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  1. Hokiebird7

    Richlands vs Graham

    Care to explain why?
  2. Hokiebird7

    Richlands vs Graham

    Agree Ryan..I heard what happened too and it's between the people involved only
  3. Hokiebird7


    No problem...just seemed to get wires crossed at some point here...no biggie
  4. Hokiebird7


    Poster said he didn't play any football and he didn't...at Roanoke he played basketball on title team
  5. Hokiebird7


    You misread what he said...he said he never played football..which I think it 100% true
  6. Hokiebird7

    Keep Richlands High in your thoughts

    Prayers for everyone in the Richlands community
  7. Hokiebird7

    Richlands vs Graham

    2004 region C was absolutely awful...Giles beat John Battle in the region championship badly and frankly Giles wasn't very good at all that year...then got beaten badly against a very good PV team
  8. Hokiebird7

    SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 9

    Ridgeview Wheeling Park WV Grayson Co. Glenvar Radford John Battle Central Virginia Marion Bluefield WV Galax George Wythe Rural Retreat Narrows Grundy Hurley Twin Valley JI Burton Chilhowie North Greene TN Patrick Henry Michigan Oklahoma Duke Marshall Alabama Clemson LSU Oregon New England Miami Tampa Bay Washington Kansas City Game of the week Richlands----52 total points
  9. Hokiebird7

    State Title 2A

    Last 5 champs 2013 Giles 2014 glenvar 2015 appo 2016 appo 2017 appo
  10. Hokiebird7

    Aaron Rose from Virginia High

    Sorry to hear this buddy...hope he gets back healthy as soon as possible...prayers headed your way
  11. Hokiebird7

    Giles @ Carroll Co. postponed till tomorrow at noon.

    Is Giles game confirmed a noon kickoff? I heard last night it was 6:00 due to galax field being used for something during the afternoon? Unless the game was moved back to Carroll Co field
  12. Hokiebird7

    SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 8

    James Monroe WV Giles Ridgeview Union Lee Graham Lebanon Richlands Ft.Chiswell Bluefield WV Auburn Galax Chilhowie Narrows Honaker Thomas Walker Eastside Rye Cove Holston Auburn Georgia Washington Marshall West Virginia Miami Virginia Tech Michigan N.Y.Jets Washington Jacksonville Tennessee New England Game of the week J.I.Burton----46 points
  13. Hokiebird7

    Coaching Hot Seat/Coach Looking To Move On

    Doubt you will see mance ever coach another high school team not named Richlands
  14. Hokiebird7

    Longest Tenured Coaches?

    Don also had a stint at Giles as an assistant