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  1. Know his mom well and congrats to Ike for the tremendous achievements thus far and all the best for a very bright future!
  2. Graham 2018 home games

    Or to a bunch of pockets (i.e. pensions)
  3. Did Taymon Cooke sign with or....

    Changed to Marshall now and i think a better fit for him. http://wvmetronews.com/2018/04/17/potential-west-virginia-blueshirt-taymon-cooke-commits-to-marshall/
  4. Marshall University! Go Herd and go Mookie!
  5. Bluefield's Truck Edwards

  6. Bluefield's Truck Edwards

    Congrats to Jason "Truck" Edwards. Per his Twitter he's going to the University of Pittsburgh to play football! I'm excited for him and to watch him continue his football career at a Power five school.
  7. WV state championship games

    Happens about every five years on average.
  8. VA Football State Championships 12/10/2017

    I would have thought you'd be constipated with as much sunshine you blow up your own arse......
  9. The Bluefield Beavers

    Way to go Beavers!
  10. WV state championship games

    I'm still waiting for Jim Justice to get the Super Six away from Wheeling and host it at The Greenbrier with that Advocare facility they built.......
  11. Bluefield vs Bridgeport

    Heard little Freddy say afterwards today they expect Bridgeport to choose Friday night game
  12. Round Two Score Updates

    Is the money that Wheeling gives the WVSSAC that keeps the Super Six there. I've been there five times watching Bluefield play in title games and I hate that place.
  13. John Battle vs Graham @ Mitchell Stadium

    Just about every team has weaknesses out there. That's what coaching at this time of year is about, finding them in the other team and showing them to your team to exploit them. Just because you didn't see adjustments for the Richlands game doesn't mean they need another coach in there somewhere. Graham has a great team of players and coaches and they'll do just fine.
  14. Week 9 Updates - 10/20/17

    Guilty as charged. I'm always happy to see Graham win all but one football game each year.
  15. Week 9 Updates - 10/20/17

    Actually Bluefield is the Tazewell county champs....
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