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  1. jonah58

    Patrick Henry @ John Battle

    Oh I thought that was a playoff win.
  2. jonah58

    Patrick Henry @ John Battle

    I remember them sending Clintwood home their last season in existence.
  3. jonah58

    Wise-Central @ Virginia High

    From a Central perspective we felt like if we caught a couple of breaks we could win this game. We needed one or two more big breaks. The pick 6 hurt us and the slow (shell shocked) start hurt us. Other than that, we grew up a ton during this game. It would have certainly done more for us to win, but to keep it close like that and not give up, that was huge for our young guys. Many times we have 6 or 7 freshmen out there on the field with a few sophomores and an upperclassmen or two. VHS is a good team, and they have several studs who are as advertised. It was a clean well played game on both sides.
  4. jonah58

    Lee vs Ji Burton

    I have a feeling burton will pull this one out. 27-20
  5. jonah58


    Wise Central low 50s
  6. jonah58

    Defensive Coordinator

    Tim Thomas did it for a long time. I'd say he would be back at it. Edit: actually I believe it's Jay Edwards. Seems like he was doing it at the last 7 on 7.
  7. jonah58

    Eastside Head Coach

    You guys are looking too far out. Matt Himilton will most likely get the nod.
  8. jonah58

    Eastside Head Coach

    Jason Hicks has stepped down as Head Football at Eastside. He is taking the Assistant Principal position at Union.
  9. jonah58


    Lineman was Braeden Mullins. He originally started out in Pound I believe. Then transferred to Eastside his freshman year. He should be a rising junior.
  10. jonah58


    That definitely leaves eastside with more holes. one of their best linemen transferred to ridgeview as well.
  11. jonah58

    Who was #23 for Central Wise

    Yes it's CJ Crabtree
  12. jonah58


    It's true. Just texted him.
  13. jonah58

    Grayson Co. @ Graham

    42-14 Graham.
  14. jonah58

    Hurley @ Chilhowie

    36-6 chilhowie