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  1. whats going on with the blues

    You think you’re funny, Wise Guy? Eh? 😂
  2. whats going on with the blues

    I won’t say state. But I don’t think you’ll see a 4-6 Blues team again.
  3. 2018 ADM numbers

    Oh there’s a reason for that lol
  4. whats going on with the blues

    Running game is the only worry on the offensive side of the ball currently. Race is looking good at QB. Line this year will be much quicker and should be just fine. Good group of WR as well, which is key with the switch back to the spread with Moir. Defense should be just fine.
  5. 2018 outlook region wide

    Looking forward to November 2nd. Partly because I believe you that VHS should be a good team again, and partly because I now live in Bristol, and that will be the easiest game for me to get to lol.
  6. 7 on 7's

    Richlands goes 6-0 today at UVA-Wise and finishes as tournament champs. Looks like the switch at QB has sparked the offense, at least in the 7-on-7 season.
  7. 2018 outlook region wide

    Tomato, tomato.
  8. 2018 outlook region wide

    Also true.
  9. 7 on 7's

    It's that time of year. Update with any 7 on 7 results you know. Richlands went 5-1 at Marshall today. They lost to a team from Knoxville who has 4 D1 players on it. They also beat Bluefield 8 touchdowns to 3.
  10. 2018 outlook region wide

    The younger Booker did indeed go back to Graham. He had transferred to Richlands when his older brother came a few years ago. Good luck to him, just not against us lol
  11. Good Luck

    Good luck to Richlands, Honaker, Virginia High and Abingdon. Lets fo 4-4 today and bring some hardware back home to the Coalfields.
  12. 3A State Tournament Bracket

    Also Honaker in Class 1 baseball and Richlands in Class 2 softball. We have a chance at 4 state titles today.
  13. Class 2 Girls Soccer

    Page with 4 goals in the 2nd half. Radford up 4-1 now with 25 left to play.
  14. Class 2 Girls Soccer

    Radford ties it with 36 to play. 1-1.
  15. 2A softball

    1pm is official.
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