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  1. Region D Brackets

    Anyone that went to the game.... what was happening here?
  2. Richlands

    When it all happened I had a source working in the Richlands system that said Fuller fell out of favor because the Moir boy wasn’t starting-and/or- getting enough PT. I don’t know if Fred had a back door deal or not but when both coaches get fired and told they could both reapply for the job but the assistant ends up with the head job it seems pretty fishy. Even if Fred really had nothing to do with it it’s still okay to look down on how everything was handled because of how dirty Fuller was done. When all this is forgotten about we’ll look back and see that Richlands had their best season ever and finally won a region playoff game and made the state tournament, but how much better could that team have been had they not ran Fuller and son out of town and kept Lowe in the starting 5 along with an athletic Howie coming off the bench?
  3. Your Region 2D Champion...

    Chris Akers is a graham alum and Graham upsets Gate City for the region championship? Conspiracy???
  4. VA Boys State Tournament pairings

    Just read A guy on VA Preps said Tazewell too. You think Martinsville would rather just play at graham and save the 25 mins on the bus?
  5. VA Boys State Tournament pairings

    I heard mention of Tazewell Middle for graham’s Game.. not sure if that’s right
  6. Region D Brackets

  7. 2A Region Championship

    Actually I just looked and he only updated once, sorry! I assumed he’d do it a few times a quarter. definitely check out Tim Hayes
  8. 2A Region Championship

    @bdtwoodson on twittter will give more timely updates
  9. Richlands

    If you know the story then tell it. *** also I’m quoting this post in hopes that it stays after you’re banned for the people to see that might’ve missed it
  10. 2A Region Championship

    I’d say 78-54. I don’t see GC starting slow again like they have the past few games and I’d imagine Dean will shoot better after the getting used to the bigger gym last night.
  11. Can Mac get past 2770?

    If I was betting I’d say GC wins mid 70’s to low 50’s. If I was doing prop bets and the line was McClung 40 points I’d take the over. Dalton can’t keep from bodying up when athletic kids drive on him so he will be sitting for 80% of the game allowing Mac to score at the rim whenever he wants. Also even if they deny it, it seems like the records are pretty important and if he averages 40+ he’ll break it even if they fall short of the state championship game. Mac 42 - Ervin 20 - Dean 12 - the rest 0-5
  12. Region D Brackets

    Va Preps will be fun that night
  13. Region D Brackets

    Looking far ahead and assuming the 1 seeds in region C and D win, does that means Gate City will play Martinsville?
  14. Region D Brackets

    Martinsville wins 41-39.
  15. Richlands

    ^^^ Fred could be the best guy in the world but you’ll never get me to see it because of this.
  16. Richlands

  17. Richlands

  18. Can Mac get past 2770?

  19. Can Mac get past 2770?

    GC warm up music on Wednesday night??
  20. Can Mac get past 2770?

    Does anyone know how many career points that Zac Ervin has now? He hit 1000 as a sophomore right? And has probably somewhere around 550-600 this season right?
  21. Can Mac get past 2770?

    Seems like sponsors would be lining up to get their advertising on a GC broadcast
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