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  1. Congrats man...and I agree thanks Ryan for all you do with this contest
  2. Cross-bracket or not?

    Yes I edited it out because it was uncalled for even if true...I'm done with you...if you feel like you win them congrats...I know what I posted and how it was meant but you know more than me about it I guess....good day Mr know everything
  3. Cross-bracket or not?

    Yet another classic....great job
  4. Cross-bracket or not?

    Ok now you know how everyone is thinking when they post....good to know And if you don't like what I post then just skip it No ill just ask you since you seem to know everything about everything
  5. Cross-bracket or not?

    It was kinda a joke so relax...but all cross bracketing is is unnecessary travel for 2 teams in the semis
  6. Cross-bracket or not?

    They are playing for the title so yes. And may be #1 after Saturday So if they win Saturday you saying they aren't the #1 team in 1A?
  7. Cross-bracket or not?

    Best vs best is what we have....called a state championship game If everyone thinks two teams are the 2 best then that's just their opinion IMO
  8. Cross-bracket or not?

    Current....cross bracketing is BS IMO And nobody knows who 2nd beat team is....its all opinion 2nd beat team is whoever gets the loss next Saturday
  9. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    Your first sentence is Exactly right...only way to beat them is ground and pound and control clock...but you better score when given the chance cause they don't give many chances
  10. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    This is Exactly right...but I think graves is a better WR by a good stretch but not faster And IMO Scruggs is far and above Allen in every category
  11. Galax @ Narrows

    Sorry man but just telling what some of YOUR fans said...it will be ok wave boy
  12. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    I agree with you guys...giles once played powhatan in a state finals at Midlothian HS right outside Richmond...yes we lost but it was actually a fun trip...now a days you know where state title game is played before season starts(salem) so quit your bitching poquoson
  13. Galax @ Narrows

    And narz is a volleyball school right? Sorry little brother you put up a good fight yesterday I guess And talking to some of your fans at different places yesterday evening was sure comical especially the one idiot that said "the ref told us the VHSL told them to make sure Galax won by any means necessary"....hilarious
  14. Galax @ Narrows

    Or 2 years ago lol
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