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  1. Penultimate week!!! Make your moves now!!! Points galore this week. Patrick Henry – Roanoke @ Pulaski Co. Radford @ Carroll Co. Greenbrier East @ Princeton Ft. Chiswell @ Graham Giles @ Alleghany Lee @ John Battle Gate City @ Central Ridgeview @ Pike Central, KY Lebanon @ Richlands Virginia @ Marion Bluefield @ James Monroe Bland @ Galax Auburn @ Rural Retreat Narrows @ Bath Co. Honaker @ Northwood Rye Cove @ J.I. Burton Eastside @ Holston Thomas Walker @ Twin Springs Patrick Henry @ Chilhowie Baylor @ No. 13 West Virginia *Thursday* Georgia Tech @ Virginia Tech *Thursday* No. 2 Clemson @ Florida St. North Carolina @ Virginia No. 9 Florida vs. No. 7 Georgia No. 18 Iowa @ No. 17 Penn St. No. 14 Washington St. @ No. 24 Stanford Tennessee @ South Carolina Denver @ Kansas City Cleveland @ Pittsburgh Indianapolis @ Oakland Green Bay @ Los Angeles Rams New Orleans @ Minnesota G(s)otW Abingdon @ Union Grayson Co. @ George Wythe Tazewell @ Grundy
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    Vote for CoalfieldSports.com Week 9 Players of the Week!
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    2018 MLB Thread

    #DoDamage #DirtyWater
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    Abingdon @ Union

    I don’t know if you know the massive undertaking that broadcasting a game comes with. It’s days of prep. It’s pulling every single person that you have to run a camera either there, or shooting the other games in place of the ones that regularly shoot football. It’s a mobile command center (18 wheeler) that is 5 figures to rent. It’s getting there at 7am to set up and leaving the game at 1am after you’ve torn down. It’s overtime and people being taken away from their families more than usual. It’s also viewer fatigue. A game broadcast makes viewers that’s don’t go to games miss the shows they may normally watch on a Friday night doing that two weeks in a row causes a stir. Trust me, people already weren’t happy we aired the GHS/Betsy game on Fox because they missed a show they liked It’s sooooo much more than “And the Ridgeview Union game wasn’t big enough.” Yes, Ridgeview @ Abingdon was clearly big enough. But it just so happened to be the week after the Greenville/Betsy game. If union Abingdon was this week and RV/Abingdon was this coming week, then it would be that game.
  5. Ryan4VT

    Abingdon @ Union

  6. Ryan4VT

    Abingdon @ Union

    All about ratings. Abingdon is the biggest school around and we all know about the Union fan base. I think when push comes to shove, this game will be the one that more people in SWVA will care about. I think Chilhowie is 3-4 TDs better than PH. PH is a good team. But Chilhowie is a legit state title contender. On the other hand, I’m not sure who is better between Union and Abingdon.
  7. Ryan4VT

    Abingdon @ Union

    I stand corrected. I know it wasn’t the plan early in the season. I didn’t think a game in SWVA would have the pull this year.
  8. Ryan4VT

    Abingdon @ Union

    Who said that? I know this wasn’t on the original plan. The plan from the start was DB/Sience Hill and Betsy/Greenville. But it’s went very well on the money side of things with local business’s lining up to sponsor it, that they decided a few weeks ago to do another game and show some love to the VA half of our market.
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    VOTE Week 10 Top 10

    1. Bluefield 2. Graham 3. Pulaski 4. Chilhowie 5. Union 6. Abingdon 7. Ridgeview 8. Galax 9. Radford 10. Patrick Henry
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    Ridgeview @ Abingdon

    Not really, actually.
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    Score Updates: Week 9 (10/19/18)

    It’s also on SportsCenter’s twitter.
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    Marion at Tazewell

    It looks like a fondant cake to me 😂
  13. Ryan4VT

    Marion at Tazewell

    I’m so glad y’all play for that thing and not us hahaha.