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  1. Ryan4VT

    2019 Union Graham

    That's starting to get to the level of how insanely tough Richland's schedule last year was. 6 teams we played last year went somewhere around a combined 55-5 or so. That's just insane.
  2. Ryan4VT

    Richlands and Grundy benifit game

    Blues up 14-0 at half. Richlands has only had the ball 3 real times. Two drives for a TD (Moir to Cole both times) and the 3rd was a 30 yard pass play that ended in a fumble. They also got the ball with 20 seconds left in the half. Grundy probably has at least 13-15 minutes of possession. Just grinding it out on the ground and running clock. Fizer is a workhorse. Probably already has 20+ carries. Richlands needs to work on the line. Getting pushed around on offense.
  3. Ryan4VT

    Gate City vs Graham Benefit Game

    Last I saw it was 7-0 Graham in the 2nd.
  4. Ryan4VT

    New Member to the Forum:

    Ha. Haha. Funny.
  5. Ryan4VT

    Richlands and Grundy benifit game

    Mance wants one extra day rest for the guys to heal up any bumps and burises before we head to Gate City.
  6. Ryan4VT

    New Member to the Forum:

    Welcome to the board!! Glad to have some new blood! I have no doubt Union will be Judy fine this season.
  7. New podcast is live!! Hope y'all enjoy! http://coalfieldsports.com/pod/
  8. Welcome back! Went ahead and opened up the games for week 1. You have until 7pm on Friday, Aug. 24th to make your picks. Good luck this year!!! For the Thursday games, any picks made after 7pm on Thursday the 23rd will forfeit those two games. So get your picks in by Thursday since one Thursday game is a GotW. J.I. Burton @ Union (Thursday) Abingdon @ John Battle Princeton @ Buckhannon Upshur, WV Rural Retreat @ Ft. Chiswell Giles @ Blacksburg Radford @ George Wythe Eastside @ Central Richlands @ Gate City Lee @ Tennessee, TN Ridgeview @ Grundy Alleghany, NC @ Grayson Co. Lebanon @ Honaker Chilhowie @ Marion Bland @ Craig Co. Glenvar @ Galax Holston @ East Mont. Narrows @ Auburn Hurley @ Rye Cove Twin Valley @ Jenkins, KY Castlewood @ Patrick Henry Northwood @ Twin Springs West Greene, TN @ Thomas Walker G(s)otW Bluefield @ Graham Virginia @ Tazewell (Thursday)
  9. Ryan4VT

    8 Man Football

    I like to think it may catch up. But I’ve also accepted the fact that rule changes can and will happen. If th changes keep kids from trying to hit stick everyone and quit getting so many concussions, then I’m okay with it. Some aren’t. But I like that we are finally taking safety seriously.
  10. Ryan4VT

    8 Man Football

    It’s certaintly scared me away as a parent.
  11. Ryan4VT

    Most wins by town

    If you really wanted to say that Bluefield is one city with two high schools, they've won 1,190 games. That won't be beat, I wouldn't think.
  12. Ryan4VT

    8 Man Football

    I mean...I have been watching Ice Cube's Big 3 basketball league...which is 3 on 3...lol
  13. Ryan4VT

    Podcast Questions?

    Hit us up! What do you want to know?
  14. Ryan4VT

    After The Whistle

    I know. Just messing with ya. Should be a fun show. Good luck.
  15. Ryan4VT

    Most wins by town

    I know Bluefield did. I also know their scores weren’t widely reported, so those schools are hard to catalog.