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  1. trublue

    Things are getting soft in Georgia...

    Just to let you know...on the GA Board comments are running overwhelmingly in support of the Grayson FB coach. I laughed at one commenter...he said, " I'm sure it's south Georgia's fault." BTW, I watched the Marietta AAAAAAA game against the Rome AAAAA team in second game of night in the Corky Kell games last night...it was not over until 12:45 a.m. Marietta, (Richard Morgan, coach) team was huge....the Rome squad was smaller but fast... final score 51-41 Rome. Getting off now to watch the Buford/Tucker game being played at GA ST. Stadium part of Corky Kell
  2. trublue

    Things are getting soft in Georgia...

    To clarify, the public school I root for in GA is North Gwinnett HS, who won the GA AAAAAAA State Championship last year...first time ever (opened in 1958) with a first year head coach... the high school for my neighborhood. GO DAWGS!!! Grayson High School is also AAAAAAA. Grayson has 10 or 11 D1 recruits on their team with Power 5 offers. So, may be a bit of hyperbole re: the situation from the press. Going full contact in shorts, some are questioning on the local GA board could possibly be against GHSA practice rules. Some of their competition is basically alluding to their previous playing days. LOL The one thing in reading on the local GA board, it was obviously a parent or someone certainly in the know, got on and posted there would be much more to come out re: about the HC. He, also, told of some of these highly recruited players playing through the season last year with serious injuries and the poster named the players and what type of injuries. IMO, not a wise thing to do, in trying to justify the no full contact in shorts walkout. Following is an article on some of these players. http://www.espn.com/college-sports/recruiting/football/story/_/id/23378085/grayson-high-school-teammates-owen-pappoe-wanya-morris-kenyatta-watson-kevin-harris-commit
  3. trublue

    Richlands and Grundy benifit game

    BlueTornadoLive‏ @BlueTornadoLive Final! Richlands 34 Grundy 0 Richlands heads to @bluedevilslive next week to open the regular season in the “Battle of the Blues.” Kickoff set for 7pm! Time to hit the road! #Thunder18
  4. trublue

    Gate City vs Graham Benefit Game

    Gate City‏ @bluedevilslive Halftime Devils 0 - Graham 21
  5. trublue

    2018 MLB Thread

    Marc Davis‏Verified account @marcdavissports 7m7 minutes ago Marc Davis Retweeted MLB Would've liked to see it be more like 15 games so he has to miss two starts. Marlins can adjust rotation so he doesn't even have to miss one. MLB‏Verified account @MLB José Ureña suspended six games, fined for intentionally hitting Ronald Acuña Jr. in Marlins-Braves game on Wednesday. His suspension will begin tomorrow. great state
  6. trublue

    Richlands and Grundy benifit game

    Kevin Mays Retweeted BlueTornadoLive‏ @BlueTornadoLive It's gameday!!!! Your 2018 Blue Tornado welcome the Grundy Golden Wave for a benefit game tonight!!!! 7:00pm at Ernie Hicks Stadium. Get out there and support our Blues in their last tuneup before we head to Gate City next week!!! #Thunder18 great state
  7. trublue

    Mac McClung

    Tim Hayes‏ @Hayes_BHCSports Mac McClung passes summer league test with flying colors https://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/mcclung-passes-summer-league-test-with-flying-colors/article_4d857006-a0e5-11e8-afb6-8709c3b87776.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=user-share … via @heraldcourier great state
  8. trublue

    2018 MLB Thread

    ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING...pitcher for Marlins deliberately HIT Acuna, Jr. for the Braves!!! Classless!!! The Umps just tossed the Marlins pitcher. A suspension should follow for the Marlins pitcher...cut and dried. If Acuna takes you deep on a ball...throw a better pitch the next time!!!
  9. trublue

    The state of high school football

    The following link has a bit more on the schools cancelling the upcoming football season...(some players are being allowed to transfer to a neighboring school by the VHSL) https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/recruiting-insider/wp/2018/08/15/manassas-park-cancels-varsity-football-season-citing-lack-of-interest/?utm_term=.83c7459093a6 great state
  10. trublue

    The state of high school football

    FLS Varsity‏ @FLSVarsity Charles City has become the third VHSL school to cancel football this season, joining Park View-Sterling and Manassas Park, VHSL spokesman Mike McCall said. great state
  11. trublue

    The state of high school football

    Having an issue trying to post...will try to figure it out
  12. trublue

    8 Man Football

    Football teams are not number 1 in concussions...I saw the following article last year and was surprised. EXCERPT: Female athletes, in particular soccer players, suffer concussions at a “significantly higher” rate than their male counterparts, according to a study released this month by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. In matched sports, girls were 12.1 percent more likely to sustain a concussion than boys, according to the report, which tracked concussions in a sport relative to total number of injuries from 2005 to 2015 using the High School Reporting Information Online injury surveillance system. In basketball, for example, concussions only accounted for 8.8 percent of boys’ injuries, but 25.6 percent of girls’ injuries. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/recruiting-insider/wp/2017/03/27/girls-soccer-has-highest-concussion-rate-of-high-school-sports-study-finds/
  13. trublue

    James Mitchell is a.....

    Tim Hayes Retweeted Andy Bitter‏Verified account @AndyBitterVT 4h4 hours ago Justin Fuente said TE James Mitchell is one of the freshmen who is taking coaching well and translating it right away. #Hokies