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  1. Ryan4VT

    Northwood New Coach

    As someone who fights the same demons he fights, I can understand why he did what he did. Also, he left after the 9th game of the season.... in what world is that 3/4 of the season? He missed one game.
  2. Ryan4VT

    Northwood New Coach

    Don't you DARE talk crap about a situation you don't understand. I'll stand by Duble until the end of time. That guy has things in his personal life he needed to deal with and I applaud him for taking the steps to better himself. Go away, troll.
  3. Ryan4VT

    Region D Tournaments

    So that means Richlands vs Virginia High is for a home game. That’s big.
  4. Ryan4VT

    Region D Tournaments

    No idea. Are they better standing than Lebanon.
  5. Ryan4VT

    Region D Tournaments

    How will Grayson factor into the SWD grouping? Graham will be the 1 seed from SWD. I'd assume winner of RHS/VHS will be the 2? Would Grayson be the 3 and the loser of RHS/VHS be the 4 or would Grayson be the 4 or the 2? Anyone know anything?
  6. Ryan4VT

    2019 schedules

    Pretty sure havok has talked directly to Trenton’s parents. He’s not transferring.
  7. Ryan4VT

    East teams to watch out for

    But most of the state (myself included) drunk the KoolAid and anointed them champs and then they weren't even close. I don't trust it now when the state says they are the best haha.
  8. Ryan4VT

    East teams to watch out for

    I’m now skeptical of putting faith in that school after the football debacle.
  9. Ryan4VT

    Garrett Amburgey BHC Prep Coach of the Year

    Someone gets it.
  10. Ryan4VT

    Mac McClung

    Well that’s his 5th or 6th screen name.
  11. Ryan4VT

    Mac McClung

    HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAH I'm a huge Mac fan, but he's NOT on that level. That's just ludicrous.
  12. Ryan4VT

    Hurley Looking for New Coach

    Tim Hayes just reported that Anthony Church has stepped down as head coach for Hurley after 1 season.
  13. Ryan4VT

    Bluefield’s Sean Martin

    Add Duke and Illinois now. He's up to 16 offers.
  14. Ryan4VT

    WCYB Friday Night Rivals

    Why Richlands isn't in the WCYB market anymore? WVVA.
  15. Ryan4VT

    WCYB Friday Night Rivals

    Just as an update, Richlands @ Union will not be featured this season. Richlands is not in the WCYB viewing area, and all 10 games we will televise will be between two coverage area teams only. Just so no one gets their hopes up.