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  1. bhs7695

    EH31 Frosty Thread

    You could change the bet to those probably very few would disagree. Gman might even help you out with that! haha
  2. bhs7695

    EH31 Frosty Thread

    You could change the bet to those probably very few would disagree. Gman might even help you out with that! haha
  3. bhs7695

    Lord Botetourt vs Bluefield

    Bluefield only had one turnover but only ran 26 plays on offense. LB ran 56 plays and converted several fourth down plays. Hats off to LB they were big, physical, and they ran well to the ball. They were clearly the better team and had Bluefield's defense on their heels all night.
  4. bhs7695

    10-12-18 Football Score Updates

    Bluefield is getting manhandled and they're back on their heels. Need to regroup at halftime.
  5. bhs7695

    Longest Tenured Coaches?

    Simon started at Bluefield in 1985 if memory serves. ...
  6. bhs7695

    Bluefield @ Richlands

    I was surprised this game turned out the way it did, That 80 yard bomb right after Richlands tied it a 10 was a huge response from Bluefield but the real back breaker for Richlands was throwing the interception and then giving up that last TD before the half. You could really see the body language of the Richlands team change late in that first half. They were already having a lot of trouble with the line and Bluefield just wore them out physically.
  7. bhs7695

    Score updates 9/28

    I only counted them using two timouts and the board I believed still showed one left when the half ended
  8. bhs7695

    Bluefield @ Richlands

    Bluefield is beatable. They are having trouble defending the short passes out to the flats and that's had them on their heels a bit when teams can execute that against them. I don't see Bluefield dominating this game by any stretch and I think it'll come down to a late score for who ever wins this game.
  9. bhs7695

    Graham vs Beaver how are teams stacking up?

    I believe the Bluefield player you're thinking of is Isiah (Ike) Johnson and he's a Sophomore. This is by far the biggest line I can remember a Bluefield football team having.
  10. Know his mom well and congrats to Ike for the tremendous achievements thus far and all the best for a very bright future!
  11. bhs7695

    Graham 2018 home games

    Or to a bunch of pockets (i.e. pensions)
  12. bhs7695

    Did Taymon Cooke sign with or....

    Changed to Marshall now and i think a better fit for him. http://wvmetronews.com/2018/04/17/potential-west-virginia-blueshirt-taymon-cooke-commits-to-marshall/
  13. Marshall University! Go Herd and go Mookie!
  14. bhs7695

    Bluefield's Truck Edwards

  15. bhs7695

    Bluefield's Truck Edwards

    Congrats to Jason "Truck" Edwards. Per his Twitter he's going to the University of Pittsburgh to play football! I'm excited for him and to watch him continue his football career at a Power five school.