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  1. tornado99

    Week 2 grudge: Union @ Richlands

    Congratulations Bears! Good luck the rest of the season. I am very impressed by the patient playcalling, and how solid the program has consistently become. We have been very blessed in Richlands, but you seem to have our number. Tip of the cap to you.
  2. tornado99

    Cross-bracket or not?

    I agree, but was basing a hypothetical situation using results comparison of a close game vs a blowout.
  3. tornado99

    Cross-bracket or not?

    Just for discussion after competitive games today, IF Union is in fact the second best 2A team in the state do you prefer the current and original format where the top 2 teams meet in the semifinals or the previous format that meant more travel, but the possibility of meeting in the finals?
  4. tornado99

    The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    Congratulations Appomattox! Congratulations to Union on a great season!
  5. tornado99

    The Bluefield Beavers

    Congratulations Beavers!
  6. tornado99

    Week 11 podcast questions?

    1998 9-3 Greg Mance. I can't remember 1997, but believe it was 3-7.
  7. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/lifestyle/magazine/1982/04/18/grundys-gold/7f2cb25c-c47b-40d8-9975-f8a35836a209/?utm_term=.a9e5a809b482
  8. Last time I saw it, I googled Washington Post and smiley ratliff.
  9. tornado99

    Bluefield vs Richlands

    Thoughts? I honestly don't know what to think.
  10. tornado99

    Giles vs Narrows

    Thanks for the explanations.
  11. tornado99

    Giles vs Narrows

    Just curious, since I don't know much about the Giles Single Wing, what type of athlete is best suited for the fullback position? Is it any different from the fullback in the I or T formations? Thanks
  12. tornado99

    SWVA all time teams

    I would add 2010 Richlands and 1996 Gate City with 2001 Graham, but other than that I concur.
  13. tornado99

    SWVA all time teams

    I wouldn't compare 1998 to 2004 PV at all. I thought 2004 was too one dimensional and only saw them in a losing effort.
  14. tornado99

    SWVA all time teams

    Unfortunately many of the teams I omitted, I had only witnessed in losses in the state finals. I believe 2004 PV may have been the same case. If that was Robbins senior year, I only saw them lose to Manassas Park where their qb had 30 or 40 carries (Zach Terrell?). I judged them (probably unfairly) as one dimensional as that was the only time I saw them play. Unfortunately, SWVA teams have disappointed me too often at the neutral sites. The only ones I remember turning out how I wanted were 2002 George Wythe, 2003 Gate City, and 2006 Richlands. I know we had some wins during that era, i just happened not to see them or went to the wrong site. This thread is reminding me of the many good playoff games I have seen leading up to the finals, though.
  15. tornado99

    SWVA all time teams

    I My best not to win that I saw would include in chronological order would include: 1996 Gate City 2001? Graham 2005 Richlands 2010 Richlands 2015 Richlands I would have Honaker Heath Miller's senior year, and 2002 Gate City as honorable mentions.