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  1. mv91

    Graham/Goochland: VA 2A Championship

    Good Luck to the Gmen!!!!
  2. mv91

    Richlands/Graham II: Region D Title Game

    I don't anticipate a "flop". I feel like the game will be much closer than last time. If we can establish the run like we did this past Saturday, I give us a fighters chance. If not, it could be a long afternoon!!! I just hope we score this time lol
  3. mv91

    Mac McClung

    I am looking forward to following him to see how he progresses throughout the year and beyond. Lots of potential and Bomani Jones on ESPN sure likes him lol.
  4. mv91

    Richlands at Ridgeview

    I looked on Ridgeview school website. Gates open at Noon.
  5. mv91

    Mac McClung debut tonight!

    McClung 4-10 for 8 pts, 2 assists, 2 steals in 23 minutes. Not a bad debut. Glad to see him get the start!! Plus an awesome reverse dunk seen in above twitter post.
  6. mv91

    Richlands vs Graham

    Graham just kicked our butts!!!! Even us as fans had no energy for the most part!!!!
  7. mv91

    Keep Richlands High in your thoughts

    Love this song!! Great lyrics!!!
  8. mv91

    Keep Richlands High in your thoughts

    Good question!!! But we never know how severe the bullying was. What kind of support system he had at home or at the school!! He may have had no one to talk to about it or it was brushed off. Not pointing fingers at anyone, just doing "what ifs". Who knows what pushes people to that point. Regardless, it is hard to imagine someone getting to a point to end their life!!! My heart hurts for the family of this young man!!!! Just a personal note. I had a car accident my senior year that left me paralyzed from the chest down. As an 18 year old it was a lot to wrap my head around. I had my days of why and sometimes thought I would be better off not being here but not once did I get even close to the point of considering ending it!!! Thankful for a great family and friends support system!!
  9. mv91

    Keep Richlands High in your thoughts

    Great idea!!!! Something tragic like this goes WAYYYY beyond football!!! I sure hope the teams come together for prayer for this young mans family!!! Praying for Peace and Comfort for this family!!!!!
  10. mv91

    Tazewell @ Richlands

    lol. How does that work? We can rate people? lol
  11. mv91


    Suspended indefinitely sounds much better to me!!!! Sadly you never know what "indefinitely" truly means!! Totally agree Re: fullest extent of the law!!!
  12. mv91

    Tazewell @ Richlands

    I am just curious Gil. How have you accumulated a - 2,147,483,611 points?? lol Just messing with ya, but that's a rather big negative number!!! lol
  13. mv91

    What would happen?

    Great to think about. Thankfully I was able to watch all 3 play. Breeding was just tough hard nosed and would get you 3-4 yards a pop for the most part. Jennings was just so quick and shifty. He could just hide behind the lineman and find a hole and he was through it before the D knew it. He could also stop on a dime and change directions so fast. Johnson was just a man among boys. Power, speed, stiff arm, etc., etc., But for me, I am partial to Jennings. He was just fun to watch. He had around 44 TD's his senior year if I am not mistaken. Who knows what kind of numbers he, would have put up his Junior and Senior years had he played more than 2 quarters and a series most of those games. He just left you shaking your head with your mouth gaped open a lot throughout the game.
  14. mv91


    Wow!!! I don't care how old that kid is, their should be charges pressed against him. Choking a kid like that and slamming his head against the turf several times. Punishment definitely didn't fit the crime. Like some have said, #14 seemed to be targeted all night. All that junk was definitely uncalled for!!!! I agree, that kid should never play football again. Not to mention #76 was probably twice the weight of #14.
  15. mv91

    Bluefield @ Richlands

    I said a chance but I knew it was a tall task. Good job Realist. I'm an optimist and a realist