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  1. Hey, guys I hope this is ok to post since it is sports related kinda. I have started selling cheap reliable tv programming.Sunday Tix and College games included.If interested drop me a message..If it needs to be removed just let me know..Just tired of big cable companies charging so much for games..thanks
  2. vols4life

    GC @ Marion

    Well,I was there..I saw a Marion team who dominated the first half and thought the game was over at halftime..But our coaches lolligaged around and looked up to see GC was still playing.GC came ever so close to pulling the biggest upset I've saw in awhile..I didn't see a real big number for GC fans but they showed support.BTW,this was the first time in 32 years GC got beat at Hurricane Stadium..Wasn't pretty but showed both teams aren't as bad as they were just a few weeks ago..
  3. vols4life

    Chilhowie at Marion

    Marion toyed with R n R..We do have a few surprises this year😉. Marion n Chilhowie..#rivalry #rollonbigred
  4. vols4life

    Chilhowie at Marion

    VA High for Baseball
  5. vols4life

    Abingdon @ Patrick Henry-Benefit Game

    Well,maybe they win by a few feathers..
  6. vols4life

    Abingdon @ Patrick Henry-Benefit Game

    I wouldn't overlook the REBELS..Even in a benefit game these 2 teams never really cared for each other.. Abingdon by a feather..
  7. vols4life

    10 years!!!

    I've saw some go I've saw some be "Falcon Awful" But it doesn't seem like 10 years ago I stumbled upon the site.. They may come n go but for all the regulars we are still here..Let's get this thing started already..In the words of Chico.."Come on guys,let's play ball"
  8. vols4life

    Rivalry Game(s)

    Marion vs Chilhowie Home Field is usually a big deal in this rivalry,and it's at Hurricane Stadium..Js
  9. vols4life

    What can we do to boycott Alpha MEdia Radio?

    Wait a min..I was the one who bought yours because you said Unions was the best..This years Hotdog Award does go to Mitchell Stadium.But Union had the best pizza by far.Gate City had some good BBQ.Holston use to have the best burgers but I haven't had a reason to go over there in years.
  10. vols4life

    Marion at Graham

    Got up by 14 and then we scored.but they ran a kick off back before the half.we really looked good after the half..but yes Graham seems to have some attitude problems with certain kids..I agree 3 round
  11. vols4life

    John Battle vs Graham @ Mitchell Stadium

    I'm not as impressed as I was thinking I would be with the G Men..I saw some bad attitudes..When they really try I saw some glimpses of old Graham teams but it went away.I think heart is the word I'm looking for..They should beat battle by 2 TDs but I just can't see them going to the semis.If they really come together might be a different story.
  12. vols4life

    Marion at Virginia High Part 2

    Grayson is very dangerous..2 hottest teams right now..Grayson and Richlands
  13. vols4life

    Marion at Virginia High Part 2

    I bet that hurt
  14. vols4life

    Marion at Virginia High Part 2

    Somebody doesn't wanna play us??