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  1. Eastside Head Coach

    This late it would most likely be someone on staff.
  2. Head Coach?

    Great hire
  3. Hurley at Tazewell

    I wouldnt be comparing yourselves to Richlands. Montcalm and Riverview are nowhere close to Blacksburg and William Byrd
  4. Region D Power Points (1A, 2A UNOFFICIAL)

    That is one of the weakest 1A Region D groups I have seen in a long time. Chilhowie is probably the best team in that Region
  5. Top 1A West Teams for 2017

    Be closer to go to Honaker now with the consolidation in Dickenson County.
  6. Black Diamond District

    I say Honaker wins it. Grundy has a couple of good looking kids but no line. And the coaching at Grundy is suspect while at Honaker it is one of the better staffs around.
  7. Galax...

    Dixon was a great coach very rarely was he outcoached on the field. He will do very well wherever he goes.
  8. Changes at GC

    Was Burke the only hire they made? Heard they had a couple of spots open.
  9. What would Southwest Virginia look like if it consolidated?

    Have you been in Buchanan County? Big A is safer than many bus routes that exist in Buchanan County. Also safer to travel almost triple the miles and time to Ridgeview.... I don't see it.
  10. BDD Football Championships

    Council folded after the 95 season
  11. Final Weekend / Playoffs

    No because if I would have called it weak you would have said Richlands and Hurley are strong teams that is how it works in your head. I am not a Trump person so don't assume every person that disagrees with you on one point would also disagree on all of them.
  12. Final Weekend / Playoffs

    Still butthurt that I called Grundys schedule weak wow I guess only you are allowed to make comments on Grundy and schedules for that matter. Get over it and yourself.
  13. Final Weekend / Playoffs

    Not talking math just stated that Grundy had a weak schedule. You don't need math to realize that just common sense. Sounds like you need someone else calling Defense in Grundy.
  14. Final Weekend / Playoffs

    Grundy has a weak schedule other than Richlands and Hurley the rest of the teams are weak.
  15. Eliminated

    another problem with Ridgeview is no community near and that hurts with support and pride.
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