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  1. bhs7695

    Bluefield’s Sean Martin

    Never seen this much attention from larger colleges towards members of one BHS football team before. I remarked to a friend of mine over the weekend that Sean Martin could match the total D1 offers that Yubrenal Isabelle had in '96 and he was a Parade All American.
  2. bhs7695

    Bluefield’s Sean Martin

    Correct and he committed to CMU and coach Jim McElwain over the weekend. Fantastic for him for this opportunity! Here's the article about it: http://www.cm-life.com/article/2019/02/deiyantei-powell-commits-central-michigan-football-chippewas-jim-mcelwain-mike-cummings-bluefield-west-virginia-recruit-commit-bio-story I see Concord and schools in the WVIAC on the interest/commitment list for several of these local kids but I don't recall seeing BC much anywhere. Does BC not even talk these local kids or is something else going on?
  3. bhs7695

    Bluefield’s Sean Martin

    If Sean keeps up doing things the right way, a world of opportunities will open up for him! Best of luck to Sean! I was at that game last night and I don't recall watching a game end in that way before.
  4. bhs7695

    Bluefield Beaver

    Classy move from new WVU coach Neal Brown to visit Bluefield High today to support those grieving right now. The loss is of a magnitude I've never experienced in this community before and never want to again. Continued strength and love out the Websters, Blevins, and Beaver Nation.
  5. bhs7695

    Graham at Bluefield

    If Crews is still on his game from the other night at Princeton, Bluefield could win by 20. What are the strengths for Graham this year?
  6. bhs7695

    Graham/Goochland: VA 2A Championship

    Correct Disibbio wore #35 and he joined Graham's staff last year. He and Dews were Sophomores during the '95 season. So was Charlie Tynes and I'm not sure how much he got to play that year because of all the other talent they had. Set up nicely for them as seniors in '97 to go 14-0 and win Bluefield's first AA title that season. I had the same thought after the semi-final games when I saw we were going to play the 16 seed. I was at City Park hanging out with friends and turned to my cousin and said: "Man, we got this!" I'm pulling for Graham to bring home a state football championship to Bluefield VA. Best of luck boys!
  7. bhs7695

    Graham/Goochland: VA 2A Championship

    I was at that game. My first trip to Wheeling to watch Bluefield in a state title game. It was shocking to watch the Beavers fail to field the ball on the opening kickoff. Mussleman recovered it inside the five and eventually scored to put the Beavers down early and Bluefield never could get into a flow to win the game. Denero Marriott was a WR/DB on the Applemen who went on the play at Marshall. I hated it for future Parade AA, Yubrenal Isabelle since that was the only title game he played in and it turned out to be a loss. # 35 out there for Bluefield is an assistant on Graham's staff this year. Here's the game video:
  8. bhs7695

    WV AA Championship ... Bluefield vs Fairmont Senior

    Fairmont has prepared/wanted Bluefield ever since they lost the championship last year. They'll give it everything they've got to get revenge. I'm hopeful that all the pressure is on Fairmont and they make mistakes that Bluefield capitalizes on to beat them.
  9. They never have before in the past
  10. bhs7695

    Abingdon @ Lord Botetourt

    I assume you're expecting the LB varsity team to take this game off to rest up for the next game?
  11. bhs7695

    1st Round Playoff Updates (11-9-10/18)

    I'm told that Oah Hill has zero net yards against Bluefield at the half.
  12. bhs7695

    WV UNOFFICIAL Pairings

    The away team bleachers at Mt. View were being overtaken by kudzu from some pics I saw.
  13. bhs7695

    WK 11 FB UPDATES 11-01-02-03-2018

    Where's Mt. View going to play their games? Princeton? I thought I remembered years ago the WVSSAC said their field didn't meet playoff requirements.
  14. bhs7695

    EH31 Frosty Thread

    You could change the bet to those probably very few would disagree. Gman might even help you out with that! haha
  15. bhs7695

    EH31 Frosty Thread

    You could change the bet to those probably very few would disagree. Gman might even help you out with that! haha