on Saturday that gives them one less day of prep for whoever wins
  18. EH31

    Regional semifinal updates (Playoffs week 2)

    28-7 start of fourth
  19. EH31

    Graham vs Union

    Please don’t mention frostys on this message board
  20. EH31

    Mac McClung

  21. EH31

    Mac McClung

    McClung is playing At Illinois right now on FS1
  22. EH31

    Best 2 players are on the same team?

    I could understand why you would say union but they just beat Richlands 45-0 a few weeks ago and they’ve never played Ridgeview?
  23. EH31

    Graham vs Union

    Does James have another year of eligibility?
  24. EH31

    Burton at Patrick Henry

    They’ve averaged right at that many ppg with their running game all season.