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  1. 2017 SWVA Coach of the Year

    He’s a coach in this mesage boards jurisdiction. Monroe and Mercer counties in WV are part of this. My vote would be either Turner or Simon. Hands down.
  2. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    I'd rather pay more and actually have signal lol. My cousin had Sprint and didn't have signal in half of the places she went in Richlands. I saw that first hand. I've been with Verizon since 08. No need to run back now since it works well.
  3. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    Who in the world has Sprint?! haha.
  4. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    But just barely. If you pushed the line 10 miles farther west, he becomes the 2nd or 3rd fastest, and is nowhere near the top...
  5. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    That will be entirely up to my wonderful wife lol. Since we go to different colleges (we both went back to school after many years off), we don't get to live together. So I'm gonna assume she will say no since we haven't seen each other in 2 1/2 weeks and this is Thanksgiving break. But ya never know.
  6. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    100% agree on this being the best offense they've faced. I say a 13 point ballgame because I think it'll be a one score game in the last minute or so and a key turnover will lead to that margin. But, this could also be a 1 point game. I may have to make the trip to come watch....
  7. Round Two Score Updates

    Salem @ Blacksburg on FRIDAY at 7pm. Coach Wells decided to play at the same time as VT to keep his players from going to Charlottesville and watching that game and then not being rested for theirs. That means I won’t be going to VT @ UVA since I’m caking the Blacksburg games. Which means tomorrow vs. Pitt is my final game VT game as a student. Will be more than a bit emotional.
  8. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    Union by 13. Graham’s OL isn’t ready for what Unions front 7 is. It’s a beast. That said, Cooke will break a few passes wide open with his speed. I’ll take Union simply because of the advantage of the lines. Graham hasn’t seen a defense like this all season.
  9. Giles vs Appomattox

    It had been the same date for as long as I could remember. They weren’t going to move the date. It sucked for kids like me that loved football. It was almost like we were punished for things we couldn’t control. But it is what it is lol. Our band director was he director of the district but he was still outvoted.
  10. Giles vs Appomattox

    I agree. But they argued it was unfair because the judges knew who the Richlands kids were and that threw off the whole audition because it wasn’t anonymous.
  11. Giles vs Appomattox

    Richlands was one of the top tier bands and, much like the football team, they weren't seen favorably in the band community for the most part. So I still believe they did it to punish Richlands for not only being good in football, but also being the premier band this side of Blacksburg in the 2000s.
  12. Bluefield vs. Point Pleasant date and time

    Blacksburg is also a in the mix in 4A. They should make the state-semis and anything can happen from that point.
  13. Giles vs Appomattox

    I did that once. My sophomore year and junior year, they allowe us Richlands band members to go first at All-Districy auditions. Then we got on the charter and drive to Lynchburg. I only did it once, though (sophomore year). My junior year there was no guarantee we’d make the game in time since we had the early kick. My senior year, the district decided to vote to no longer allow band members whose team was in a state title game to audition first. It sucked, because it was either state or audition. I chose state, obviously. But I always felt like I was robbed of my shot as a senior.
  14. Getting some personal insight into college recruiting

    I really am excited about this thread. Give us an insight into what the process is like.
  15. SWVA Sports Podcast - Episode 13

    We plan on it, I believe.
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