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  1. I was joking but you are where I was going in sure lol
  2. Is lexi and dookthecook the same person? They sure act and talk the same lol
  3. Hokiebird7

    VA Championship Updates

    They are good or they wouldn't have been there...Graham was better period And they have multiple state titles so I think they have a good program...and yes they are good...sometimes you run into a team rhara just flat out better
  4. Name more than 1....and the 1 I'm talking about is you
  5. Hokiebird7

    Graham/Goochland: VA 2A Championship

    I'm just stating facts for the person that said "Graham would beat Bluefield by 7+ now"....we will never know But we will always know they didnt beat them in 2018 And congrats to the G-men
  6. Hokiebird7

    Graham/Goochland: VA 2A Championship

    That's all opinion of yours...except that Graham has trophy Fact is Bluefield beat Graham...end of story
  7. Hokiebird7

    VA Championship Updates

    You at Salem? Wondering how weather is there
  8. Hokiebird7

    VA Championship Updates

    You at the game?
  9. Hokiebird7

    VA Championship Updates

    Who of the posters here are at the game? And any of you going to Graham game later?
  10. Hokiebird7

    All Star Saturday!

    He don't know anything about football lol...just what he's learned at Richlands...he learned nothing at Giles lol Seriously I'm glad your son gets to play for such a good coach for a day and a good person too Congrats!!!
  11. Hokiebird7

    Graham/Radford: AA Semifinals

    Should have played in evening at CBurg...would have a ton more fans
  12. Hokiebird7

    Graham/Radford: AA Semifinals

    Yeah I'm sure Radford really cares what is easier for Graham lol Mitchell stadium is the easiest and it's turf also...just move it there lol
  13. Hokiebird7

    Galax vs Chilhowie/ 1A semi final

    Roll Tide
  14. Hokiebird7

    Mac McClung

  15. Hokiebird7

    2018 Pick'em Official Bracket

    5 vs 14 you mean lol...i lost