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  1. Ryan4VT

    2018 Pick'em Official Bracket

    Sorry it took a little longer, but our winner is........... rjhall71!!!!! He wins 25-24!!! Thank you to all who played this season!!
  2. Ryan4VT

    2018 SWVA Sports Bowl Pick'em

    Last chance to get your bowl pick em submitted!
  3. No. They aren’t. But Lexi, CariGrant, Cornbread, Milo and multiple others ARE the same person lol.
  4. Interview with Coach Palmer in the pod this week!! http://coalfieldsports.com/2018/12/13/swva-sports-podcast-episode-46-championship-weekend-recap-interview-with-grahams-tony-palmer/
  5. How much of a sociopath do you have to be to answer a thread of one of your screen names with a 2nd screen name? Literally talking to yourself...
  6. Ryan4VT

    All Region D Team?

    Ummm, where in the world was there sarcasm in that?? I was offering a potential explanation? I never said he wasn’t good. Because he was. I was just saying that maybe that was a possibility. Not sure what your problem is with me.
  7. Ryan4VT

    All Region D Team?

    I would assume him not being there the whole season knocked him out of that.
  8. Ryan4VT


    My love for the McRib knows no end.
  9. Ryan4VT


    Those "crickets" did a pretty good job in Week 1...
  10. You make absolutely 0 sense....
  11. Ryan4VT


    Two? I’ve had 2 this week 😂 theyve been back for about 6 weeks now. I’m easily at 20-25 of them.
  12. Ryan4VT


  13. Ryan4VT

    2018-19 SW VA boys basketball schedules

    Depends. Sometimes you see the Boys stay together doing a JV/Varsity doubleheader. Sometimes it's just the two varsity teams, boys and girls, in a doubleheader. And then sometimes you get a quad with all of them. But it all kind of depends.
  14. Ryan4VT

    2018-19 SW VA girls basketball schedules

    I’m not sure the girls are up to that challenge right now. New coach. Lost some players. No need to get pat a murder schedule. Just gotta get better and work on themselves now. At least that’s my guess why they don’t play them anymore.
  15. Ryan4VT

    2018-19 SW VA girls basketball schedules

    They only played twice against Twin Valley. They were in the Twin Valley Tournament. But they played Mt. Mission and Burton in two of those games.