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  1. Hokiebird7

    Scrimmage Games and Jamborees?

    7-3 this year may and I stress may be a pipedream...we looked awful against HV
  2. Hokiebird7


    He loves it there and gets paid well...and don't blame him on either one...got a good thing going there
  3. Hokiebird7


    Yes I'm sure it does...that's why I said our numbers are embarrassing this year We don't have a true JV team this year but we have an 8th-9th grade team But I think they only had 7-8 total come out for 8th grade football this year
  4. Hokiebird7


    Our numbers are embarrassing period...27 with 4 sophomores...good grief embarrassing Just HAVE to avoid injuries to have any shot...im sure there is no depth at all...hope I'm wrong
  5. Hokiebird7


    Usually do right? LOL
  6. Hokiebird7

    Scrimmage Games and Jamborees?

    Ok...post time when you hear it please
  7. Hokiebird7

    Scrimmage Games and Jamborees?

    What time is the scrimmage at narrows on August 11th? May check it out
  8. Hokiebird7


    Well it's bound to happen at some point...I mean it's been 1,000 years lol
  9. Hokiebird7


    Totally agree...pitiful and embarrassing
  10. Hokiebird7


    I've been ready for years...but one end of the county has fought it for years
  11. Hokiebird7


    I hear 27 varsity players...not all sophomores are on varsity...and yes it will be an 8th and 9th grade team instead of a JV from what I heard but because there were only 7-8 of the 8th graders that came out for football...simply embarrassing numbers this year Oh well do the best they can is all you can ask And please fans don't bitch and gripe at the coaches all year long if things go bad...we have been very damn lucky over the years and they are doing the best they can
  12. Congrats man...and I agree thanks Ryan for all you do with this contest
  13. Hokiebird7

    Cross-bracket or not?

    Yes I edited it out because it was uncalled for even if true...I'm done with you...if you feel like you win them congrats...I know what I posted and how it was meant but you know more than me about it I guess....good day Mr know everything
  14. Hokiebird7

    Cross-bracket or not?

    Yet another classic....great job
  15. Hokiebird7

    Cross-bracket or not?

    Ok now you know how everyone is thinking when they post....good to know And if you don't like what I post then just skip it No ill just ask you since you seem to know everything about everything